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Corpse Riders in the Sky

YouTube: Jimmie Rodgers/Ghost Riders in the Sky (the 2:33 vid, that comes up first in list/search, has xln't sound).

Go ahead, do the linky (for twenny/thirty/forty/fifty seconds or so ...). So you can get an glimpse/idea, of the rhythm/melody.

Go on, I'll wait .... I'll still be here ....

Corpse Riders in the Sky

Everyday a celebration, ay partay
Happy happy joy joy
'Nother 'Merican come
Their propaganda way

A dance so wicked
Upon men's graves
Freddy Gray manna
From their evil skyway
(yippie aye yay, yippie aye yo)

Corpse Riders in the Sky

A death beyond horrific
And yet tis the only thing
That makes 'em smile that way
Dragging his body behind

Who to slime?
Who to blame?
Shame on all you White folks
Eat the sh*t we rain!
(yippie aye yay, yippie aye yo)

Corpse Riders in the Sky

A bicycle his chariot
To spit 'pon the P.D.
But this time his stupid game's
Turned the lights out

Truth don't matter
Reality a Broadway stage play
Thank You Al Huh Thank You
For mangling his spine that way

We got another dead American
To toss upon our cart
And parade around
The great white way
(yippie aye yay, yippie aye yo)

Corpse Riders in the Sky

Reich Ministry's yet to decide
Which manner of death
To hang their horned hats upon
Which best serves
Their Satanic racial pride

Though video does exist
To discredit their lie upon lie
It happened in the van?
No it happened on the ground!

Though no one yet knows
They dance around his grave
Still trying to make up their minds
And get their stories straight

Corpse Riders in the Sky

The five W's?
Ha ha elmo you so funnay
Take the truth and shove it blogger
All the f*cking way

Oh yeah?
I say leave this man alone
Crawl back into the sewers
From whence you came

Resting in the grave
You mock Freddy Gray so
The life the L*rd once gave
You f*cking filthy

Corpse Riders
Get the f*ck away


Friday, April 24, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

AP- Voldosta, Ga.

'Georgia university cancels classes in flap over flag protest'

Yeah, it's quite alright to desecrate the American Flag, on campus (you bet). But heaven forbid, you want to protest such. So, what does the university do? That's right, Friday, today ... the University of Valdosta, cancels classes. Ahead of today's counter protest.

Valdosta University Spokesman Andy Clark: "We're protecting their right to free speech and civil liberties, without taking sides."


'There's scientific consensus on guns - and the NRA won't like it'

You know, just like ... global warming [do I need mention, I deen't press my eyeballs to that sh*te? (or even think about it)].


'UN Rights Chief accuses British tabloids of hate speech'

How bout we give all them UN maggots, a one way ticket home. And cancel their visas [sure, let 'em raid the cafeteria once more ... for old times sake (see, I can play nice)]. Then nuke the building, from space. I know (what you're thinking), convert to condo's? But you'll never get rid of all the vermin. Not possible. There's only one way to be sure.

The drone strike/s that got Gadahn, and Weinstein? It's hookers and blo in the WeHo Yo! (West Wing/White House). That's two, count 'em ... two Jews in one!

LAT's, Sunday, April 19, 2015 (atomic)

Front Page (below fold), Hillary pic caption: 'If Hillary loses this election, it will not be television's fault' (accompanying article, unread)

Yes, you in the back, with your arm raised .... Joosfault? Correct.

Alt: We're producing the propagnda as fast as we can! (Toss in Star Trek/Scotty accent if it works for you?)

Times of Israel (via Director Blue)

'Putin warns Israel not to sell arms to Ukraine'

Normally, that would be funny (a joke's a joke). Now, merely shows us how far, as a nation. We have fallen. How one filthy, scummy, stanky insect can damage so much grain (hint: not Putin).

(My) Open letter to Colonel Allen West:

If you check your Gewge channel, comments from years ago. I did plead with you, to run (and of course, G*d). And I have no problem with the decision you made. None [we all underestimated the traitors among us (Boehner, McConnell, Rove, Priebus, I could go on forever ....)].

And well Sir, the new tatt is nice (very!). But methinks it's time. Time to get back ... in the squat.

PLEASE, if you would?

Announce your endorsement, of Senator Ted Cruz, for President. Of these United States.

I Thank You

And on behalf of hundreds of millions of Americans. Thank You for Your consideration, Sir.


Saturday, April 25, 2015, 4:00 a.m.

