Sunday, July 12, 2015

That cold day in Hell, well it's here

Who would have EVER thought .... that one day, WE would be giving Iran.

An entire nuclear arsenal?

INCLUDING the required global launch/delivery systems. As well numerous (very well) fortified underground labs/massive nuclear weapons infrastructure. With which to build and assemble, yet again ever more ... of their doomsday machines. And get this, One Hundred Fifty Billion Dollars (in cash, U.S. dollars). With which to power it all up/push the button.

Not too long ago, you would've said: "Riiiiight ... you betcha .... when Hell freezes over."

That cold day in Hell? Well ... it IS here.

And it isn't fiction. Nor is it MY imagination. I'm not too fond of losing my Country. No, I am not. And I fear, we already have. And it hurts. It hurts a lot. I still haven't watched the Youtube vid, of McInerney and Vallely (via Hooben). Discussing an intervention, by the military. Our military. Stopping/ending Obama's active Treason.

Nor have I scoped out, the Military Code of Justice, and whether our sweet dear T.I.C. (Traitor in Chief). Is subject to (the Mil Code)? It's just more hopeless knowledge. For if he is? No one is actually going to do sh*t. No, they aren't (yeah, I'd most dearly LOVE to be wrong, f*ck yeah!!!). And, if he isn't ... all just yet again ... more hopeless knowledge.

And those that don't act? They aren't merely derelict, nor even complicit. They are equally guilty ... of Treason. Those that will not fight to save the Country? Can rot in Hell. Throughout eternity (and then some). Like (sheet sandwich chef extraordinaire) Boehner, McConnell, (creepfilth) Ryan, and his duplicitous butt buddy Scott Walker.

It's like the Twilight Zone episode, wherein the U-boat Commander, is somehow trapped (hey, it's the Twilight Zone) ... on an allied cargo vessel, crossing the Atlantic. And the Commander knows, there is a Wolf Pack out there. HIS wolf pack. And it is coming (in the dead of night), to blast him right out of the freakin water. And this scene replays. Over. And over again. Each day, he relives his own death. By his own hand. Each day he knows how, and when, and where ... he will die. Though he screams. Though he shouts. Into the darkness. Into the void.

No one hears him.

We have only just begun. This descent, into the Marianas Trench. Of evil. There is no turning back (though I scream and shout).

And all (the only thing actually) anyone can muster? Is to write a book ... really ... that's it. Leadership? No, sadly (though who knows exactly what's going on, in the minds of the Conswervo elite). Fantasy. A fantasy response. And in such, surrender [no matter how much psuedo (grrrr .... grrr) angry spittle collects, on the (in studio) EV RE-27 windscreens.

The "deal" with Iran, isn't. A deal. A "negotiation." Or, a "treaty." It is only, and just TREASON. Nothing more (ignoring the billions of dollars in kickbacks). Nothing less.

Why are we arming our enemies with nukes? (Is that some kind of trick question elmo?).

And how exactly, is anyone's book, going to stop the traitors?

All the Conswervo authors (dozens and dozens and dozens), and all their (dozens and dozens and dozens of ...) books? Bunch of monkeys, who've found the keys to the bar. AND the DVD cabinet (with which to spank it). It's a truly sick joke. All too. Everybody, and their brother, AND their cat, is writing a book. Even a talking cartoon horse [is going to save us (fook me)].

How many dozen books the last six months alone? The last year? These aren't normal times, they are something entirely beyond reason or normality (if they were normal, who the froog would care/give a flying leap how many books anyone writes?!).

Each writer, stomping alone, individually. On but one single tentacle ... of the giant squid. Only. Instead of what is actually required. United. Together. As one: lopping its f*cking head off (or at least destroying its beak). These empty, solo, individual, futile efforts, are vain squandering of their own (ostensibly Conservative) platforms. Presupposing that the damage done to this Nation. Is NOT great. That it can be or is being arrested. Or even, has already been stopped. It hasn't. It isn't. And the books, in an of themselves, by themselves. WILL NOT RESTORE THE NATION.

