Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marco ... the Magic Cubano

Now, a weapon of mass distraction.

Col. Kilgore/beach: ... (sniffing the wind) Smells like ... the fix is in (for Rubio). The instant (microwave) adulation/adoration (just add Fox news). Is creeping me out. It's springtime, in the Beltway [and Chaz Krauthammer's in Love (cripes ... get a room)].

We're being played. For chumps. By the GOP (anybody but Cruz) fascist filth. Sandbagged. Sapped in the back of the head. Times ever so fraught with peril. Beyond dangerous.

Democracy is dead. In the USA. And it didn't die so much .... as having been murdered. By the libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry. Then ... greedily flushed down the toilet. By the Grand Ole P*ssies. And I am filled with a great sadness.

99.99% of the Rubio coverage?

His looks, age, and ethnicity. Like it's an internet dating website (questionaire). F*ck me. And ... well, Rubio's own campaign, largely same: "son of a bartender and a maid." That is ... when he isn't pandering ... to the left, left media, independents, and millenials (ad infinitum).

We've been here before.


If he was in Hollywood? He'd be arrested [for pandering (two Chevy's in every garage/arroz con pollo in every pot)]. Slick Willie [East L.A. version (... not Harlem)]. Most campaigns, have a token. Rubio's the token token.

Just more magic fairy dust/Koolaid on ice (click Rubyo heels together/sun'll come out tomorrow).  Inauthentic/Madison Ave./Pepsodent/Brylcreem. Smiles/personality.

ALL frontseat. To actual job performance (get in the back ... b*tch). Sales and marketing uber alles. Though yeah, the Senator talks a good talk. Shovels a good pile (of boosheet). Quick on his feet [got Politico/Treacher all excited an' sh*t (see Marco speak. See Marco drink ... water. See how stupid Politico's discourse is [and no, you really don't even need to bother to see!])].

But we need Patton. Not another Pink Panther [throw in Bernie Sanders, and the DOJ enshrining election fraud. And the odds get really really long (come on elmo ... get with away from the "tired politics of the past." "Yesterday is over." Try a "fresh face" won't ya? He really is the "most attractive candidate." Why he's even the "next JFK!")].

He may have enough juice loaded on his card, to do well in the campaign. Just like Obama. But I don't trust him. Just like Obama. You're all projecting. He doesn't have anywhere near enough bicep. To actually save .... the Country. Electioneering is his prime directive. His only. As has been all his years. He wins? We lose ... the Country. Forever.

HE ISN'T THE ONE (you clowns).

Everyone should be tightly strapped in. Battle stations. Cocked. Locked.


Everyone's popping Champagne corks. We won the White House!!!!! We won ....

You people are deranged. F*cking deranged.


7:00 a.m.      Bits'a tid ...

AP (LAT's/atomic/4-12-15)

'Bail raised for Garner witness'

"Nearly 2,000 donors, have raised bail money for Ramsey Orta, the NYC man, whose cellphone video captured the death of Eric Garner."

He was arrested, for slinging dope, to undercover officers. Bail was $12K. He raised $47K. Orta's attorney: "the rest will cover his defense."

(I'm in the wrong biz)

MSNBC/Monday/Alexi Waggoner/lede/1 p.m. (also lede/CNN/1 p.m.) ...

Hillary, and her magic journey, in a magic van, to a magic land. With a route map, if you want to follow? [Come all ye faithfull .... Christ has returned (to Chipotle, with a hangover)].

KNBC/4/L.A./Monday/12:06 p.m.

"A series of earthquakes strike L.A., could it be the result of fracking?"

Cuz ya know .... they never have earthquakes ... in L.A..

BBC (this a.m.)

'US concern over Iran missile deal'

(Nuclear bomb? Not so much ...)


Pakistan - 2x goatf*ckers, douse Christian boy, with kerosene. And set him afire.

Vogue (via Luciane)

"As former 1st Lady (and Sec State), officially sets forth on her bid for the W.H., here we take a look back on her ten finest fashion moments."

(Who needs ipecac?)


Durban, S.A. - Looting, arson, deaths. Zulu King Goodwill: "foreigners should pack their bags and leave."

Caught a few minutes, of Carly, on Megyn's show (last night). Difficult to watch. Megyn, side by side (split screen), with Carly. Ms. Kelly Naked. Exposed. As the insubstantial, lightweight fluff she is (as if the Cheney 'interview' didn't do it for ya?). Though sure, Carly slapping Mika around, did work for me [but then that's just low hanging fruit (still gotta be done though)].

Oond now for something completely different ....

In the mid 90's, I observed/overheard a young woman, speaking to her friend. While noodling 'round a thrift store, she ... pointing to LP phonograph records: "don't you need a special player for those?"

Soon enough, all too (don't blink) ... kids won't even know what a book is. Let alone, a newspaper. We're f*cked people. This will not end well.

Is it noon yet?


Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 5:00 a.m.

AP (x3)

Rouhani sez he doesn't recognize the U.S. Congress' aw-thor-i-tay. Only the P5's (you know, just like Rebel Commander Hussein).

'Polish PM sees ride by Russian bikers as a provocation'

Pootie's shock troops, the Night Wolves, to ride from Russia, through Poland, to Berlin. It's not a provocation. It's an assertion. A flag planting. No one in the world, fears the U.S., anymore. NO ONE.

The non existent, invisible (to the Reich Ministry), passenger, in Walter Scott's car. Finally speaks (as it were). Via a written statement. Released, through his attorney: (Walter) "greatest man evah!" And, the AP's s t i l l pimpin' da false child support meme!

I'd comment on the Corker/Iran thingamajig? But I fear, just more sulfur smoke. And it's hard to tell, what has actually been agreed to. What is actually taking place. Even a day later.

I know this. I believe just more taqiya/hudna. By Obama. And only (you people have had six years to figure this out).

To insure.
That Iran.
To destroyer.
Of worlds.

Why would anyone believe, the U.S. Congress? REALLY. Either their words, or their actions. We are so f*cked. And the world whole. The armageddon future's so bright ... I need welding goggles :-)


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