Thursday, July 16, 2015

There's lyin' stankho's ... and then there's Susan Rice

(Breit) Rice: "We expect Iran will spend new money on terror."

Umm no ... that there ... isn't a lie (out of the mouths of lying stanknasty whores).

"(Iran) won't be able to get all (the money) at once. Not one dime. Until they take the steps they've committed to."

Those, all of them there, every one. ARE lies [as is EVERYTHING (intentionally) out their porcine pie holes, every time, every single time (you can keep your doctor ... Iran is our friend ... we/IRS didn't persecute the TEA Party .... I was born in Honolulu [whuddya mean which hospital?])].

King Pigsh*t, Vice President (ofeceal Obama anal vapor sniffer) Bidensky, Secretary of Altered State, Speaker of the Outhouse, Sinnator Witch McCuntell, Senator Vaginal Corker, and Sec Def Ashton Kutcher. Have either d i  r e c t l y, by their own hand (or ... kept hands in pocket, ignored, looked the other way).


You know ... "in good faith." Just to get the ball rolling (and the kickbacks started). Many m o n t h s  a g o.  Like it was their own personal piggy bank (oink). Ignored Iran's importation of (global!) ICBM rocket motors. Countless tons of Uranium. And THOUSANDS OF CENTRIFUGES.

It's called Treason. And they have already committted it.

They've done everything they could, to rush the "deal" through (before the actual arrests, for treason). Lied about every aspect. As they have for years. They too now, are lying (say it isn't so elmo!).

They will do everything they can, to make sure. Iran get's the money. Anything. Just to make sure. It cannot be undone. And it is being done. NOW.

Taqiya and Hudna, are not peripheral to Islam. Nor even pillars. No. They are the foundation. Do you people even have a pulse? Just because the Country has ALREADY FALLEN (yes, it has. It really really has. Strange that. Mighty strange). Doesn't mean, we should simply roll over. Go to sleep. And allow.

This crime against humanity.

To stand.

T'was their plan. All along. Tis who they are. It is what they do. And it isn't even a novel. Isn't fiction (science or otherwise). If you freeze the (vid) frame, as King Pigsh*t [and (one step behind) official anal vapor sniffer, Biden]. As they PROUDLY strode to the podium, two days ago (wearing their Burger King crowns). To announce that ... Jews are back on the menu.

You could clearly see the evil. In Buraq Hussein (in the Membrane's) eye's. Plain as day, the madness escapes out his eyeballs (cannot be contained). And if you squinted? You could see horns (... on his head). At yesterday's (dance away from reality). Hussein said: "It solves one particular problem." Yep ... those damn Jews!

Iranophobia, the new Reich Ministry thought virus.

A truly lethal combination of the sheeple's ignorance, and the junta's tidal wave of propaganda. It's just the same old, really (really) tired trope .... antisemitism, is the Jew's fault [for even mentioning that people still want to kill them .... you know .... like Iran (if the Joo's would just keep their freekin mouth's shut [and dispense with all  this "Iranophobia"]. We'd have peace in our time [and not pieces of dead Jews])].

Who ya gunna believe, Obama, or your own lying eyes? Huh.

Buraq Hussein in the Membrane.


And nothing more, than corpse eating vermin. Feasting on this dead Nation's flesh. And in the atomic? Christian corpses. And Jewish corpses.

HIs motto:
If it don't fook goats? Kill it.

And surprise! Buraq Hussein (the misanthrope) loves other murderers too (imagine that). Like Planned Parenthood (now putting up all new signs, at everyone of their existing locations: Though he is a homosexual, he is homicidal. Buraq Hussein ain' picky, mature fully formed human corpses (of Christians and Jews), or aborted fetuses. Just add a lil dash of Grey Poupon ... and we're cooking with (Zyklon B) gas now (baby).

Buraq Hussein's love of murderers, is truly heartfelt. S'why he gave the Taliban, $20M, for Bergdahl. A murderer, of American soldiers. Why he, and Hillary, and (the lyingest, stankiest whore of all time) Rice, let ISIS kill (and rape) Ambassador Stevens [and not expose their ISIS gun running operation].

