Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now would be a good time to panic

We're f*cked people. Sorry. Just the way things are. Was gunna put up a YouTube link, for Streets of Laredo/Cowboy's Lament. But, I used up all my bandwidth, trying to scope just one that was at least passable, or better [they're all pretty much kwap (though the one 78 transcription, was interesting? It was filled with didge filter birdies)] So, we'll just settle, for lyric ...

Oh bang the drum slowly
and play the fife lowly
and play the dead march
as you carry me along

The cavalry isn't coming.
The call for reinforcements?
Lost in translation.
And the promised air drop, of scimitars with solid ruby blades?
Yielded a crate of Nerf guns, and Super Soakers. That's it.

We are f*cked.

Well and truly.

No, panic won't help. But, if you're going to ... now would be a good time. The likelihood of us making it to 2016? The odds grow longer everyday. Or of course, winning. With Ted Cruz. As well, actually saving the Country. And the World.

We marched. In the streets. Millions of us. At Tea party gatherings around the country, in 2010. They saw us. Felt the clamor of our boots. Heard our voices. We stood and delivered again, in 2014. And our prize, our reward?

Watching a budding romance, 'tween Neutron Obomba and Witch McCuntell. Passing each other notes in class. Knifed in the f*cking back. By a pissant.

But, we can in fact take comfort in knowing. That Albert Rushbow, and Mathilda Drewge. Are swappin' vitrual spit, behind teacher's back. Passing each other e-notes, 'bout Brady's balls (I feel so much safer now, don't you?).

Senor Limburger, been off his game, for quite some time now, a year (or more). Just mailing it in (though I'm sure, he thinks he's still got it). Adding absof*ckinglutely nothing, to the fight. Zip. Zero. Nada. And obviously, we can't trust Mathilda anymore, to do their jobs neither.

We're fighting monsters.

And our media leaders, our front line in the virtual battle ... are playin'pocket pool. I'd include more, other examples, other sites. But it gets r e a l l y long and tedious [so, don't think I'm singling anyone out (or excluding anyone [so there (Fox, a pretty easy target these days)])].

The odds are against us, for a multitude of reasons. Not just our big media guns, spankin' der monkays. I'd peg Ted Cruz, getting the nomination, at 100 to 1. And winning, at a 1000 to 1 (seems men of G*d, always face vertical climbs/sheer rock faces). What with so many (RNC/Grand Ole P*ssies/DNC/Reich Ministry/King Hussein), lying in wait. To sidle up behind. And plunge the blade. All the way in. In their greed. And in their treason.

Sure, we will truly be blessed, if Hildabeast gets the Dem(onic) nod. No question. Doesn't mean the RNC's gunna roll over, and let the country be saved (from the likes of them). Let alone, restore the Constitution. They will defecate on Senator Ted Cruz, at every opportunity. As they do G*d, each and every day.

Yes people, do watch out for the IslamoCommieJunta's hail mary. That would be say ... Oprah, as a candidate, for President. Or of course, Moochelle. Or any such similar stunt. You been warned (yes you have).

Obviously, we don't just need new/diff political leadership. We need new media leadership, as well. Desperately so. We can't count on the lot we've got. At all. Who are hardly even trying, or making token efforts/standing pat/status quo/stasis/inertia. While doing job number one, keeping their media empires afloat ... my G5 needs a new tank of gas! (yes, Monsieur Levin's fighting the good fight, in moments dark and despaired. But he can't do it all, or do it alone).

Or, if they are trying, they are sadly unable to grasp the gravity, of events unfolding. As freedom and liberty drift further away. Unto the dark reaches of space.

Soon enough, all the joy, all the beauty, all the art [they're removing all the "offensive" drawings, as we speak (having started in Garland)]. All the laughter. Will be gone. And horrific cries and ghastly screams will be heard upon all the land. When it simply shall be too late.

My Country, has been taken from me. Ripped from out my chest. If you are not feeling real fear? Or real panic? Then mebbe ... you should stop reading/listening/visiting the nosepickers ... huh? Though I'm sure, their boogers are absolutely thee finest available (you betcha).