This already large, gangrenous malignancy is metastasizing. Not shrinking [even in the face of an avalanche of righteous, sword waving books].

It is growing.

This hungry cancer. Rapidly. Now. Throughout all the veins, all the organs ... of Lady Liberty. And it is fatal. The effort to write (a book)? Fine (I mean who the f*ck am I right). But it is misguided. Entirely. For these are not normal times (unless you think Berlin '38 was normal). And well ... one would have to be blind. To think.

That words alone will save us (but that they could). No matter how many, or by however many.

They won't. They haven't done f*cking sh*t. Period. It's delusional. Yeah, sorry, it is. To think they will. Every single MSM platform, is 100% propaganda (not 98%, not 99% ...).

Every TV station, cable channel, radio station [KNX/1070, three straight days, hour after hour, after f*cking hour/24-7 of "OMG/run away! Godzilla (Trump) is clambering about the city." Even attempting to compromise his local (at venue) security! (note: mentioning Trump, is not an endorsement). Or, dropping the (latest) Hollywood shooter story, making it instaneously disappear. The very millisecond, it was established that the shooter, was black. And that he didn't just sidle up behind a woman, strolling along on Hollywood Boulevard, no (you know ... "random"). He assassinated her. Shot her in the head, from behind. And he did it with a SHOTGUN! There is video, but I seriously doubt we will  E V E R  see it (think Khalidi video)].

Every newspaper, and magazine. Every government agency. Every State agency. They own every word. They create every lie. Every single day. They own everything. Even ... the IRS, and the NSA. Helloooo.

Once Iran has been unfettered, untied. And their doomsday machine unchained. There will be no going back.

It cannot be undone.

And will indeed bring global thermonuclear war. Guarantees it (or any such variant, including hard rain/big stick intervention/preemption, and its spillover). Absolutely. Guarantees. It.

Every thing, Hussein in the Membrane has touched. EVERYTHING. Every single thing. Every last thing. Everything. Has turned to pure sh*t.

Everything he's said. Everything. Everytime he's said it. Is a complete lie, a total lie, an absolute lie [but he was born in Hawaii (you bet)]. What am I missing here? Why is Iran,  now somehow going to be different?


We don't have twenty years. Nor ten. Nor five. Writing a book is disengenuous.  (All the authors, collectively) spending the time writing. And then ... spending a whole bunch more time ... pimping it. We need more than mere words, or fanciful books. And that which we need, we need now. We need ... this minute.

You don't want to storm the gates? Fine. Just fine. But don't rationalize your inertia. Your stasis. Your blind existence. Unable (or unwilling), to see beyond the keyboard (or the financials of your media empires).

Your unwillingness ... to fight.

For the life of this Country (but they WILL do battle at the mall, promoting their book/primrose path to nowhere). The world has wobbled completely off its axis (well ... pushed actually). Unbound. Violent. Wild. Careening, bouncing around the Universe. Nothing is safe. Our World, the glorious one we took for granted. Is no more.

And what does everybody do [when they aren't scribblin' their latest NYT's (snarf) besteller]?

They get their inner kitten on, and chase after feathers on a string. Yammer, yammer, yammer. Bout nothing (Takei, Dolezal, Caitlyn, Stars n Bars, N-word, Brady's balls). Permanently distracted (between sharing excerpts of their latest book). Unable. To. Focus. On. The. Only. Task. At. Hand.

Saving the Nation, stopping Obungi (your backside).
Any way you can (all ideas are welcome!).
It isn't an elective pursuit (or a board game). No it isn't.

It is for everything that ever was. Or ever will be. Total, complete, massive civil disobedience might be a start? Aye. But that would be NOW MOFO'S. The operative word being: now. But no one can work up the spit, at all. For something other than low hanging fruit. It's like JFK's, 'While England Slept'. Cept it'd be 'While Conswervo's Slept'.

Though since it IS a cold day in Hell, maybe we can use/burn the pages, of some of those books, to keep warm?

