Thursday, June 18, 2015

No, Virginia, there ain't no fookin' Santa

AP - '3 Postal workers accused of rigging Operation Santa'

"stole laptops, toy trains, boots and other gifts for underpriveleged children"

"helped themselves to headphones, clothing, and other goods"

Had accomplices send in fake letters to Santa, as well re-addressed authentic, outgoing parcels ... to themselves/accomplices. And changed stored data, for shipment addresses ... to themselves/accomplices.

Well, I get to run the headline anyway. Me? Love me some Santa. Oh yeah. The whole concept. Giving ... getting to play Santa, in the atomic. The greatest gift ... by faaaaaar. Very high powered magic (thank you Zina Owens, for YOUR recent walk among the clouds/"I Wuv You Luke").

Holding my breath ...

U.S. News (via Drudge) - 'Biden will decide on W.H. run by August'

Yeah, it will be tough, holding my breath, for forty three days. But Butthead Bidenski's worth it. Run Joe Run [maybe I should get a sign, and stand on the street corner? (alt: who's Joe Biden again?)].

A woman on the ten dollar bill?

Sure, everyone together now ... in unison CAITLYN! (ok ... we got that done). Well, not too likely (nevvah say nevvah). Maybe we can at least put Obama, on the three dollar bill, huh? Let's get one of them thar White House petititons going!

You might have missed it this morn?

BBC - 'Google owned Nest launches HD security camera'

"a camera that senses movement in a user's home"

"capable of streaming live video"

Yeah, that's what I want. Google not only tracking my every virtual breath. But watching my every atomic breath.  And, for only $12-$35 a month (for 10-30 day video storage). You can have the filthy f*cking monkeys at Google, watch you too!


'Repubs move to save Obamacare subsidies'

MSM thought virus: "Transitioning" (as diff from ... transracial). The Grand Ole P*ssies' excuse, for sugging Obie's wang, AGAIN. They're transitioning ... to another planet. Islam is peace. Israel is the Third Reich. Weather is a crime ... against humanity (hellooo Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi!). But, de Ole Poohsays, got nuttin' on Romney this week (and his "yoga retreat"). He's joined the Cruz buggerers brigade! I know Mitt, you are thee nicest guy (and the smartest person in the room). FOAD anyway, you p.o.s..

JPost (via Breit)

Systemic anti-semitism, in France, now quite passe, banal, merely part of the existential fabric: Israeli art students denied tickets, to the Louvre. As well Saint-Chappelle.

The Clarion Project (via Bad Blue)

'150 ISIS sex slaves commit suicide, some fed to dogs'

"Real figure is (believed) considerably higher"

Yazidi women, captured in Iraq, "preferring to die than to live in brutal sexual slavery." Hanging themselves, with ther newly issued clothing (hijab), identifying them as slaves [see Michelle Obama/London/girl's school visit (in no go Islamozone)].

But Snitches Sharpton, is now enroute to Charleston. Yes he is (what a surprise!). To dance upon the victim's graves. And celebrate. The arrival (at long last). Of Obama's race war [but they no longer need it (the GOP has already surrendered)]. The global Islamo genocide against Christians? Not so much. Oh wait, the libturd nation and the IslamoCommieJunta celebrate that too.


Both Interpol, and the Nobel Committee, took more than $23 million. From Sepp Blatter (is a Douglas Adams novel, missing one of its characters?). For "partnerships" (with FIFA). No difference. None. From what's going on, with the Iran "negotiations." Millions of dollars corrupt.

Billions of dollars corrupt, absolutely.

And, well ... there really aren't that many Jews left anyway ...


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