Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NOT lost in translation: F*ck Breitbart

The writers? Nooh. Most are competent (quite often much more than/tyvm). Hard working [I've blogged with one or two of 'em, over the (now many) years ... back when].

But the *ss monkeys running the show. Management. Editor.  F*ck them. Yeah. Cowards, and liars (oh my).

They're selling you (the reader), out. Fur'a nickel. To pay their inflated salaries (my baby needs a new pair of Jimmy Choo's!). Running odious, obnoxious, time delay, phased interval stealth popups (even intrasite!). And f*cking filthy little cowards, for not confirming, when inquiring, directly (about same). TWICE (same as lying).

And sadly, also quite fairly well caught up, in crony journalism too. Uber alles. Which appears to be fairly widespread, among the Conswervo media elite (ssshhh ... don't tell anyone).

The biz of all their ginormous media empires, more important. Than say ... truth. Conveyance thereof. Ego, vanity, sloth, greed, capriciousness, personalities, mediocrity, and (back channel) collusion ... in service to their prime directive (the best things in life are free. But you can give them to the birds and the bees. Money, that's what they want).

Taking precedence, over simply ... manning up. Doing their jobs ... saving the Country. Sad. Doing the right thing is so easy to do [too (trying to save the Country, isn't the only thing I do. It is ALL I do)]. Mebbe they just don't know how ... to man up? Really.

Yes people ... now would be a good time to panic.

The Country IS dying. Murdered in cold blood, right before our very f*cking eyes. And we're stuck with this/these giant right wing media circle jerk(s).

It's all such scary sh*t, no One's Eyes, on the Demise. Instead ... we get real stupid, (poofy) puffy chests (kind of a ... my blog's bigger than all yours/neener neener thingy).

The way it used to work (remember when)?

A million little David's. Independent thinkers (cpu's). Thinking (not following). On their own. In parallel. Arriving at a destination, collectively. Traveling closer to (any) truth.

Not, one million cpu's, in series. Repeating, amplifying. The same signal/code/string of ones and zeros. Landing at a predetermined destination (of their choosing).

Don't let ANYONE tell you, what to think [Thomas D. Williams PH.D. (dontcha know)]. That's the job of the DNC/Reich Ministry/IslamoCommieJunta [in prearranged lockstep (infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure [abfab audio montage, Monsieur Levin .... reminiscent the old joke: how do you keep a Liberal busy? Write the word "over" on both sides of a piece of paper])].

I never met Andrew Breitbart, can't speak for him. But is this who he was?

Williams, and Breit ... GUILTY. Of misdirection. And obfuscation.

For Abbas IS a principal, in the New Final Solution. And the Pope, lustily embraces him. Gives him his absolute highest blessing. While Breit's editor, carries the Vatican's water/covering for. With practiced (back channel) crony journalism (Williams/'Vatican Recognition ... no surprise')].

Williams, a "theologian." And a fellow, at Notre Dame (no personal/vested interest there .... nope/noooh/no way, no how). And even a piled higher an' deeper (run away all you lil bloggers ... run away!).

Williams, does a "quick glimpse" (of reports). And then proceeds to declare his interpretation, his belief, is not only correct. But is a FACT Jack(wad) [and in turn, the generalized implication, that those who posted the AP story (in good faith). Are themselves, intentional liars].

Though Dr. Williams, wasn't there.
And, no audio exists
[of the Pope (strange that, with f i v e  m i l l i o n fookin' cameras heard/seen, just clicking away like nobody's business, in the video)].
Nor, is there a transcript
(how umm ... convenient, for Dr. Williams).

Translate this: F*ck You!

Your opinions?
Are not facts.
So, let's go to the whip, on this dead horse ... aye?

The Pope, feeling his oats, deviated from his previous "script" ... as it were [as is his wont/norm. Readily extant in the Greater Body of Evidence (and why so many endless  "corrections" are issued, by the Vatican's discombobulators/transmogrifiers)]. And his Popeness, promoted Abbas, to an Angel of Peace, yes indeedy [only one, single, solitary, (Italian) outlet cited, vs the entire rest of the whole world's media, Dr. Williams?].

And yet, those are just words. And, I don't proffer them as fact. No. I. Do. Not. In this, or any other universe (like yours). Methinks y'all doth protest (the protests) too much (mini snarf here).

People, don't let any of these (fascist/literary) filth monkeys pollute your mind. It is yours. Not theirs. Somehow, by having our own thoughts, and and our own opinions (imagine that). We are now invertebrates. And morally inferior.

Pope Francis has been revealed. As NOT a leader of men. Not a defender of freedom, and liberty. Nor even, a man of G*d.

But a defender of, and a virulent supporter. Of Pure F*cking Evil. For. Which. there. Is. No. Excuse (though Breitbart tries, yes).

Want to see what a real Leader of Men, looks like .... huh? Scope the first ten-fifteen minutes, of yesterday's 700 Club broadcast (TBN). But then Mr. Marlow, that is just one (not a high school graduate) man's opinion.

All the while, we are but hours away. Hours people, hours. From Rebel Commander Hussein, arming the Shii caliphate. With a nuclear bomb. And a hundred fifty billion dollars, cash money.

But hey ... how 'bout that translation.

Go f*ck yourself, Mr. Marlow, Sir.

No "translation" required.


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