At this point, I have to believe King Cockroach the Lightbringer, will in fact, do anything. ANYTHING.  I mean anything. To get the mullahs, to publicly say yes [though they won't honor any agreement, of any substance. PERIOD (and that is not what Commandant Sitzpinkler is "negotiating")]. He's tried giving them everything. Every single last thing under the sun.

And I have to believe, that the only thing left?

Is to bomb Israel, on Iran's behalf [thus negating their desire, to do so (and y'all thought the Magic Sparkle Pony, got that Nobel for nuthin! Ha ...)]. And mebbe then. Maybe ... they will sign on the dotted line? Though I'm pretty sure, they will also ask for Encino, Studio City, Tarzana, Miami, and NYC too (think Fail-Safe).

Things will change just that much more quickly now. And not in good ways. In ways harsh. Vivid. And All too dramatic. Even unbelievable (none of this sh*t now is believable!).

It won't be easy. Trying. To hold on to the earth. I don't think anyone has a clue. Too many don't know. Too may don't care. Too many have surrendered. I wish you all luck holding on to your little patch. I do. I do indeed. But we haven't seen nuthin' yet. No we haven't.

Evil, is just now waking up.
You will know.
When it has opened its evil eye.
By the satanic cheers.
In Tehran.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (6:00 a.m.)

Caught/heard/watched the initial reports much earlier this a.m. (just after midnight). Bout the lobster eating surrender monkeys (and have had the radio/tv off, since). Soon enough, this very day, Longskull Hairy Kerry, will join the members of the genocidal shii caliphate. For a photo op. Will assemble on a stage, in Vienna, Austria (how f*cking apropriate!). And display not (only) their (ear to ear) sh*t eatin' grinz. But you will also see, the blood of Jews. Profusely dribbling down everyone of their goat f*cking faces.

Which means, WWIII, has formally begun.

The telling?

Who didn't offer an immediate response? Who hasn't shown their cards. Who hasn't given a strong, initial, overt indication. And in such, is the telling.

Which day open warfare operations begin? You can take your pick ... even tomorrow (yes, really), or any day in the next eighteen months. (Take it to the) Bank. Me, I've got a pretty good idea ... which day. And which event, it will be tied to [and no, obviously, no hints neither (far far too many lives hang in the balance)].

You need to get ready people. Stop looking to the savants [who really aren't sages (and yeah, I am tired, of flogging them dead horsies)], for direction. Stop paying attention to the academe's AND the blowhards. And face the reality. That the world entire, is about to erupt. About to explode. Tisn't a movie. Nor television. Nor fiction.

It's the real world. And it's about to get quite unreal. We now ARE, on the Eve of Destruction [Barry McGuire (sing it with me)]. I warned y'all about Obeyme. King Hussein the Traitor. Over ... and over again (and f*cking over again). For years. Too many years now (no dates/links/posts/auto-backpats/tyvm!).

Though yes, I will toss this one at ya ... again, yes I will. From Dec. 2009: The Times UK, 'Secret document exposes Iran's nuclear trigger'. As early as 2007, Iran was already experimenting with uranium deuteride triggers, for detonating a thermonuclear device. Yeah, they were.

And year after year now [I (with extraordinary effort) ... fighting back my tears): 'Mike Castle on Barack H. Obama Birthcertificate' ("I want my country back!")

Though In Tehran this afternoon?

Don't listen to Rushbo no mo [ok, the horseskin rug gets a lil more workout this morn (who ya gunna call)]. Waste of time. But I occasionaly suck it in, and catch a few minutes [strainng to pick up, the low rent radio station EIB switched over to (bought?). Outputting a weak/pert near unlistenable signal]. Caught Monday, yesterday morning's open. More than fifty percent of the segment? Chapo's escape.

He finished the segment, blowing wet kisses (and then some), to  Dayspring hirer. And Paul Ryan acolyte/butt buddy ... Scott Walker.

