Friday, August 07, 2015

Daddy, read me a bedtime story ... please

Once upon a time, long ago, in a far away land.
Lived the people, of the Document.
They were a free people.
Free to think, to speak, to merely be.
Free to live, and be happy.
To believe in G*d even, if they so chose.

And these people were so proud of their freedom.
They protected it, with their very lives.
And the lives of their sons, the lives of their daughters.
In wars on foreign lands, against those who sought to take it.
They arrested and imprisoned the corrupt, without compunction.
And hung, at the end of a rope, the treasonous, without any regret.

It was called America.
And they called themselves, Americans.

One day, a big, flaming, mooselimb cockroach came.
And ate the Document.
And took away, all the people's freedom.
Took away all their happiness.
The cockroach, why it even defecated upon their G*d.

And with large Channelock pliers, it took the lives, of millions of teeny tiny babies.
Without any remorse, what so ever.
And for mere expeditious convenience, and economy ... it also took the lives of the elderly.
It wantonly murdered white folk, in the streets, of the cities where they lived. For amusement ... for sh*ts'n giggles.

The once proud people, they didn't stop the cockroach.
They didn't do anything.
They didn't do anything at all.
They just blithely rolled over, while
 changing the channel.
On their wall sized 4K Ultra's.

Completely unaware.
That America was no more.
And that they, the people, were now slaves.
To Islam.
And everyone, with carnal knowledge of goats, lived happily ever after.

The End


Look how looooong, it took, lil Chuckey Schumer. To balance/calibrate ... his POLITICAL scale. He, unable. To figure out, up from down, right from wrong. But after a forever, he did manage to account, did manage to realize. What the POLITICAL costs were. To him.

And those costs, were simply too high. And it took him that long, to do the math!

Not how high the price, to this Country. Nor how many Israeli lives, hung in the balance.

What he did figure out, was that he would receive no political benefit. In continuing to keep his moral compass, in its usual resting place (his cloaca). Nothing to gain, for him personally, by s*cking Rouhani's d*ck [why it wouldn't even get him elected dog catcher, in Tehran (go figure)].

He figured out, his re-election required he remove that compass, from his posterior. Just once. And after taking a reading. He was able to establish, which direction the election winds were blowin'. In this case, against the Provisional Treason. And not with his Saviour/Messiah/Amazin' Ozama [though he did call Chucklehead, very first thing. (And promptly got his reward, Barry's d*ck, in his *ss [surprise!])].

Now let's see, what the filthy scumsucking *ssmonkey ... what effort lil Chuckey expends, to actually stop it?

I'll hold my breath.


Apparently, there was some sort of debate (or something), on the tele, last night? Comprised of sixteen Master Debaters (and O N E Leader of Men). On two stages (as it were). With five moderators (think moderate islam). And 632x online snarcasters.

How much to make them all go away?

The Country, she be dying. And the poplulace, they just lie down, and watch ... 16x politicians, pass the lies around (hallelujah ... we're saved!).

Why not just have points, buzzers, and prizes, like an actual TV game show? T'would have more meaning. YES, it would. Than that dreck fest [for anyone unfortunate enough to watch (I don't get paid, so that let me out)]. Though yes, tis possible ... the 632x snarcastic regurgitaters, then might'nt get paid? For their "contribution" (the horror).

Had the ole Beck'str on, for a whole entire sixty seconds, this morn (sssh, don't tell anyone. And yes, it was sixty seconds, and sixty seconds only). Ooond what did I hear Mr. Pop Culture Commenter say about the debate: "did you see that one guy's glaring, shiny bald spot?!" That's why Glenn makes the big bucks ... uh huh!

I'm no longer amused. By any of it. Quite the opposite.
This isn't television, or the internet, or a little bedtime story.

Its' HELL.
It's all too real.
And it's here.

This is the time people.
This is the place.




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