Monday, May 11, 2015

What a stupid punk *ss b*tch eye yam

The last thing .... that went through Freddie Gray's mind. No. Not a slight. Not a swipe. Not a knock. Or even a (very) sick joke. In any way. Period. What we h'yar at Anechoic Room, likes ta call reality.

As Mr. Gray, lay in his hospital bed, for seven days, dying. By his own hand. A sad, and truly horrific death. And spending the last of it, ruminating (how did this happen?). And for seven days, the answer ... the internal dialog: "what a stupid punk *ss b*tch eye yam."

Sorry Freddie, you didn't make it, Sir ... R.I.P. Mr Gray.

Though the ginormous army, of six foot tall cockroaches, dancing upon your grave. Insures, you never will.

CNN/Sunday/11:08 p.m.

"No questions asked"

What some (sucked in face/too many visits to the plastic surgeon) talking head, said. With (quite) poorly masked incredulity. Regards report, that Israeli hospitals, were treating wounded Syrian rebel soldiers, no questions asked [I mean ... they didn't even ask for their fookin' insurance cards! (the horror)].

CNN/Sunday/10:04 a.m./Fareed Zakaria

"Things have changed dramatically in Israel's favor."

No, you can't make this sh*t up. Just. Is. Not. Possible.

"But they need enlightened leadership."

As in, not Bibi. In order to "take advantage of this golden opportunity" (the world near whole, urinating on the Jewish State). The golden opportunity? Surrendering ... to Iran. And the new (IslamoCommieJunta supplied) buzzword? "Equilibrium." The new magic sparkle pony, thought battle. If the those damn fookin Jews, would just roll over, and die. We'd have equilibrium in the Middle East/around the world (or of course, if you're on Librium).

And of course, if Israel doesn't do (exactly) what Fareed suggests (regurgitating Reich Ministry fur balls)? Then yes, WWIII (the one that's now well underway), will be da Joosfault, as usual [but not Natalie Portman's, she wants to make that absof*ckinglutely perfectly clear (ummkay)].

I guess, as a penance (to Fareed), Bibi can fly to Baltimore, and accept his role/plead for forgiveness. For the death of Freddie Gray (yes, you in the back, with your arm raised. Also Joosfault? Correct).

CNS (via Lucianne)

Rep McCaul/Texas: DHS spends a bazillion dollars a year, on (feeding) global warming (paranoia). But not a single shiny penny, on the very real threat of terror, to the homleand [and all the squawking, we now hear (eminent 9/11 style attack)? Cover. Plausible deniability. From the S.P.O. P.'s (steamin' piles 'a peegsheet)].

Well Sir, with all due respect. If ya dig down deep enough. Far enough? You WILL find they do (ssshh). Spend. All their money. As well ALL their time. Looking up the bunghole, of every single last member.

Of the Tea Party.

As well their brothers, their sisters, and their pet dog Toto, too (believe that).

Neutron Obomba ... lying about the Bin Laden raid.
Yeah, everyone together in unison: What a surprise!
Seems, he didn't just give up the playbook, In Real Time. No. He blew up the whole fookin' damn library (greatest president evah!).

MSNBC/Upchuck Todd/Meet the Talking Penis/Sunday (with guest, Carly Fiorina)

The transcript? Yeah, read it yesterdee. The video (watched it last night) however? Lets you see Upchuck, in all his fascist boot lickin' splendor and glory. That goes completely missing, in the literal. His dripping insouciance, will however, make you ill (you been warned). Bundled cable is a disease. And the only thing keeping that sh*t factory afloat (and the stink, in his wink).

LAT's/Sunday/Front Page/atomic/"News Analysis"

'Latino voters may hold the key for 2016'

Because it's all about color. All the time. Everyday. Every minute ... of every day. Every second ...

"Republican's best chance ... Marco Rubio"

Which takes us to Moochelle's, college commencent address: (HELP) I see white people ... aaaaah!!

(Whitey) "questioned our honesty and even our love of this country."

What's to question. All you f*cking do, is lie. 24/7 (your lips are moving, sow). And, you are TRAITORS. You ARE the bacteria, that eats the feces. There is no question. None. F.O.A.D..

Left out of the commencement address?

"Barry and me, are going to bulldoze all them (racist) art museums. And statues."

You know ... just like they do ... in Iraq :-)

LAT's/Sunday/May 10, 2015/Opinion (mebbe put your coffee down?)

'Reigning in super PAC's'
[The Times, proudly munching Hillary's carpet, slurp (and completely ignoring her $2B felony financial fraud and Treason)]

"It's not hypocritical to espouse new rules to govern election spending while taking advantage of existing laws."

No, LAT's, it isn't hypocrisy. We passed that signpost, a couple of lightyears ago. You're in a whole new Galaxy, of doublespeak now.


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