Hussein's love of murderers, extends to our Southern border too (of course). Not just welcoming stone cold killers. But g i v i n g the Mexican drug cartels, THOUSANDS of the largest caliber, highest quality, premium long guns (even walking them across the border for them!). Which have aready been used in the murder of Americans [and hundreds of Mexicans as well (Chapo's killed 10-20 thousand!)].

Now, the S.P.O.P (steamin pile o peegsheet), is giving the murderers in Iran (Genociders? ... mo better). A vast array of conventional weapons (you can buy a lot with a hundred fifty billion). (The aforementioned) $150 Billion dollars. And, an entire nuclear arsenal. To murderers. Who have taken the lives of thousands of American soldiers. And taken the limbs of thousands more.

You are filth.
You are scum.
You are less ... than a S.P.O.P.
You are more ... than evil.

FOAD (in case you're hard of hearing, I'll say it again .... FOAD).

[Incidental blah blah: Caught the esteemed (lil backstabbing scum) Scott Walker. On Levin's broadcast, yesterday (Mark plays a pretty decent hand of poker, he does). Wee widdle Scotty been brushing up ... reading his Cliff Notes foreign policy booklet (proud he was too .... arm raised up high, in gradeschool ... ooh ooh call me!). "This is the worst foreign policy decision in some time." Umm no Meestah Walker. Worst EVER, clown (let us know when you get to chapter two, in your Cliff Notes Big Little Yellow Book of Foreign Policy ... yeah)]

[Incidental blah blah x2:, Austin, Tx. 'Pet shop worker killed, cobra is on the loose'. 18 y.o. found dead (in his car actually). With puncture wounds. Monocled cobra cage, at searched home, empty. That's Obama, opening the cage door wide. Turning m i l l i o n s of cobras loose. On the world.]


11:00 a.m.

KNX/1070, 9 a.m., lede

What else .... global warming! What f*cking filth. What scum. What treasonous cowards. Odious, evil six legged beasts.

NOAA (talking clown): "It's going to be very warm around the world this year, particularly oceans and continents." [You know .... as opposed the other parts of the planet, where there are no oceans or continents :-) ]

Second story?

The Emmy's. No other stories/coverage in opening segment (before presentation of traffic and weather). Certainly not Planned Parenthood. Let alone .... Iran (it's like it never even happened).

All these filth. All these traitors. Active traitors. Not in a book, a history book. But here now. Here in the atomic. Toss in the complicit do nothings. Who didn't repeal Obamacare [why they were elected. No other reason. Certainly not their honesty, integrity, or even winning personalities (and too late we find out, they haven't any qualities, any whatsoever)]. But they did find and buy themselves, some frilly lace pink panties (Gowdy: Have you seen who the vice president is?). WE gave them, both houses of congress. To end fascism. To restore the Nation. Not to put an oar in the water, and keep paddlin' King Hussein's royal canoe.

Why I have no confidence going forward. None. That things will change, things will improve (either repeal ACA, in say 2017. Or of couse .... stopping the Iran treason, now, today).

I don't believe in America anymore.

Me, who lo all these years, every single one. Everyday, of every one. Bled Red. White. And Blue. How proud I always was, to be an American. To live, in America. To breathe American air. To drink up the light and space. To gaze into infinity. The vastness of possibility. The endless distance of freedom. We thought it would never end.

It did. It has.

I'd love to be wrong. Can the Country be saved? I don't know. What I do know, is that most likely, it will not (all too likely in fact).

And all too sadly, I was right 'bout well ... just about most everything else [in the past (ain't you spayshul meesta bloggah)]. But not all ... Ronbo most certainly bested me, on the outcome of the 2012 election (I thought we'd get it? Stupid, stupid me).

Most unfortunately though, I wasn't wrong, about the future, the one that arrived. Just and only, two days ago. 

And my heart is broken. Broken. Broken. Broken. Here's a prediction for ya. The future is dark. Very, very dark. Take it to the (Greek) bank.


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