Friday, April 17, 2015

Willow weep for me ...

2016 ... the Race race. The election will take place, under a billowing cloud of tear gas. As the DNC, and (foreign born, dog eating) Rebel Commander Hussein (and the IslamoCommieJunta), the Reich Ministry (MSM), and the DOJ (Dept. of Jewkillin'). Lay the groundwork.

Scratch/fill and cap a coupl'a million molotov cocktails.

The race war, will be in full throated roar. As daily the fans get flamed higher, and higher (but of course Mon Cheri, tis dem racist pink bunny's fault!). That's the platform, they WILL run on (yeah ... same as the last).

An attempt, to get the Conswervo's, to surrender, in advance. By selecting a 'moderate' (candidate). Or, even one who has already surrendered [Jeb, Marco, Rand (to Iran)].

Race/racialism their life's blood now (what do we want .... dead white cops ... when do want it ... ). Every breath they take. Telling us, which candidate to select ... "if we want to win"? [Because a Conservative candidate, running on principles, cannot (they monolithically regurgitate [especially if he's white])].

Income inequality ... same bucket of peeg sheet [take from the white rich ... give to the black poor (disagree? What a racist you are!)]. Race, race, race .... and more skin colored gates/grates/filters/prisms to pass through. Content of character? Surely Bozo, you jest (MLK/from da'grave: what the f*ck is this sh*t?).

ALL the left, giving us advice. On what we need to do, to win their vote (in 2016).


They absolutely fear Senator Ted Cruz. Mortal fear. They really, really ARE scared. Yes they are. They know, their little brainless bazooms, will stay home. Won't bother to vote. For Hillary. But a Nation will arise, from its slumber. To elect a man, among stinky little mice. And why they W I L L set this land afire. Before then. To stop him.

They will kill. Human beings. Americans. Without any compunction. Without any regret. Any man, woman, or child .... who stands in the way, of their Race raceway to Hell (can you say Deandre Joshua? ... thought you could).

Yield no ground. To the Grand Ole P*ssy traitors among us, neither. NOT ONE F*CKING MILLIMETER. Not even a half. Watch your backs [Please (wit sugah)].

So, while you an' me, toss/kick the (political) gong around. Most people out in the community, don't care. Don't even know, what's goin' on. Haven't clue one. Aren't even interested. At all. And the Messiah, will be termed out (we hope, anyway). They've already been saved, by their vote. For The One [Utopia is here (and why they desperately need them riots)].

In high school, I had a friend (imagine that), whose father was dying, of the big C. My bud, would go most days, to the hospital. It was a long, slow death. And it just about destroyed my friend, to watch for months. His father die.

That is what is taking place now. The death of this Nation. Drip drip drip goes the morphine. And I cannot bear to watch anymore.

The cowards and the traitors (from within). The IslamoCommieJunta, the Reich Ministry, and the brown shirts encamped on college campuses (all from without). It's pure f*cking evil. And it is here. You cannot perform an exorcism, on an entire nation. But that you could.

We wait, we watch, we see.
Drip, drip, drip ...


Saturday, April 18, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

The bucket of steaming pig sh*t, that murdered Christ Lane in blood so cold. Shot him in the back, and then left him to die, by the side of the road. Convicted, first degree. But, the sweet dear gets "life." F*ck me (he was 'only' sixteen at the time).

Another bucket of peeg sheet (his attorney): "he only meant to scare Lane."

No f*ckface, he went a'huntin Whitey. In retribution, for Saint Trey Vaughn. Simple as that (jack). Though Nancy Grace, wasn't riding along, she be dirty ... indeed was there in spirit. Even Sky gets in on the act: "in a seemingly random act."

Is it noon yet?


Sunday, April 19, 2015, 4:30 a.m.

AP - Cincinnati

'Ohio principal cancels headscarf event, apologizes'

"Was intended to combat stereotypes" ('by inviting girls to spend the day wearing a headscarf').

"The event (was) sponsored by a Muslim student group."

"The event is held on college campuses and other high schools."

Next of course, will be jihadi sensitivity training .... (you know) just because they wear keffiyeh's (and bomb belts), and want to kill you, and slaughter your entire family (including your puppy)? Is no reason to get all uppity and sh*t (racist white trash). They're were born into poverty (damn fookin Joo's!). It isn't their fault.

Don McLean ...

Oh my what a shame

For there's nothing you can do when it's over
And there's nothing you can do when it's done
There's no battles you can win
And there's nothing to begin
That's not begun


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