Saturday, July 04, 2015

The day the Country died, July 4, 2015

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust ...

T'would be hard not to believe, the AP report. That J.F. Kerry, and that steaming pile'o peeg sheet ... Buraq Hussein (in the membrane). Have this morning, surrendered our nation, and the world whole, unto Iran.


Many, too many, helped them. And even more. Did absofookinlutely nothing.

It's insane. Beyond any measure (any ... what so ever). In fact, back in the day ... it used to be called TREASON. But in the (new, third didge edition) Orwell Dictionary, it's now rapproachment [and the BILLIONS IN KICKBACKS .... just a lil (organic, free range, gluten free) gravy].

Sure ... yeah ... the buildings are still standing [for now anyway (not sure about Brady's Ball's though? [yeah, go f*ck yourself Rush. You worthless, self important/braggadocious lazy *ssmonkey])].

There isn't much to be done now. Not much at all. Every person must now make their own decisions. On their own way forward (mine looks like the Negev). The Nation no longer exists. And it only took six years. All those white stones. Atop all those graves. At Arlington.

What exactly did they die for? Huh.

Or the MILLIONS  of casualties?

So Rush, and near all the rest of the Conswervo elite, can sh*t on their graves? Or mock the casualties' missing limbs? TWO WHOLE WEEKS of Brady's Ball's, on Rush's broadcast. Are you f*cking kidding me? And Monsieur Levin's gettin' all excited ... his book's presales ... are climbing, ever upward. Telling us how to save the country .... in mebbe five, or ten, or fifteen ... or even twenty years [from now ... doing it for the kids (that is if all the stars align perfectly/just so [State's Convention? Nothing but a pipe dream])].

Fuck 'em. And f*ck this.

You've all been played. And in case you haven't figured it out?


It's over.

Repeat .... it is over.  My G*d. Look what they've done. Let me warn you all, about loss and death. First reaction, for many, is to lash out. Even violence. Save yourself. No one else will. Caution, PLEASE (wit sugah). With your anger. Use it, to save yourselves and your families. NOT endanger yourselves. The actual anarchy?

It  will get here, soon enough, on its own. Yes, sorry, it will (or maybe you haven't been paying attention?).

Easy. Steady as she goes. But still .... do watch your six (I assume you're already cocked'n locked).

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust ....


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