Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Locusts fly with the wind

And divergent swarms grow ... in size, as they join together, and converge ... with the wind. Expanding, ever larger. Til the sun is no more, and darkness prevails. Until n o t h i n g 'pon the earth remains. Nothing.

Boehner, McConnell, (creepfilth) Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise ... taking cubic MILLIONS of dollars (specific to the outcome of possible upcoming trade legislation). From lobbyists/corp cronies. Just over the last couple election cycles alone, leading up to (the vote on) TPP (also, just like dung beetles. Going where the smell is).

Elections have NO consequences. Sawry. Though yes, I will go 'head and vote for Ted [that is if he gets the nod? And assuming I've found a reason, any f*cking reason at all. To stay [and that doesn't look very likely (grammophone dependency or no)]. Or even believing the outcome, isn't already corrupted. Already predetermined. JUST LIKE 2012].

The seeds of division, that foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb Rebel Commander Hussein, has planted. Has harbored and nurtured. Have taken root. Have grown ... strong and formidable. It matters not who wins in 2016, for there is little chance the Republic can be saved (and little chance the election fraud/corruption can be upended, in order to win). Yeah, it IS  that bad.

No one is stopping the  t r a i t o r  now (real, actual treason. TREASON, YOU F*CKING FREAKS). There just won't be anything left, to save. Even by Ted (even if possible).

The libturd nation, the IslamoCommieJunta are now empowered. Delirously drunk. On hatred. Of America. Hatred of G*d. Believers thereof. The current election campign? A distraction. A mask, a fraud (just like the burning Southern Churches). The election a pacifier. Hiding the wholesale destruction. The rape. The pillage. Of freedom. Of liberty. This destruction now raging unchecked. Even fostered, by the Grand Ole P*ssies.

The country will never be united again.  Isn't possible. This chasm will not close. This cleave will continue to hemorrhage copious quantities of life giving blood. The knife in the back just too deep. And cannot be healed 'pon mere whim/demand, or a wave of some magic swizzle stick. Soon enough, there will be another eruption, another cleave ... again, on the streets/in the cities. The forces of darkness far greater than ANYONE dare admit, acknowledge, or let themselves believe.

They will not rest, until America is but a memory (and they are destroying even those fond recollections now). It's all so creepy. No longer a free land. Not even free to think (let alone speak).

Former Indpendence Day, July 4.


Celebrate what?

There's almost no chance left, to save the nation (the long knives are out for Cruz. Everywhere he turns, lying in wait, for his turned back).

July 4, now an official Jiahdi Holiday. No longer "the Fourth of July."

Courtesy of the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of mooselimbs. That sweet, dear Rebel Commander Hussein, has r e c e n t l y airlifted. From every last third world, goatf*cking sh*thole (in just the last couple of years alone!). And transplanted whole cloth. To middle America. And small town/anytown U.S.A. [and total mooselimb (as in Sharia is their only law) population, now in the m i l l i o n s].

And to show their (dying) gratitude? The goat f*ckers are planning a few (auto de fe) fireworks of their own (so do keep your Napolitano, signature issue scissors, at the ready, yeppers). Yes, many will say foogit. I'm still going to a large public gathering/celebration xyz, on the Fourth. But millions more, are now bereft. Of one of the greatest American traditions ever. By that f*cking filthy, scummy, odoriferous, stanknasty six foot tall cockroach, in the West Wing [some of his shining lights however, didn't get a free ticket/plane ride. Some, actually had to walk (sneef/say it isn't so elmo) across the open border, on foot (before soon unleashing their holy terror)]. All the airwaves now atwitter with: "see something, say something" on the Fourth (you mean like a foreign born, dog eating, mooselimb traitor. Giving the Shii caliphate a nuclear arsenal? You mean like that?).

And to crown this wanton destruction? Buraq duh Mageek Sparkle Pony, s'gunna put on a dress, and dance for Khameini. While singing "I feel pretty." Hoping that finally does the trick. And the world's largest state sponsor of terror. Will then agree to accept his offer:

Of an entire nuclear arsenal, and a hundred fifty billion dollars, in cash.

In return, all Khameini has to do, is kill even more Americans. And slaughter as many Jews, as he possibly can [ISIS already has the Christians covered (in blood)].

This madness, this evil, doesn't just come on airplanes bought and paid for with your tax dollars. Nor crawling, in the dead of night. It also emmanates ... from the Vatican. (Breit) 'Vatican signs treaty with "State of Palestine" '

Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi, isn't just legitimizing Jew hatred. He's encouraging it. Fostering, fomenting ... giving his blessing to. He didn't run over Israel, with a bus. He's leading an entire froogin Panzer division! And the document cited (in Breit's 'Holy Land Two State Solution')? Stating "1967 borders." Is merely, only. A TRULY VILE AND KNOWINGLY DECEITFUL TROPE. Fiction, in service to their lies of peace (in service to Pope Ding Dong's Joohate). The '67 lines = '49 armistice lines. And they are militarily indefensible (even morally).

I guess the competiton now, is to see who really is THEE biggest Jew Hater?
Obungi (your backside).
Or Pope Ding Dong Dhimmi?
Who can more quickly bring about, the destruction. Of the State of Israel.

Evil IS here. In the White House. In the Vatican. Global war is now G U A R A N T E E D. And it is just getting started.

There is no handheld game controller, to fix things. People haven't a clue what has transpired. Let alone, what to do (if they even wanted to). How we took it all, for granted. Our freedom. Our liberty. This glorious land.

Most everything now, is unreal. Large swaths of society, spend their time. In virtual environs. Some, ALL of their time (like the anaesthesiologist I met, who lives to battle online). So, when the atomic world its very self, crashes down. Crumbles. And the Constitution is shredded, tossed on the bonfire.

It doesn't seem real.

Cuz most everything now, isn't. Even animation, used to be hand drawn. Glorious ... it was. Now, it too, virtual. Machine made. Not fantasy, but virtual fantasy. It's now a fake fake world.

All the while, the right/blogosphere/radio, not pulling together. But pulling apart. Everyone pulling, in a different direction. Every which way. No confluence. Unable to agree, on just about everything. While the Conswervo Glitterati .... are merely pulling ... their puds (while padding their bank accounts). Too many of the citizenry, are already holding their noses. And stating plainly, clearly, they will avoid the polls. Will not give their imprimatur, to this evil. This insanity. This madness.

As China, as Russia bulk up/weaponize. Building up forces. Building bases pell mell, around the world. Even taking over large swaths of land, foreign countries. Unopposed. As the U.S. builds down. Stymies. Hand ties. De-weaponizes (unless of course, it's Iran!). Not only guaranteeing the greatest global conflict imagined. But encouraging it. And, our defeat. By organized forces.

And a dirty bomb, by ISIS (getting more organized, by the second)?  The only question is where/when.

We're now a banana republic. And soon enough,  a non-existent one. No one notices. No one cares. No one can even be bothered. No one is even trying.

Get to ground. ASAP.
Get the f*ck out of the wind.
Take shelter from the locust storm.

Plan for the worst. Please.
For it WILL be here, in the mere blink of an eye.

Some call it evil.
I call it reality.
Ignore it?
At your peril.


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