Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clang goes the Jew bell ... CLANG CLANG goes Obama's death knell


Greed. It's just that simple. Filthy lucre.

Ideology, deranged ... depraved ... no longer is driving, the Provisional Treason. It, no longer fueled by (the) Amazing Ozama's now completely unbridled, unhinged, unmatched Joohate. It's the money (honey). The ten billion dollars, Obama has A L R E A D Y handed over to the genocidal Shii caliphate. OFF THE BOOKS. Like it was his own personal, ceramic porcine mega-coin holder. Which has already flowed, back. Into the pockets of the Washington Cartel. As well Ban Ki-Moon's Champagne cellar. And funded construction, of Berlin's new Satanic Dance Hall .... The MuzzyNice Ministry (were you can go, to s*ck you some mooselimb d*ck).

And I'd bet that same hifi rig (oond a passel'a platters to spin upon), that a good chunk of it. Came back, directly from Iran. Safely secured, inside John Kerry's very own personal, State Dept. diplomatic pouch.

The deal has to go through. It's just easier. Beyond easier. Than giving the money back. It IS that simple. There is nothing that will stop them. They're committed. They aren't going back. They are not. Will not. Will not be fully exposed. And forced, by Iran, to give the kickback money, back (Jack).

Damn the torpedoes, full steam (oven) ahead.

The bells ringin' now. Loud. Proud. Clang clang. Bring out your dead Jews. We've been here before. Somehow, the World managed to triumph over evil. In the middle of the last century. Evil now, has returned.

And is already triumphing.

If you're a Jew. Whatever manner of self applique, descriptor, identity. Depth of faith ..... you now must decide. And you must decide ... T O D A Y. Your place. In what's left of the world? Hostilities will break out, in ever more locales  ('round the world). Large scale open warfare will begin. And soon. All too (one day in particular even). And when it does. Your life will be in jeopardy. Your world will change forever. And making your way, to Israel? Will become, at minimum, extremely difficult [while war rages (stop making sense elmo)].

Hear me. Heed my words. You need to come to grips. With reality. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. Please. History is now repeating. Right before our very eyes. This hour. This minute. This very second. In times normal, a responsible person, might keep any eye towards the future. Yeah, they might. And plan for. These aren't normal times. But plan you must. Yes. For a non-existent future.


Letting go, without question. The hardest decision I've ever had to make. One could bang their head 'gainst the wall. Stomp their feet. Scream. Shout. Flail about. And drang it all out. All to no avail. This sh*t's going down. And it's going down ... now. Who, in their right mind, would want to leave? This glorious kingdom .... scratch .... this once glorious kingdom.

In my heart, in my mind. I've already gone. Well, forced out, more accurate. Of the Land I love, beyond all measure. Beyond any. I haven't made that decision, with finality. Yet. But, I cannot myself, ignore reality much longer. And sadly know, the only thing I can take with me. Is a small box of photos (not even the Lionel). Memories.

Of the way we were.


Been bangin' da keyboard here, ten years now. And, we were here for ourself, only in the sense that letting a lil steam out, a benefit. To self. And exorcism, of bile.

Beyond that, we simply felt compelled. To call the ball. On a pitching, roiling flatop deck. When it appeared, might help a wayward pilot or two. Come home safe. We had no choice (in the matter). We avoided prancin' an puffery, if we could (autobackpats just never seemd to look good on others). Though yes, in context, wasn't beneath me. If the transfer of info was furthered.

I never could be bothered, to monetize the site. Add carpet and window treatments. A wall hanging, an artsy fartsy lamp ... maybe a Corbu recliner. And in turn, spending gobs of time, pimpin' the mofo (like say, Stop the ACLU, waaaay back in the day). For me, kinda just got in the way. Anyway, since the below is in context. We will go 'head, and pimp the lil bit of (elmo) strumpet (we'll call it an inverse trackback):

"A note from a reader stuck a chord with me and I thought I'd pass it along, edited slightly for clarity"

And a fine bit of editing it is indeed.

A lil extry (link), today, from Directorblue:

"Iran’s “stability” in Syria has murdered over 250,000 Syrian Sunnis. The Hiroshima “Little Boy” Uranium Gun-type Nuke killed about 150,000 Japanese, and the Nagasaki “Fat Man” Plutonium Implosion Nuke killed about 40,000 Japanese.  So, Iran has already killed 2 Hiroshima’s worth of Syrian Sunnis or 6 Nagasaki’s worth of Syrian Sunnis.  So, the 150 Billion Dollars Obama is giving Iran is actually a weapon of mass destruction in (and of) itself."

"Obama’s statement that Iran had enough enriched Uranium for 10 nukes, but it will be cut down under the supposed deal.  When exactly did Iran enrich 10 nukes worth of Uranium?  Iran enriched the uranium solely in the last 6 years because the CIA’s published declassified number had virtually zero enriched Uranium when Obama became President."

And this morn, Breit has:

"Iran behind Tuesday's bombing of girl's school in Bahrain"

Cuz ya know, nothin sez stability, moderation, and trust. Like slaughtering little girls. Nope.

