Saturday, May 16, 2015

F*ck the Pope

AP - Vatican

"Angel of Peace" ... that's what his Popeness, has called Mahmoud Abbas, (so called) leader, of the Palesplodians/Paleostinians.

And, his Popeness, to put some icing, and jimmies/sprinkles on the cake? Gave the cockroach, a medallion. That "represents the Angel of Peace, destroying the bad spirit of war."




One does question, all the cowardice, and treason, here at home. And, in possession of a functioning brain. One can't help but ask .... what is driving this evil? Simple cowardice? Simple treason? Simple corruption? Simple greed?

In the contextual totality, we would simply be amiss, not to think. The NSA has big bags of sh*t, on just about everybody. Even ... the Pope.


8:30 a.m.

Course ... if Mahmoud, is the Angel of Peace? Then, Bibi, Israel, and the Jews ... are The Devils of War (I know, too complex). So many, too many now. Failing us, failing us all. Failing the World. And failing G*d (go on Francis, stick the shiv in. G*d is watching YOU).

Chucklehead Odorama: "Two State Solution."

Really, now, is starting to sound like ... The Final Solution. And well, it only works, if BOTH actually, well and truly, want peace. And of course, NEITHER of the two .... are Hamas (I know, not very complex).

Chucklehead Odorama: "Comprehensive, verifiable deal with Iran." You got two choices here people. He's the largest Traitor, to EVER *ss rape this Country (and we've got nineteen more months, of his d*ck, in our *ss). Or, he's clinically insane [what's that you say .... he's both? (I stand corrected)].

Another day, and (surprise!) ... another ISIS/al-Qaeda commander, killed. What's that ... number 632? I guess ISIS, is taking a  page out of standard, military field officer's practice (if you want to stay alive). Every pfc in the caliphate, is given braids, epaulets, and confetti. To splash about their goat fookin' uniforms. In order to confuse the enemy. Everyone's a freekin general! All who to the ock bar .... look at me .... I'm the king of goatf*ckerville!


What does every punchbowl, with turds a'floatin' need?

You in the back .... another turd? Correct.

Rick Perry, to announce, in June. He's gunna stink da joint up, again. Everyone knows, what a Cruz Cabinet will look like. Exactly. And you won't be in it, clown. You're just f*cking deranged. Though yes, some are polite. And call it politics.

KNX/1070/Friday/9 a.m.

U.S. helo crash/Nepal: "President Obama said ..."

Death of blues legend B.B. King: "President Obama said ..."

KNX/1070/Friday/3:30 p.m. (Pelley, live, CBS, Lede)

Tsarnaev/death penalty: "Attorney General Loretta Lynch said ..." [Hey f*ckface ... yeah you ... Pelley (you anti-semitic filth), the only connection Lynch has to Tsarnaev? Exactly the same ... as 1.5 billion Moe, Ham, and Ed's. She adores him].

Who is George Stephanopolous?

He. Is. A. She.

And. She. Is. Leni Riefenstahl.


Sunday, May 17, 2015, 11 a.m.

The YouTube vid (via comments/Lucianne), of his Popeness, in the Vatican, "receiving" Abbas [at 1:38 (in length)]. With truly excellent (video) fidelity, tells you everything you need to know. Francis smiling ... happy happy joy joy. (Absolutely) radiantly so. Eyes a'gleam. With (real actual/not fake) hugs, kisses, and quite fancy gilded gifts/presents. Quite the soiree. Francis all but got down on his knees, and fluffed Mahmoud's nuts. You don't need an 'interpreter', at all [who ya gunna believe ... the Vatican's "correction" ... or your own (lying) eyes? Hint: YouTube/Jon Lovitz, as Tommy Flannigan/pathological liar (or, alternately: Wizard of Oz/pay no attention to that [ant-semite] behind the curtain [wearing the robe, of a man of G*d])].