Lots of other disturbing news, to be sure.

The AP, Wednesday, a.m..

'George Zimmerman awaits police probe in shooting on road.'

You know, damn froogin' George, the White (Hispanic), going round and killing (Black) Saints (all the time). Just because he can. And this sort of excrement, populates just about every other Reich Ministry platform [local KABC 790 (we doan need no stinkeeng truth)].

Or (via Directorblue), Kredo/WFB. The National Security Council (staff), meeting with Tariq Khdeir (and family). And an HONORED invited guest, on NUMEROUS occasions, at the White House. Some real f*cking scary sh*t. Chilling ... to the bone.

In the darkness, that now descends 'pon all the land. Evil flourishes brightly. And millions of moths ... are now bum rushing the flames.

Be afraid.

Be very f*cking afraid.


Friday, May 15, 2015, 3:30 a.m.

Old: Know it when I see it (obscenity)

AP - 'No one hurt onboard ship fired on by Iranians in Gulf'

(Oil tanker, fired on repeatedly, near Straits of Hormuz, by multiple Iranian gunboats)

AP sugging Rebel Commander Hussein's deek, in public. Every day. All f*cking day long. Just like the butt fookin' arse to mouth maggots at ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT's, LAT's, NPR, KCET, CSPAN (but, it isn't obscenity. Nooh. Cuz see ... chlorine gas, isn't a chemical weapon. Nooh).

And ... uh ... Iran? Iran is our friend [and well, the attack on the oil tanker didn't actually happen. Because ... no one was killed (just like Garland)].

Here's the obscene, Associated Press (you been warned): "shooting appears to stem from an unresoved financial dispute."

Breaking news flash!

Reports are just now coming in, some Kosher salami was found, in the ship's pantry.

So we, at Anechoic Room, can indeed confirm, the attack was ... Joosfault! [Just like .... Garland (and that damn fookin' lippy Jewess)].


7:00 a.m.

LAT's/Sunday/May 10/atomic/pg B1/Jennings and Smith

'Good food fight'

Back when, the L.A. City Council, enacted a quite rigid ban, on most all/any new fast food restaurants/establishments (with minor exception/s, that only a few were able to meet). In South Los Angeles [cuz ya know, blacks are just too fookin' stupit to feed themselves ("properly")].

Anyway .... seven years later: "obesity rates have gone up since the ban was enacted" (obligatory Ooops). But, yeppers, they're still gunna try more/same (cuz they're smawter than ve arr). And .... the word 'racist' does in fact, appear, in article (say it isn't so elmo!). Regards lack of business', people unwilling to invest, in neighborhood [cuz they're all racing at warp speed, to set up and establish NEW business' .... in Baltimore! (duz I have to mention that's a lil jokey?).

Heard on radio, FM 107.5, Monday, 8:05 a.m.. Child caller (mebbe six, seven, or eight y.o.), re: Denver restaurant's white appreciation day. She, the child, saying: "white people don't deserve it" (white appreciation day). Because "white people are killing black people."

The First Ammendment, now exists ONLY for the minorities/protected class'.

I didn't bother calling in, and splainin'. T'was only a lark, a lil bit a'funsky, by the (no, we ain't gunna play the racialism game, and mention his ethnicity) proprietor [yeah, fun now against the law too (just like, exactly like in Islam)]. Nor, of course, how many HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of blacks. Have been murdered. By other blacks. Ninety percent [and mebbe around five percent, brown. And, only a couple percent (of blacks) ... have been murdered, by whites (lies, lies ... and damn statistics)].

LAT's/Calendar (music/movies)/Sunday/May 10/"Feedback" (letters)

'Building reflects it builders'/letter by Paul Marchand

No people, it won't ever stop. It isn't just the museum's that are racist (staff, policy, admission etc., ad infinitum). But, it is the actual building itself (not joking, sawry, wish I was).

"LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) is a building that reflects the mentality of the ... white, well-off, well-connected (Board of Directors) ... (who were) determined to shape Los Angeles in their image."

It's  never going to stop. I can't take it anymore.


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