Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You can breathe now

AP - 'State Department Releases Photo of Kerry in Hospital'

(Indistinct/gauzy) pic, J.F. Kerry, in private, hospital view room. Drapes open, to view. Couch, furnishings, briefcase, papers/work product on display (in staged photo). Lurch, still desperately trying for his Nobel Joohate Medal (and a million blood stained dollars). Shown "talking" on phone, to Rice (aRoni/Nikoula Nikoula). With a sage, wisened, studious visage. S T I L L trying, to shove his dong, up Israel's *ss (why don't you just get yourself a goat ... like your pals?).

Link/data dump (in no particular order):


S.B. oil spill ... 45% cleaned. Murmurs/scuttlebutt: local S.B. D.A., and State Attorney General Kamala Harris, may possibly attempt (or are now conspiring) to criminalize. The broken pipe.

KNX/1070/this a.m.

L.A. City schools, "C" in main course work, no longer required. For high school graduation. Not enough graduates. Students will now receive a diploma, for "D" work.

Breit x2 (this a.m.)

Maybe it's just time to stop reading Marlow?
Article: 'Female Armpit Hair Competition Takes Off in China' (with pic's of course).
Then again, maybe if we just give him some more time ...we'll also get Tarrantino's secret cache, of pic's of wimmin's tootsies?

But, I'll still take these two:
'ISIS slavers sell girls for pack of cigs' [AKA Moe, Ham, and Ed's used virgin lot (no applause, just money [that's also a joke])].
'ISIS abducts 88 Christians in Libya'

If you haven't figured it out yet. THAT is Obama's ISIS strategy. Rape and pillage. 18 holes. Pillage and rape. 18 more holes. Golf or Chrisitian women ... no diff to Rebel Commander Hussein. It's all a game/all in a day's work. His only job now? Getting out of offfice (and the Country). Before being indicted/arrested, and tried, before final sentence is carried out (in your dreams lil elmo!).

Breit (this a.m.)

'U.N. accuses Obama of covering up Iran sanction violations'
Mebbe there's more than one, over there, who can see the writing on the wall: Obama's political days are very numbered (in your dreams lil elmo!).


LB Brandon Spikes/his Maybach abandoned, not far from hit and run accident: "What does this mean to the Pat's defense?" NOT how are the three people who were injured, doing?


Even though there are next to no protestors (regards Ezell Ford shooting), at Mayor Eric Garcetti's home (same/exact six to twelve NOI maggots, seen for two straight days). KNX is still there "covering" the (non) story. As well just about every other local outlet, radio and TV. Trying. Desperately. To get the riot flames lit. Here in L.A.. For the last thirty six straight hours, the non story has led most all local broadcasts. But they'll ride this one, til something a little more meaty, comes along [ain't nothing on this bone, at all. Still they persist (nothing new there). I guess they must be getting ready ... for Hillary].

AP - Sunday

'Israel strikes Gaza in response to latest rocket attack'

(Attack claimed by) A local jihadi orgaization [exact wording (but they're not terrorists!)]. They (the local jihadi organization), acting in "retaliation for a Hamas crackdown." See peeps, Hamas are now the GOOD GUYS!

The Supreme Court (yes, I used the term very loosely), ruling on the Islamic scarf? Hijabs for everyone! Your store, business, or factory ... are now outposts. Of Islam. YOU have no religious freedom. None. YOU must now bow, not to a religion, but a global facsist political movement. Sharia is now the law of the land. The Baby Raping Moong*d Deathcult, are now our L*rds and Masters (and if you don't genuflect? The IRS will be there toot sweet, to administer your colonoscopy).

KCBS/740 (S.F.) [News you can use!]

"A person is 20 times more likely to die, in a collision with a train, than with a car."

'Bout a week back, Josh Earnest (in response question/setbacks Iraq/Palmyra): "What do you want me to do ... set my hair on fire?" I'd pay to watch that. F*ck yeah! Shoot, we could erase the deficit. AND end all the debt/unfunded liabilities. In one day. If ... members of the IslamoCommieJunta, and Congress. Would just volunteer their scalps (a girl can dream).

FBI's Comey (FIFA arrests): "We did it for the kids" (!). Just like Mark Levin's new book (ooh, really cheap shot elmo).

Few weeks back, Global Warming, was (goofily) the cause, of the rise of Naziism [you know, just like Islamism's now caused by Global Warming... seriously ... 'cording to goofy fook Chucklehead Odorama, and State Dept.]. But really [ssshh, don't tell anyone (especially Obama)]. It was the Jew's fault. All those bodies in WWII, in all those ovens, baking.

(Couple weeks back) Joint Terror Task Force/two clowns, from behind the Orange Curtain (Orange County, CA), arrested/charged: "providing material support" to terrorists/ISIS. And how exactly is that different from Obama? (Beuller ... Beuller ...).

Very large display sign, inside street corner, retail check cashing outlet (Nix): "Apply for a loan to help you with your citizenship application process ... we're here to help."

There aren't that many hero's anymore. No. And why is that elmo? OK, as long as you're asking .... Everyone's taking videos, of evil. Instead of stopping it.

California Water Resources Board, isn't just launching a "rat your neighbor out" cellphone app (send us a pic, with embed GPS stamp, from your cell. And we'll fix your neighbor's wagon for you!). No. They are also using satellite imagery, to spot "green" areas (that they deem should be fallow).

Lesse ... TSA 95% failure rate, bomb/weapon detection. But, not as widely articulated: a 100% (!) failure rate, at fake I.D. detection. "Able to bypass security measures at will." Fix it? Get rid of the TSA?
Right ...
The IslamoCommieJunta, is now searching ...


Bitter clinger elmo .... John Roberts wasn't "appointed" by Bush. No. Harriet Myers was. Roberts was forcibly shoved down our throats, by the righty legal beagles (who knew better).

Moochelle, to star on Broadway, in a revival of the Scarlett Pimpernel ... I see them here, I see them there, I see them greedy racist white folk everywhere!

'War Fatigue' .... the new Reich Ministry thought virus. The forces of darkness, are now running unopposed, around the world. And WWIII hasn't even reached full throated roar (it will).


Surrendering just as fast as their six lil legs'll carry them. How's your Farsi?


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