Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Death from above

Tele UK [new and improved (filch) site, now with stealth, auto loading popup ad/video console (Beyonce). Preventing a single, complete read, of A N Y site article].

'Abortion drone' to drop DIY drugs over Poland

"To Polish women unable to legally terminate." Pills, listed by WHO, as "essential medicine." (My title, for post, taken fom commenter in Tele thread, Rogue Cheddar). "Women on Waves," name of the non-prof NGO, doing Rebel Commander Hussein's bidding.

Soon enough, Obama WILL  be flying drones, over Israel [oh yes he will (Administration [Via WashTimes]: "date [June 30] is not more important than the deal." Meaning: he will give Iran the Bomb, and $150B. Come hell. Or high water. At any political cost. At any cost to the Nation's [or Israel's] security. At all cost. As loooooong as it takes. AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP HIM)].

Bloomberg (via Breit) [file under: sh*t you can't make up]

"American troops are being told to share quarters with extremist Iran backed Shiite militia troops in Iraq."

"Both using Taqqadam military base in Anbar."

AP x

'Red Cross fears for Palestinian hunger striker in Israel'

Unread. Why bother. Sh*t smells [no news there (better use of time: search/read about the Red Cross' history of overt anti-semitism. AND their decades long battle, to keep Israel, from becoming a member)].

'Obama hosts annual Ramadan White House dinner' (no comment required/provide your own).

Your tax dollars at work ...

'Feds paying for sewer analysis of pot usage in Washington (State)'

3 year study/of two un-named Wash. cities, at the bargain price of $120k, by Univ Prof at Puget Sound (who previously tested campus wastewater, for Ritilin and Adderal, during finals).

News you can really, really use ...

LAT's - 'Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol split' (thanks for that elmo, you da man!)

News you can really, really (really) use ...

Japan Nikkei at fifteen year high.


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