Rush now, all too obvioulsy, no longer a Conswervo. But a mainstream GOP hack. Even a MSM hack. You know ... Scott Walker's "someone who can win." What a stinky creep (s'all about the Benjamins now). Hard to believe, I used to send him material (for a short little while anyway). Some of which he would air (at length). Without attribution.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (8:00 a.m.)

Stupid alert ...

Treason, the word, applied to Chucklehead Odorama?
Is a misnomer/misapplication. Bestowing upon King Cockroach, something that he does not possess. Something he doesn't have. Something he never had. Valid, legal, authentic U.S. citizenship (not fake, phony, conferred/fraudulent). Calling him a traitor? Implies he actually is an American. And nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

T'wouldn't it be more apt ... to arrest and prosecute the S.P.O.P. (steamin pile o peeegsheet). Under existing espionage laws, that specifically pertain to foreign agents?

I'm not going to look/check/peek/see .... what the total list, of announced GOP  candidates is (comprised of). Nor, the list of who might (or likely) still enter, hangin in the wings unanounced (call me lazy). I can't support, nor will I, any other candidate, in the c u r r e n t field [if someone put a gun to my head .... maybe ... I could go with Santorum (it would have to be a big gun)]. Cruz. That's it. Period. You can send all the rest'a them nags ... to the glue factory (if I want paste, I know where to look). Ted is no master politician. And has already been caught out, on a couple of occasions. Ooops. But his mind is able, his heart pure. What we see. Is what we get. And he knows who the traitors are. He's seen their faces. Looked into their lying eyes. He even knows where they live.  He's all we've got (and he's carried most all our water, the last two years!). He's our only chance. To save the Country (and I will break your face if you bring that electability meme round h'yar). Y'all want a (modern) comic book superhero? Maybe you can find Caitlyn, on Grinder, and hookup?

Ted needs campaign help, no question. As well the hand of G*d, to see him, and us ... through (and y'all know I've said ... he's currently on vacation). So, we'll all have to settle, for whatever help we can get, even from clowns [like me (so yeah, obviously ... we are in trouble. But then I've told you that before now, haven't I)].

Dear Senator Cruz Sir,
You must announce to one, to all, to anyone. To e v e r y o n e. LOUD, Clear. Plain as day. That you are in the race til the Convention. And nothing, not no one. Will stop you. Though they may try. This is important. People need to know. Without question. With 632 candidates now in the field, the current game is dropout roulette. Tell everyone you ain't playin'. This isn't a game. You will not be stopped. Period (whom so ever shall triumph at Convention's end, who ever that may be?). Did I say this is important? And not for the initial, superficial reason, no. But for another. And milstrat dictates, I not reveal. But please Sir. Just do it.

Thank You.

We'll stick our snout, into da small dookie, some more ... before we get to the big sh*t (Iran).

Scott Walker.

No wallflower, before now. People always keeping him in mind, before the big dance (got here). Now that he (and the dance) have arrived? Well, the suit fits, tie's on right, shoes are shined, hair's trimmed. But sumtin's not quite right? No.  Oh ... there it is ... he smells ... bad. The stench of filth permeates his whole being. His everything. He may be a good governor. A great one. In the pantheon even?

But if I wanted to see someone swinging liplocked ... from Boehner, or McConnel's, or Ryan's dick? I'd say ... you go girl. But I don't. So I won't. So there. End of discussion.


Electable? Why the f*ck would I vote for ANY piece of sh*t .. who throws knives. At MY back? Talk about masochism ... take one for the team?

People. He. ISN'T. On. Our. Team.

He's a bull milker.
That's all.
Don't be deceived.
When we go to the breadin' shed ...
We want the real thing.
Just the way we izz.

Dead Horsies ...

Lu ya Mark. 'Sides ... you're all we've got (even if you ARE the best). But, you're human too (me? Just visiting this planet). You stub your toe, now and again, just like everybody else. And when you do ... our toe screams and shouts in pain (like yesterdee's broadcast ...."only one voted against the Corker bill." Yes. True. But tis misdirection. And of/in poor spirit too).

