Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TrumpHuckCruz, controlling the conversation. Obama, losing the narrative.

Yeah, Trump's a clown. A showman, nothing more. Larry Harmon, reincarnate (though yeppers, Larry did indeed have much better hair). I don't have to expend a dram of huss, to damn him. Mebbe y'all forgot (?), he has NO understanding, of the First Ammendment. None (Pam, Garland, Texas).

Automagically disqualifying him, from anything other than dog catcher. And his talk, of touching the third rail (fifty states/Indep)? Shows his all too shallow depth. His self love, far far greater ... than Country [N.I.C. Two (Narcissist in Chief, the second)].

That is not to say, there isn't an all too real groundswell. There is. And it now, is everywhere. Yes, it is. Peeps, we already have a clown. A psycho killer clown. We don't need another. Especially one whose politics (and hair), flap in the breeze. If it somehow comes to pass, that he gets the Repub nod? I'll pass on the voting booth. YES I WILL (that is, if I'm still here?). Going from Worse/Worst (Obama), to only just Bad (Trump)? Riiight.

But, that does not mean I've joined the castrati choir!!! (Belleee dat mofo's ... oh yeah).

Jeb (but don't call me Bush), diaper boy Rubio, even Perry. Rubio, trying to jump the oh so low hurdle (Trump). But he ain't anywhere near tall enough. His droopy sagging nappy, gets snagged. His Fox appearance, the crystalline distillation of evil. He, proud. Beaming. Look at me! Me big, BIG U.S. Senator. Hey f*ckface, yeah you .... 'case ya haven't noticed? You're just and only an errand boy, for GOP Inc. A traitor, like the rest of 'em (to your face? Not a problem, creep).

"Diminishes the prestige"?

Are you kidding me. Criminy. Go s*ck Rouhani's d*ck you f*cking freak (oh, that's right, you already have! Voting for cloture, on the Iran/Corker Treason Act). YOU ... you ... little piece of filth, are one of the too many reasons now, the outcome of the 2016 election, is in jeopardy. YOU. Sounding rather indistinguishable, from Dear Leader.

And now YOU are selling slave reparations! Even, peddling "poverty is the cause" (of everything under the sun) as well. How deep. And as we all know, poverty is caused by .... global warming (Dem circular logic). And in turn, ISIS  is our fault (created by our global warming). But, I'll go out on a limb here, and w.o. checking, say it likely. You Senator, have a real, authentic, valid, not fraudulent ... birth certificate (though you most certainly are no longer an American, Sir).


Why even bother. A trainwreck, wrapped around a clusterf*ck. Embarassing to watch (yet another froogin narcissist. A quite rather pompous one).

Any of ya wanna take a shot at Huck?
Huh .... do ya

Try it to my face. I double dawg dare ya (go on, try it. I ain't playin no more). Any of you (and then you can find out. That you'll like me even less, when I'm angry).

Ok, back to the post's title ....

How long, will it last (Obama losing the narrative)? Who can say (we can certainly pray. Yes we can). Trump got the ball rolling. Credit where do. Bringing change, to the media landscape. No longer 24/7 ... the Amazing Ozama! You know, Obama's Irish (can even belt out ... When Irish Eyes Are Smilin', in fine style). Obama, Absolutely the most deserving Nobel winner, evvvah! (Can we give him two?). Obama, walks on water (even in his sleep). Obama, Obama, Obama ....

For a few minutes (anyway), each day. Trump, and Huck, and Cruz, have broken the news cycle. And for those fleeting moments, the IslamoCommieJunta does not control the message (nor the dooflingin' GOP *ssmonkeys). And the Goatfookers, who reside in the White House, are a lil panic'd (as well GOP Inc). We can only hope, they start to make mistakes. And they fail. In surendering our Nation, to the Shii caliphate [even the all the GOP congresscritters/traitoroaches fail (yeah ... I got some "decorum" for you freaks too! Yes I do)].

People, we, the U.S, and NATO, are now slaughtering Kurds. My G*d. Until such time, as King Cockroach is stomped. Flat. Crushed. Into a gooey, little, yellow bug stain on the sidewalk (try for the gutter if you can?). This land, this Nation, this World. Shall remain, Beelezebub's kingdom.

Though I never wore the uniform (like peacetime coward McCain). You cannot stop me. From soldiering. In G*d's Army.

[Did study for the ASVAB (and having spent a pert fair amount of time, in the academic testing biz, was a righteous lock). Once 'pon a time, trying to enlist (warrant officer flight/whirly/five year hitch). But the recruiter, never showed up, at the group test station (all the other diff mil recruiters were there/AF, Navy, etc). I took it as a sign].


[This portion of the post, was in the can, Sunday afternoon. And I'm not going to even try, and integrate it (into this morning's post). And or rewrite it (in order to do so). I'm no martyr. But my health's wavering a bit, and in turn ... energy dissapating, so you will allow/excuse, a spot of poor performance (regards the mechanics of blogging)]

How bizarre, how bizarre ... (OMC)

Haaretz/Landau (viaThe Tower, via Directorblue) [And yeah, Haaretz long a worthless surrender monkey megaphone. To be sure]

A closer, more thorough reading of the Provisional Treason (by Landau), reveals: "Iran may unilaterally withdraw from the agreement and pursue its military nuclear program if the West attempts to impose sanctions due to violations of the deal"

['Xactly what I thought all along, ONLY Israel (and the U.S.), are bound by the terms, of the Provisional Treason (and the Lightbringer, is doing everything cockroachly possible, to criminalize Israel's response. To a treaty, ISRAEL NEVER SIGNED. One which the T.I.C. (traitor in chief), has signed, WITH ISRAEL'S ENEMY)].

