Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a Traitor in the White House

Yeah, there is.

Just in case ... you been on (say) Pluto. For the last six years?
That would be a real traitor people.
Not fiction.
Not make believe.
Not Hollis Weirdo.


Give me a minute, hold on a sec ... I think I hear Mitt, mumbling something? Is that you Mitt? I can't hear you ... what with my meat, stufffed all the way down your throat (and hey, make some tea for me, while your down there, would ya please).

No scan this morning. Not a single peek. Not even an audio sampling, of the terrestial airwaves (no time this morn, errands in the city). So, I haven't a clue?

In my heart, in my mind's eye, I not only believe the Provisional Treason, a done deal. But done, dunn, dunned. Over. Finis. And King Pigsh*t is no longer concerned, in the least (at all). The outward effort? All just a show. IN ITS ENTIRETY. To make you think, it isn't already fait accompli [just like, exactly like ... the 2012 election (we'll call it [Kill the Kike] Kabuki Theater)].

Front door? Back door? Through the basement window .... no matter.

IRAN'S GETTING THIER OBMABUX (and their nuclear arsenal).

Come Hell, or high water [and cordin' to Jeb, the global warmin' water's are a risin'. And, I hoyd a soytin' blogger yammer (a time two three four), 'bout that Hell place, already being here? (Who ya gunna call)].

All King Pigsh*t, the Lightbringer (from Iran's nuclear attack on Israel), ALL HIS ENERGY. Every single act of his person, every ounce of his towering Joohate. Is now devoted. To elevating Iran, to destroyer of world's.

Every moment, in the deranged IslamoCommieJunta's partisan P O L I T I C A L power arena, secreted inside the White House. Where Adolf Chucklehead Odorama personally meets with every raging anti-semite, known to man [John Stewart (to your face? Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. 'Pon G*d's green earth. While I stand upon it. And I'll keep guard at the pearly gates as well mofo. Yep)]. That is when he isn't hosting them, out in the open. At lavish ramma lamma ding dong dinners (rammadan, for those without a program). At the White House.


Every second now is spent, deciding, figuring out ... what Bibi's going to do. And when. Every single last thing Very Berry Soetoro does. EVERYTHING. Is to try and counter/head off/shut down. Israel. And their efforts to survive. Just to stay alive. In a world gone well and truly mad.


The baby raping moong*d death cult. There's a member, in the Oval Office.


But then I'm repeating myself now ... aren't I. B'sides, Josh Earnest said the Repub's are schtoopit [schtoopit schtoopit schtoopit (so you know it's true)]. Too stupid, in fact. To even figur' out ... global warming. And as we all know (cuz it's tattooed inside our brains). That is settled (science). And so Josh implies ... so is Iran. It's called a tell. A clue. And I just gave it to you.

Everything now, is to try and stop Bibi (every single last thing). From defanging the genocidal maniacs, in Iran (now with a nuclear arsenal).  Rather than stopping, the genocidal maniacs (with the nuclear arsenal).

Quite the opposite, in fact.

He is doing everything he can, to raise them up, to destroyer of world's. And blame, for every bad thing, that will now come down the pike, to accrue, to Israel. Removing a carrier group from the Gulf? Israel will be blamed, when Iran attacks shipping there (and in turn shuts it down). Joosfault, will be the universal chorus, the only song sung. Until Israel is crushed. And Iran, becomes a member, of the world's nations (yeah, wow).

And people will believe, it's those damn Joo's, who are responsible. For the (increased) price. Of gasoline. As if no one has learned, appeasing evil. Will get everyone killed. Everyone. But then, that's Burq Hussein in the membranes's plan (all along).

This isn't a game. And it isn't a joke. It isn't Caitlyn. Nor some freekin' lion. Or someone's football (and the ONLY story there, is don't fart in the Feuhrer's face/the fascist state is here/has arrived). It is for everything that ever was. It is for everything that ever will be.

Lead, follow, or get the f*ck out of my way. I'll not surrender this land. I shall not. I shall raise my hand. Won't you join me. The day has arrived. The time is now.

What did you do in the war Daddy? Huh ... what the f*ck did YOU  do?


Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

This IS a normal post, and will be bumped up/posted, as one. When I can access, my blog's posting page. Won't bother checking, if it's a macro/blogger problem. Or just moi (yes, the NSA REALLY doesn't have anything better, to do).

And so it begins. The ending. The ending has begun.

'EU lifts sanctions on two Iranian oil producers'

The process (to remove sanctions) .... WAS BEGUN IN MAY!!!

Daily Caller (via Lucianne)

'W.H. says PP vids are fake' ... were "released in a fraudulent way."

[But of course, Nikoula Nikoula's masterpiece, IS ... in fact, real (though "released" in a fraudulent way [commenter: Chuzzles/Lucianne])].

Well, actually .... they aren't fake. (But) they ARE accurate (commenter: BaseballFan/Lucianne).

CNS (via Lucianne) 'PP prez made 39 visits to W.H.' Since 2009. Even on Inauguration day, '09 (right after the Amazing Ozama, called Abbas).

Conservative Treehouse (via Lucianne) ... evidence that Freddie Gray, tried to injure himself, during previous arrests (SURPRISE!).

And Pollak, at Breit, up to his usual Kumbaya Kwappola, again. Doesn't think Obama, is an anti-semite.

Hey Joel, maybe you can talk Mitt, into running again? Stay away from me, you creep. (Hey) I gotta health plan I can sell ya .... $2,500 off!

And I hear, some of Obama's acquaintances, are Jewish (is there an older canard extant? Is there?!). Medved's peddlin' the same shite too. Sell it to someone else freaks.

Me, I don't own the truth.
Why the f*ck would I sell it? (write a book).
I can't give it away (when in possession).
Fast enough.

Citing all the (near infinite) Kapo's, Oabma associates with (swinging liplocked from his deek)? As proof of is Joolove?


(In repetition) Stay the f*ck away from me! .... far away

11:36 AM  

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