Orwell cries in his beer, in a bar, in Berlin ... 1938

LAT's/April 24/Paresh Dave

'L.A. prosecutors use Nextdoor app to strengthen ties with residents'

"City Atty Mike Feuer, announced that his crew of 22 neighborhood prosecutors would become regulars on (the social networking site) Nextdoor."

"L.A. City Atty's Office, is the nation's first prosecutorial dept to adopt its use."

And, it looks like the Teamsters, are going to strike the L.A. harbor/port. The nation's largest. AGAIN.

The DHS/State Dept/INS sending nine million a t o m i c letters. Prompting non citizens, to get with the (IslamoCommieJunta) program. So they can (be sure and) vote in 2016 (for the IslamoCommieJunta). Toss in the IslamoCommieJunta, giving away twenty percent, of our Uranium reserves/wartime material, to the Russians. And ... Baltimore, ain't gunna sleep. Until there are dead white people, in the streets.


How many f*cking times do I gotta tell ya?

The rivets are comin' off this DC-3 people. A wing's about to fall off. It's past time to start dumping fuel. Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm out of ideas. And we're out of altitude. Nineteen months, til Election Day. We're not going to make it. And, even if we do, somehow, someway? Without a win (= NO BUSH, NO RUBIO, NO RAND). Everyone's just foolin' themselves. Just whistlin' ... past the graveyard. This is some mighty sick sh*t people.

Any ideas? I'm all ears. And I'm starting to feel like a coward, for even thinking of bailing out (parachuting into Israel). These aren't the times, that try men's souls. No they aren't. These are the times, that are now searing us to our marrow.

And it gets warmer every day.


Sunday, April 26, 2015, 6:00 a.m.


LAT's/April 26/atomic pg-2

"Has the first fashion faux pas of the 2016 presidential campaign already been committed?"

Article titled: 'Ray-Ban slaps down Rand Paul'

I know, they (Reich Ministry/libturd nation) wish it was a wee bit more ... than just a mere slap. (Rand) Pic caption: "His campaign can no longer sell branded Ray-Bans."

That'll show him (and the rest of you Conswervo garbage)! I giss, sporting a "Cruz'n" badge/button [no copyright ... feel free! (with a lil American Flag of course)]. Or scrawling it, on your eyewear. Be a shootin' offense?

LAT's/April 19/Mehta/atomic pg-A6

'Republicans draw early outline'

Last couple paragraphs:

"Huckabee ... warned against a savage primary."

"We can have a free-for-all, fratricide, a demolition derby. The result will be we will make the Democrats' work easier for them."

Yeah, f*ckface .... YOUR candidacy is going to change all that. Uh huh. You betcha. Clown.

Pg A-18/Jarvie (Just making it up, as she goes along)

'Wider inquiry sought on police'

"Amid mounting suspicion that police officers in South Carolina attempted to cover up the circumstances of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man."

The ONLY coverup, is that Officer Slager, fought for his very life. As Walter Scott, attempted to murder him. Other lives, and the community whole. Were in jeopardy. By the (post fight) flight, of an attempted murderer.

Cover up your fookin' mouth, ya piece of filth. It smells. Bad.


I'm guessing most of these journoroaches, can't even spell it.

"Died in police custody"

That's the new (Freddy Gray), universal battle cry. It now, ON EVERY PLATFORM. Every outlet. And it's a double lie. One: He died in a hospital, five days later (I know waaaay too complex). Two: We don't know where, nor when, Mr.Gray received his injury. NO WE DO NOT.

Though we do know, Freddy Gray was black. And the officers were white (Reich Ministry: Games, Set, Match!). And that's all the libturd nation wants to know.

The predicate act, was Mr. Gray, fleeing the police (while he was in attendance, at a street corner, open air dope supermarket). And ingoring police commands to stop, during the pursuit (see, he was "turning his life around").

Was Mr. Gray injured, crashing his bicycle? I don't know, really. Did Mr. Gray struggle/fight during his arrest? Did he attack the officers? I don't know. And I won't begin to suggest, project, or lie (through my fookin' teeth over and over and over).

It's fair to say. Freddie Gray had a really, really bad day. Which then went to worse. And then ... beyond. And obviously, at some point, blame (to the police) does attach. Most certainly.

Doesn't change the truth. You know ... the Five W's. Whatever it may be? Which seams to strike mortal fear in a nation of (filthy libturd) cowards. All I want is the truth. Freddy Gray, at minimum. Deserves that. But not before people are going to be murdered. In the streets. All over America.

For Freddie Gray. Is The One. They have been waiting for.


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