Tuesday, April 28, 2015

America, your phone is ringing ...

Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray
(stone cold crack monger)
Freddie Gray ....

The S.P.OP. (steamin' pile o peegsheet), that's stinkin' up the world. From the West Wing [stunning oxen, on other planets (even) ... knocking them to the ground, with but a single waft (even the Union of Sh*twagon Buzzards, have filed a formal complaint, with the U.N.)]. And along with the Reich Ministry (of course), have succeeded (they're good at what they do).

In pushing (their giving) Iran nuclear bombs (and the Traitor in Chief's gift, of a hundred and fifty billions dollars, cash). Off the front page. All the way off ... E V E R Y  P L A T F O R M. Doesn't even appear, on the radar now.

Did I say they are good at what they do?
Destroying this country. And the World.
As my Nation lay dying.
What the f*ck is wrong with you people?

The six foot cockroach, is surrendering this Nation's security. Israel's. The World's. To Iran. As we speak (if it isn't already fait accompli). And all the pastry eating phat phuks, are peddling luxury ocean cruises. Or their latest book. Or ... rummaging through Hildabeast's tighty whiteys. Yeah, that's gunna save us in, in two years, in 2017 (you bet).

TWO YEARS ya fookin' morons. Two. Tee, double u, oh.

She's done already. Fork, meet (Hilda)beast.

All this delusion. All this derangement (we gotta scalp!/the skids are greased/reserve your special bottl'a bubbly now/happy days are here again).

This insanity, this evil, it's killing me. While duh Grand Ole P*ssies, can't even get  their panties in a twist. Over the brutal *ss rape of this Nation. They WILL wait in line ... for sloppy seconds. AKA ... taking out the long knives. For Senator Ted Cruz. As if. As if we're actually going to make it. To the election (where some GOP stooge like Jeb, then gets elected).

A foreigh born, Islamist traitor, occupies the office, of president. Of these United States (and his cabinet, filled with traitors as well). While the GOP traitoroaches Boehner, McConnell, Rove, Priebus, and (of course) John Roberts sugg his deek.

Not only will 2017, be too late. It would appear, one month from now. IT WILL BE OVER ...

(AP) 'World "closer than ever" to Iran nuclear deal, Kerry says' ...

(in today's article) "but the work is far from over, with key issues unresolved" (said Kerry).

Yeah, that makes all the sense now, doesn't it.

"Zarif will address the (fookdajoos) conference Tuesday (today peeps. In NYC). On Monday (yesterday), Zarif repeated the call (a f t e r hosting Kerry earlier in the day, at his posh New York digs), for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons."

No. You. Can't. Make. This. Sh*t. Up.

To which Kerry stated: "worth pursuing" (taking away Israel's right to self defense). Traipsing further through the AP excrement, we also get this toyd:

(UN/IAEA's) Yukiya Amano: (we/UN) "not in aposition to provide credible assurance about nuclear materials and activities in Iran" [I guess he didn't get the memo (or some of the money ... yet)].

Though obviously, Ban Ki-moon's swimmin' in the dough (via BBC.com):

'Israel struck Gaza shelters-UN report'

"UN facilities are inviolable, even if Palestinians use them to store weapons, and fire (on Israel) from them."

With (de rigueur) accompanying (in hospital) pic, of a crying Pale baby, with a large bandage on head.

Too many millions of lives , now hang in the balance. Yes, time does march on, you can't stop it. But we must stop evil. The poison seeds Obama, and Kerry, and Panetta, and Hildabeast have planted, will yield a harvest most bitter.

The GOP traitoroaches, will not impeach (even in an attempt to slow the advance of active treason). Nor will they use existing statutes, to stop this treason. Nor prosecute these acts (in any fashion), against G*d, against Country, against all mankind. Nor will they lock the gift funds (to our enemy), down. And no one's even going to attempt ... to recall any of these vermin.

No one among them, will stand tall, erect, and act like a man (instead of a cockroach). And well, they ain't Jews. No. They don't live in Israel. So what the fook do they care, really. If Israel is first to go ... up in radioactive smoke?

These f*cking filth, have passed on every single opportunity, to stop the Traitor in Chief.


This isn't a game.
And it isn't politics.
It ain't no disco ... and it ain't no foolin' around.

The Nation of Israel, and the World's Jews. Are being dangled. In front of the Shii caliphate. As a prize. Offered, by Buraq Hussein. In gratitude. For helping to burnish his credentials. And their help in cementing his legacy.

As the biggest Jew killer.
Of all time.

Once the Hundred Fifty Billion Dollars is flowing freely. This Nation, Israel, and the World. Will see a reign of darkness and baby raping terror, the Nazi's could only dream of.

A New Final Solution.

There will be no do overs. No second chance. And there are only days ... mere hours left. How are YOU going to stop them?

Every American. Every man. Every woman. Whatever your station. Whatever your skillset. Whatever you can muster. You must stand. You must deliver. When called.

America ... your phone is ringing


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