And the hundred and fifty billion dollars?
You must be joking [son (that's my Lightnin' Chance impression [gold back stereo/Warner W1444/'62])].
It is all, in its entirety, a sham.
A criminal act of Treason.
The (already flowing) Billions in kickbacks? Just an lil extry bit'a feelgood (for King Pigsh*t and his little pet anal vapor sniffer, Kerry).

In other words, there are no consequences.
Of any kind.
W H A T   S O   E V E R

For Iran lying [lying ... the BEDROCK FOUNDATION of Islam (Taqiya/Hudna)]. Or continuing to build their doomsday machine (like they ever stopped). And that lack of ANY consequence (for their duplicity and lies), is now ENFORCED by Obama, and his U.N. treaty. T R E A T Y.

But of course, it's only a Pwezziduncial Ughreement [so no need for The American public to see it. Let alone vote on it (or even read it)]. Or congress. Or .. even Israel [be given the time of day (hint: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, see clock)]. All get on your knees, and bow ... to Ban Ki-Moon. [Already spendin' summa dat kickback loot (it's hookers and blow at the U.N. ...  happy days are here again [sing it with me])].

It's all bizarre now. Everything.

No consequences, for Iran? No difference, none. 'Tween them, and Chucklehead Odorama. No consequences .... EVER. For his crimes against the citizenry, the nation, the world, his crimes aginst humanity. His crimes against G*d.

Here's where all too many of ya (and you know who you are!), aren't feeling me.

Obama is going to give the Ayatollah, the mullahs, the Iranian Guard generals, and a hundred terror organs. A nuclear arsenal. And one hundred fifty billion dollars.


No (faux) wimpy snivels from Boehner/McConnell/Rubio/Rand/Jeb and a thousand other friggin GOP crap weasels. Are going to stop him (hey, it's just like Solyndra, nothing to worry 'bout. He's just picking winners, that's all). No laws. No words. Are going to deter him. Certainly not the Constitution (or the filthmonkeymedia).

Or of course any libturd inhabitants of Private Idaho [like maggot filth, Kapo Jon Stewart (who just can't get enough slurping, the Lightbringer's magic swizzle stick)]. Or of course, the Fwench Kings/Conswervo Elite's limp wristed demonstration ... of their complete impotence [and criminal laziness (why even a couple of years ago, it seemed like ... they were at least trying? [ed: though yeah, looks like a couple of 'em, actually showed up for work, on Monday! Huzzah ...])].

B'sides, those damn Kikes, they already nuked somebody ... didn't they [you didn't know?! (hey ... I read about it .... on the internets [maybe put your coffee down first?])]


"But the Hebrew state has between 80 and 400 nuclear war-heads, and has already used neutron bombs against civilian populations." [Even a few short weeks ago, in Yemen! ("Facts comprehensively established")].

Barry Soetoro, The Man Who Raped the World (with GOP  supplied Roofies!)

It isn't a deal. Of any kind, known to man (but to Satan). Nor a negotiation. Or even ... surrender [well, V O I D I N G  the award of a $2B civil judgement (lawsuit successfully brought, by victims of Iran terror. Comes close [who froogin made that steamin' pile'o peegsheet G*d? Huh... who? )]. It is, what it is. TREASON. Any one who doesn't vote against? Does not make a life and death effort to stop it? Is equally guilty. Of TREASON. Any one. Every one. The time is now. Take his d*ck, out your *sses already (you f*cking freaks!!!!!).


Destroy America [Check]
Destroy Israel [Ch.....]

And calling it a man? He isn't. He is less than. Just a big, stanknasty cockroach. Vermin. And he isn't even the "first African American President." No. He wasn't born in America [let alone Honolulu (nor is his "father "a U.S. citizen)]. And .... he isn't even African. His genotype is Arabic (it's in his DNA). The ONLY authentic thing about it?

IT IS A FOREIGN BORN MOOSELIMB TRAITOR (the cockroach that raped the world).

And the psychic rape, that the Nation has endured .... for six years. My G*d. All the human energy and resource stolen wholesale ... by that f*cking stanky maggot.

Near TEN YEARS AGO, the world offered Iran, all the enriched uranium. It ever wanted or needed. For free. To power its "peaceful" nuclear power plant. The uranium ... inventoried. Preventing diversion (oops). Ten years later. Look where were at.

(Big Chief) Chucklehead Odorama's in Kenya (with big airplane), lecturing the local illiterate natives. And using BIG  words ..... "corruption." Priceless. If the filthy insect weren't so lethal, it would be funny. Not done wafting his wind in their direction. He uses another word .... "homosexuality." And presumes, to lecture them, on that as well (though obviously, he speaks from experience. On both issues).

I got an OK rekkid collection (with more an a few keepers, yeah ..) , and a rather suave playback system (built near entirely by hand, over a decade) to spin them platters. To offer, as a bet.

Obama will NEVER go to Iran, and lecture them, on treatment of gays.

I guess it all depends ... on how many Billion$, in kickbacks, you've received/or are going to?

(Via Lucianne)
Legal Insurrection: 'German business goals played key role in Iran nuclear deal' ... "German vice-chancellor met with Rouhani (in Tehran)." Immediately after the Iran Treason was signed. And described the visit as "being with old friends."

Put that in your (circa 1938) Meerschaum, and smoke it.

This Country has fallen.
And it can't get up.
Anyone out there (Bueller .... ), got a cure.
For the Obola virus?


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