Saturday, August 01, 2015

And so it begins. The ending. The ending has begun.

'EU lifts sanctions on two Iranian oil producers'

The process (to remove sanctions) ....

W A S   B E G U N    I N    M A Y!!!

Daily Caller (via Lucianne)

'W.H. says PP vids are fake' ... were "released in a fraudulent way."

[But of course, Nikoula Nikoula's masterpiece, IS ... in fact, real (though "released" in a fraudulent way [commenter: Chuzzles/Lucianne])].

Well, actually .... they aren't fake. (But) they ARE accurate (commenter: BaseballFan/Lucianne).

CNS (via Lucianne) 'PP prez made 39 visits to W.H.' Since 2009. Even on Inauguration day, '09 (right after the Amazing Ozama, called Abbas).

Conservative Treehouse (via Lucianne) ... evidence that Freddie Gray, tried to injure himself, during previous arrests (SURPRISE!).

And Pollak, at Breit, up to his usual Kumbaya Kwappola, again. Doesn't think Obama, is an anti-semite.

Hey Joel, maybe you can talk Mitt, into running again? Stay away from me, you creep. Hey, I gotta health plan I can sell ya .... $2,500 off!

And I hear, some of Obama's acquaintances, are Jewish (is there an older canard extant? Is there?!). Medved's peddlin' the same shite too. Sell it to someone else, freaks.

Me, I don't own the truth.
Why the f*ck would I try and sell it? (write a book).
I can't give it away (when in possession).
Fast enough.

Citing all the (near infinite) Kapo's, Oabma associates with (swinging liplocked from his deek)? As proof of is Joolove?


(In repetition) Stay the f*ck away from me! .... faaaar away


Sunday, August 2, 2015 (1:00 a.m.)

I never stopped to think, I would die anywhere else, but upon these shores. I mean not ever. How fleeting tis love ... after 239 years, my love. She lay dying, before mine eyes.

Tis quite a rather sophisticated bit of mental illness, masquerading as mere sophistry (Pollak/Medved: Obama isn't an anti-semite). Going to great lengths, trying to prove ... though the oceans contain truly vaaast amounts of water. They aren't actually wet!

The drive by media (do the linky):

Standing in for the DNC/GOP inc./IslamoCommieJunta/Washington Cartel. Grab your babies people, hold them near, hold them dear. Cock'n lock b*tches.

And though Andrew Holland, didn't quite bring it ... all the way home (no). He still (hushed rumours say), is set to receive. Planned Parenthood's highest, most coveted honor: Tissue Provider of the Year! At their upcoming, annual awards gala (yeah ... the youth of today are going to save us. You betcha ... righty'o).


Monday, August 3, 2015 (3:30 a.m.)

Nothing much breaking ...

'New NHS Death Guidelines'

Old: "dehydration was a central mechanism of the deaths."

"End of life care," to intentionally hasten the death/s, of the elderly. Denying even water, to thirsty, elderly patients. Been going on for years. Hospital staff, were directed to identify individuals, who might be "entering the last days of their lives." And then, withdrawing their fluids (either oral or I.V.).

New: protocols largely unchanged

Tele UK

Greece, stock market reopens, after five week closure, down 23%.


U.S., now running air support, in Syria. For ISIS

Debka (via BadBlue)

Iran planning missile tests

(As part of) "a public campaign showing non-compliance with the Vienna Nuclear Accord and U.N. ballistic missile resolution." You know, the accords they signed, a couple days ago.

Pic, of (deranged, trash) white devil. Being moved, from hospital, to jail. Over a week after, chopping off the Missus' head (as well those of the two family dogs). After which, our dear sweet jpeg'r, gouges out his right eye, and then completely chops off, half his right arm. He actually looks to be in pretty good health, yeah ... considering. No need to link article, mention name, or city. The story'll get to you, on its own. You won't even have to lift a finger ... at all.


6:45 a.m.

Flush all the syphilitic scum .... Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Scalise, Scott Walker (flush twice) ...

Washington Examiner

'Boehner's health policy director, is sister of Stem Express founder'

"and (founder) makes a lot of money"

A flyer, for Stem Express: (By selling dead baby parts, to Stem Express) "you will be contributing to the fiscal growth of your own (PP) clinic."

The bitter harvest has begun. Tiny little babies, for American money. Israeli Jews, for Iranian money. Wait until the first Tuesday, in November, 2016? Yeah, go ahead. Sit on your fat arses. And do nothing.

Y'all need to do something. Anything. And you need to do it.


Stand on  a busy street corner, with a sign: Wanted for Treason/Khalid Sheik Obama.

Cement yourself, to the Capitol steps. And you will not budge, one single f*cking millimeter. Until the light returns. Let 'em beat you bloody even.

The only way, we are going to save this Nation.

WITH OUR OWN BLOOD .... just like the Founders.

Get busy trying. Or you're all just busy, helping this Nation a'dying. Give til it hurts. Give. Give now. Give everything you've got. But you do it.


This is it. For everything that ever was. Or ever will be. Make it happen. You must act people. You must. The life of this Great Nation, is in your trembly hands. Do not fail her. I beg you. Do not.

Rise up with a fury. Bring anything you've got. Everything. And everyone ... you know. Storm the gates. Smash them into dust. Stand. Stand tall. Stand in the light. For all to see.

This is our last stand. This isn't a game. This isn't a joke. This isn't a drill.


Now mofo's. Now. NOW!


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