Monday, May 04, 2015

Welcome to the Apocalypse

Sirens ... on the rooftops wailing!!!

We've got maybe a week?

Ten days ... at the outside.

To stop (foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb) Rebel Commander Hussein.

Before ... he ... feeds ... the ... starving ... Beelzebubic Beast, $150 Billion Dollars, in cash, U.S..

After A L R E A D Y allowing the IslamoNaziRegime in Tehran. To bulk up on uranium, AND, the very very latest, in shiny new, enrichment centrifuges. As well all manner of the most advanced materiel, componentry, machinery, and technology. With which to build their doomsday machine [not to mention two entire freighters, of LARGE Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile motors. With which to deliver their atomic payload. And the very latest, in Russian, mobile missile battery's, as well (to protect their nuclear bomb building laboratories and factories)].

ALL IN VIOLATION of (his sainted) U.N. sanctions. And, kept secret. From, the U.N., and from us, the American public. While he makes a deal, with America's biggest enemy, the world's largest state sponsor of terror, on his own (see ... you have to pass this act of treason, to find out what's in it).

With the cash injected into their Jookillin' veins, the Shii goatfroogers, will have the final missing piece. Will be able to finish, and complete their nuclear bomb. Toot sweet (I love it when you talk fwench to me elmo). And in doing so, Dear Leader Chucklehead Odorama. Will be placing the key, in the Gates of Hell.

Unlocking Armageddon its very self.

And all you all have to do? Is the same exact thing, you already are. To insure that this country falls [to the Shii caliphate (Daddy, what did you do in the war? Well son, I launched a whole barrage of Twitter salvo's [Tweet, Tweet, Tweet (Obama-Khamenei's really skeer'd now!!!)])].

Time is short.

Without skin in the game. Without boots on the ground. IN THE ATOMIC (not virtual). Y'all jus spankin' yo monkay's [while sittin' front yo monitors (or eyeballs/mobile)].


All of it. Everything.

Cars, moto's, buses, trains, planes (oond gyro's). Should all be headed to D.C., now.

NOW MOFO's. Now.

Close your business'. Shutter your stores. Stop whatever the f*ck you're doing. Whatever it is. Everyone of you ... to D.C..

Once in D.C.? Sit in, stand in, or hunger strike ... on the Capital steps, and the park in front of the pig pen (White House). Any Judge, all Judges petitioned, for a writ. A stay. Stopping the money transfer.




We've got mere hours people. Just, and only. Get off your f*cking asses. Turn off your f*cking computers.

Eyes on the demise.

All you virtual cowboys, strap on your gauntlets, grab your long maces. And go. Time's a wastin'. You've got 7-10 days. That's it. I don't like funerals. At all, especially the one, for this Nation .... (ashes to ashes ... dust to dust).

When in the Course of Human Events/We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident

"He has excited domestic insurrections among us"
"Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated tyranny"
"Establishment of an absolute tyranny"
"A tyrant ... unfit to be the ruler of a free people"
"Support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, we mutually pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our Sacred Honor"

Aah ... who ya kidding elmo (see all you b*tches in Hell) ...


Obama was right, after all!

The J.V. team IS(IS) on the run. In fact, they're now in Texas ... Garland, Texas [though MSNBC (Sunday/May 3/7:03 p.m.) said: "assumptions, we need to be careful with that at the moment." (you know ... mentioning Islam/Muslim, in the same breath, paragraph, month .... as terrorism)].


12:45 p.m.

And the hits just keep right on a comin' ...

(AP) 'UN confirms Ban will visit Moscow for WW2 Victory Day'

"U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon will go to Moscow to attend Victory Day events this weekend."


Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

AP x2

'Baltimore mayor to annouce DOJ partnership'

You know ... (don't) Step [on the riot (Rawlings)] Brake [full speed ahead (and what the fook do I care anyway ... I mean I don't live there, ain't my hood)]. Hey Steph, we already knew you munched Lynch's carpet. Ooond no, we ain't gunna bake you a f*ckin' cake (so there).


'Officers' legal attack begins in Freddie Gray case'

Now that the (imaginary/synthetic) physical attack (on Freddie), is over. The officers' saying (to the court, and the world whole) SHOW US THE F*CKING KNIFE ... you lying sacks of sh*t [spring loaded ... IS spring loaded (hint peeps ... forget the spring ... practice [makes perfect] with one hand, behind your back ... with your (fully legal, <3", Strider Tanto, word)].


'Magazine printed with HIV+ blood goes on sale' (Austria?)

"The Vangardist aims to break the stigma" (bbbut not the smegma, of course).

S.P.L.C. (and the steamin' pile o'peegsheet/Potok), calling AFDI (Geller/Atlas) an "Anti Muslim Hate Group"? Translation, Jews  = anti-muslim-hate-group.

Which takes us to Amal (cloven hoofed stank) Clooney, P R O U D L Y wearing Galliano. No mistake that. Intentional. On purpose. A loud, clear statement (me, and the birthday boy George, both love Hitler too!).

NRO/Geraghty (via Lucianne)

'Jihadist flypaper'

DHS/Jeh (but ya doesn't have to call me Jay) Johnson: "authorities are still trying to determine the suspects' motives."

Umm ... bad hair day?

Gov Moonbeam, is unilaterally creating his own, private police force. "Deputizing" enviro-bureaucrats, to issue water wasting, $10K fines. By fiat. Without ANY judicial review.

LAT's/Sunday, May 3, 2015/Abcarian (atomic/pg B1)

'Scare tactics seen at CPC's'

Paragraph six:

"In all her visits to CPC's, Flores said, she was never informed that abortion was a safe, legal alternative to childbirth."

Is it noon yet?


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