The PJ Media piece (o'crap)? Laughable (to be sure). What's next .... "Hitler, avant-garde, or just misunderstood?" Mebbe PJ's just stirring the (piss) pot? Trolling, for readers/eyeballs ... any eyeballs. Though yes, the (PJ) Susan Goldberg piece/Gulf Cooperation Council (also via Lucianne), was innerestin'. And, sadly ... like all too much of the reality, of Rebel Commander Hussein's insanity. Tin foil hats are not required (some mighty skeery sh*t indeed).

Netron Obomba IS a Traitor. And IS the biggest Jew hater.


Having already actively conspired, to upend the elections. Of the ONLY democracy, in the entire Middle East. Sending operatives, both private and U.S. Government (!). To interfere with the Israeli election, and affect the outcome.

As he continues to do, each and every day (using U.S. Govenrment assets). Interfering with the government and leadership affairs, of the State of Israel. As well their very sovereignty, and security.

In violation of all norms. Protocols. And laws international. Laws domestic (yeah, laws of G*d, too). And, that steaming pile o'peeg sh*t Hussein, is going to be kept in office. For nineteen more months. By Boehner. By McConnell. By Rubio [look at me, with the big, puffy foreign policy chest! (he voted FOR cloture, on the Corker/Iran treason. All you need to know, e v e r). And by Rand (who, also voted for cloture)].

Indep UK x2

Robert Fisk: 'Canada's support of Israel is dangerous'
[Unread (why bother ... really)].

'French mayor suspended after calling for Islam to be banned' (in Fwance, by 2027)

"Pending procedure to remove him."

New: Jihad caused by boredom (hmm ... not poverty/Jews?). Though ConservativeTreehouse (via Lucianne), sez Chrisitanity is dying, cuz of same. (Free of course) wireless broadband, and iPads will save us all though (you betcha).


This just in .... extremely high doses of LSD, have been found in the bottled drinking water, sold and distributed in Beijing. To wit Israel Hayom (via Directorblue):

Kerry/'Iran nuclear deal could be lesson for North Korea'.

J. F. Kerry, in Beijing, speaking to Bong'n Jong'n [in North Korea (snarf)]:

"Stand with the rest of the global community by recognizing that there is verifiable, irreversible, denuclearization for weaponization, even as you can have a peaceful nuclear program."

It is the end of the world as we know it. Sorry people. Sorry. It just is.


Monday, May 18, 2015, 9:00 a.m.

Yeah, everyone bored with the whole Pope deelio. None the less, seems there's still some fibers left, on the ole horseskin rug, to ride.

I'll start with my own b.s., the video. In it, Abbas is so happy, he could just sh*t (really). He looks like he's in an episode of Queen For a Day, or ... This is Your Life. Or, for da younga crowd ... the Seinfeld episode, where Jerry takes to wearing a fur coat. And ... carry a purse (AKA ... European carry all). You'll find it on the YouTube (at 1:39 in length): "Fancy Boy Seinfeld."

"Love me, love me, shower me with kisses."

But, if you haven't seen the Abbas/Pope video? Well then, go right ahead, with all the literal transmogrifications (hey, knock yourself out ... transmogrify away). You would be missing the gestalt. the context. The m e a n i n g. In the atomic. Not virtual. Nor literal (and that is NO apologia/tyvm).

And well, the vid has a special treat, at the end. Abbas (so happy he could sh*t), manages to sit down.

Before the Pope.

So spare me the (National Review, via CFP, via Lucianne) False Information meme, please (really). Me, I don't care if I'm wrong, ever [really. But then I'm repeating myself (by using the word 'really' [snarf])]. And, the whole 'Palestinian Nun' thing? Is just real (snarf) actual propaganda. I'd splain it to ya .... but my internet device is at 7% (so there).

Though yes, I'd love to be wrong. Yes indeedy. About the extreme jeopardy this Nation, an the world are in. Wouldn't that be great.



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