Five Senators voted against cloture. Cruz among them (filthy vile crap weasels Rubio and Rand, we're nowhere to be seen ... hanging out at the Political Triangulation Cafe they were). The only vote that counted. Whatever the fallout of Cruz's (disappointing) political mistep (apart/away from Sen Cotton) during/at the show vote? But then (as slightly different), AT THE END (!), Cotton voted for TPP, and you deen't toss him on the barbie. No, Sir. Need ta watch where you point that thing (if you could, please).

The Country Sir, doesn't need to be saved.
In the future.
It needs to be saved.
TODAY (but then I'm repeating myself).
And why this whole entire Repub book thing, really really busts my chaps.
So don't take it personal .... umkay.

Meat'n taters ... (Iran)

Didn't get around much'a da interwebs this morn. Made 'bout half my normal stops. So likely I missed a thing or two three four (yeah).

BBC: 'Obama foes condemn Iran nucear deal'

You know .... you can't oppose TREASON, on its "merits." No. You are White. You ain't a young buck (no mo). And you're of the Conswervo persuasion.


A "foe." Not human. To be scorned .... for the duration (of their attention deficit disorders). And well, it isn't a "deal." See .... umm .... the U.S.  gets NOTHING. Nuh .... thing. Zeee row. Nnnada. Bup .. kiss. And the whole world? Gets violently raped ...  in the *ss (that's Obama's thing). It's a deal, only for Obama's deranged pea brain (and of course, the Billion$ in kickbacks). And, all too sadly (beyond any belief), Iran's terrorist infrastructure.


It's of no benefit to anyone else living on this planet. No one. Nobody. No how. No way. No body. Certainly not any sentient human beings (as diff from cockroaches and goatf*ckers).

BBC/ 'Iran nuclear deal: U.S. conservatives condemn deal'

You know .... like uh ... when are we going to kill all them creaky ole white people already? (I bet a couple of em are Jews!).

"The agreement limits Iranian nuclear activity."

Umm no. It doesn't. At all. Period. It not only codifies their bomb. And actually delivers it. To the launch pad.

"Scale back (Iran's) sensitive nuclear activities."

You can say that. You can say anything froogin thing you want (you Brit cats still have freedom of speech). But it's just another lie (upon lie). It does no such thing. At all. Period.

Analcyst/Jeremy Bowen/BBC Middle East "editor"

"The agreement in Vienna removes Iran's nuclear program from the danger zone"

Yo Jerry .... put down the crack pipe. It does no such thing (you butt fookin arse to mouth maggot). B'sides, Iran's program is peaceful (kinda like musical theater ... or lawn bowling). The Reich Ministry's tattoed it inside my brain (so it must be true!). Why then does it need to be removed, from the danger list? (I don't get it).

The Beeb piece (a shite), finishes with (what else ... more shite):

"What do you think about the latest devlopments? Are you from Iran? Email us, include your #, if you are willing to speak to a BBC journalist. Send pic's, vids, tweets, mms to .... "

Over at Breit?

Meathead Marlow's got (yet again) another 'exclusive' (oh boy!). This one .... with (Paulina) Rubio (come on now elmo, be nice to the transgendered .... you you you hypocrite). As the lead (much earlier this morn/don't know bout now?). Ms. Rubio: "Deal creates a more dangerous world" (and that's why you voted to allow cloture!). FOAD, you piece of filth.

Breit x 2

Former IAEA official: 'The fix is in' regards Iran's past nuclear research

Umm ... and that's news?

The fix was in, even b e f o r e the U.N. blueboys were "peacekeeping" in So. Lebanon. Who IN FACT were providing real time intel, of Israeli troop movements. To Hezbollah, during the last tete a tete!

That's all folks [no pic's, no vid's today, sorry (if you saw what equip I use to bang dis sheet out? Would blow yur mind [so consider yourself lucky, ya got one pic, and two vid hyperlinks yesterdee!])].


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