Saturday, May 02, 2015

That Was Another Country

Remember when?

Traitors were shot. After their trial, and conviction.

Remember when ... Presidents, were at least impeached ... for high crimes, and misdemeanors? [Now, they build 'em great gleaming edifices ("library"). And bestow upon them, masterful titles (Grand Mufti [of Chicago])].

Remember when ... people were proud of this Nation? And all the truly great things it, and its citizens had done. Its giant heart. Its wondrous soul. Its broad shoulders, that carried the world entire.

That was another country.

This one, now ... has flatlined. Yeah, that's right. Its heart, has stopped. Now comatose. Just lying there, turning blue, for all to see. In plain f*cking sight. And without a jolt from the paddles? It ain't coming back. No it ain't.

Crash cart? Code Blue?

Riiiiight .... you must be joking [hey, we're busy here!!!(Watching two middle aged welter's, stumble 'round the ring [and making more money per minute than Bill, or Hillary])].

No one is safe now. NO ONE. From the fascist traitors, in our midst. One day ... you're on the job ... walking a beat. The next ... you're a "murderer." Cuz (the bacteria that eats the feces) Marilyn Mosby, says so (yeah ... of course, wearing offeceal badge, issued by Jarrett/Lynch/Khalid Sheikh Obama).

Short of having the prescience, to place (stone cold crack monger) Freddie Gray, in a (thick) rubber lined paddy wagon. The Baltimore 6, will be/are being lynched. FOR BEING AMERICANS.

Who ya gunna believe ... his Great Twitterness Khamenei .... or Pwezzidunce Obama? (... I know ... a trick question). O.K., how bout this one ... Mosby/Lynch/Jarrett/Obama, or the Baltimore 6?

That's ALL you need to know.

Though, sure, DO watch last night's Kelly File [if you can, it is very important, your own eyes (I don't know, not sure that you'll gain a view/understanding, reading only a transcript?)]. I watched the first forty five minutes (of one hour broadcast).

Basically, the Baltimore 6, aren't 100% innocent. They are a 1000% ... innocent. Yeah, THEY ARE. The initial video (of arrest). Is a solid platinum (jewel encrusted) Trojan Horse. Infecting your mind. Freddie, puttin' on a show. Prior to, later homiciding ... himself, in the van (during the last leg, mere minutes before final arrival, at the station). Once you wrap your mind, around the totality of events. AND THEIR TIMING (indict before the truth escapes). It makes sense (hint: it weren't them racist seatbelts). And it is evil. Pure. F*cking. Evil.

In Balkansas now (formerly the United States of America), the truth. Will Not Set You Free. And the actual word itself? Now a playtoy, for Dear Leader. As Rebel Commander Hussein dances ... in the eye of a hurricane. That his Satanic Majesty himself, has spun. He pours yet more fire ... on an ocean, of gasoline.

And as the flames rise higher .... higher ... ever higher. A generation entire (spoonfed fascist propaganda), exalt. And give thanks. For the flames. And for these emissaries of Beelzebub, their heroes. To be cheered loudly (Huffpo/lede/banner: 'Baltimore BADASS' (Mosby). As the rope gets strung. And the Baltimore 6, get hung.

I cannot help but cry, my what Strange Fruit

Kelly file vid, YouTube, at thirty minutes in length (courtesy Conservative TreeHouse).


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