And also Breit (via Lucianne):

"Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell said she had not viewed any of the videos regarding Planned Parenthood’s involvement in harvesting the body parts of aborted babies for sale, and that her office would not be conducting an investigation into the practices of the nation’s largest abortion provider"

The future's so bright. I need welding goggles.


Thursday, July 30, 2015 (3:30 a.m.)

[Up on me high horse (as usual)] ....

What too many don't know/understand/see?

Is the level of Jew hatred, in Iran. Decade. After decade. Of inculcation. (Now) century after century. Cradle to grave, indoctrination. Baby to bald, all every single last tiny tot is E V E R taught.


Cartoons, televison. radio, magzines, newspapers. It is the air that they breathe. In out. Over, and over again. Day in. Day out. Year in, year out.


And, comensurate with the level of hate?
Are the numbers.
Of the humanoid inhabitants, of Iran.
Millions. And millions. And millions.
Who bear the mark.
Of having successfully passed the State's manhood test (for complete, total brain wiping).
The mark can be seen.
In their eyes.

Their eyes.
They never lie.
Kill the Jew.
Kill the Jew.
Kill the Jew.

I have seen these eyes. Yes, I have. You do not want to.
Anyone, who is in support of the Provisonal Treason? IS OUT OF THIER F*CKING MINDS. Just like, exactly like ... the Shii goatfroogers, in Iran [with but a single thought (as it were)].

All too sadly now, there will be blood. Lots of it. So much blood.

Peretz/the Tower (via Directorblue)

In article (Bloomberg): "If the Iranians don't want nukes, ever (as per their claim, it's un-Islamic). Why then, did they insist on a sunset clause, in the treaty?" (loosely quoted).

AP (via Lucianne) .... Moscow on the Pacific

L.A. Superior judge issues restraining order, against Center for Medical Progress. Prohibiting the release of any Planned Parenthood videos.

It gets more perverted. More bizarre. More unbelievable.
And with each passing moment, we become ... less.


7:30 a.m.

Break it down for us elmo ....

Tell us, what it all means?

It is a (quicker than) bum rush, a (faster than) mad dash. A pell mell, helter skelter global putsch. THAT is what it is.

To neuter the U.S. To hogtie Israel. To destroy ... the Western World.

In one fell swoop.

Obama's, the Ayatollah's, the Chinese, the Russky's, and the U.N.'s .... wettest dream (ever). And, they're in (deep) R.E.M. (sleep) now.

Longer term?

China, and Russia, will take all the Iranian oil, they can get (even Japan, and India). While they can get it. Until such time, as it is no longer convenient. That is, until Iran's nukes, become a threat, to them (China, and Russia). Whence they, will have no compunction. Nor regret. None. At turning every single last sq. inch of Iran. Into a molten glass lake.

Evil is here. And it is here now. Until you've personally experienced, in the atomic. The bathyscaph depth of Islamic hatred.

Actually looked it, in the eye?

You simply cannot comprehend, what is in play. By giving the Shii caliphate a nuclear arsenal. And a beyond massive (brand spanking new) conventional arsenal (acquired in rapid order, with Obama's gift, of $150 billion). No. You. Cannot.


This isn't a little thing. A temporary thing. Or something that will pass. It is a battle. For everything that ever was. Or ever will be.

The surrender. The Provisional Treason. Now near complete. Witness Gertz/WashTimes (with the usual stealth popup ad crappola click through):

'Stratcom backs Iran deal'

(Bonafide) four star (fruitloop), Admiral Haney, of the U.S. Strategic Command: "work towards a world free of nuclear weapons." Which y'all (should) know, is merely code. For raping and murdering. Jews. En masse.

The deal, which isn't (a deal). Which is actually a treaty (of surrender). Has more holes in it, than a donut shop. Iran, can withdraw from it, at ... oh ... just about any time they so choose. Even days after, gettin' all the moulah. Even minutes. For the flimsiest of reasons (outlined in the Provisional Treason). You know, things like ... they looked at me funny [that kind of sh*t (really)]. Go on, look it up ... "Paragraph 36."  You'll find it over at the Hill, penned by Alterman (courtesy of course, Directorblue).

STORM THE F*CKING GATES NOW (I did say now, didn't I?)

Or forever it shall all be lost. To a bunch of goatf*ckers !!!!!!

Are you people even awake.

[And yeah, give me a special prize. I didn't mention the you know what (bwaha to taste). B'sides, tis obvious now, doesn't do any good. Just have to deal with it (for a couple more months, I guess? That is ... if the world's still here].


11:30 a.m.


'Navy Admiral confirms US pulling aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf this fall'

Tell everyne you stupid f*ck. THIS IS A GLOBAL MESSAGE PEOPLE. Intentional. On purpose. Both the carrier removal, and the anouncement. There will be no carrier stationed in the Gulf, for the first time in eight years. But hey, it'll only be for two months. King Pigsh*t's pulling out ALL the stops now. Great war, staggering global conflict. IS NOW A GUARANTEE. An absolute. And it won't like the last lil vid slapdowns. This will be like nothing the world has ever seen before.

But hey, how bout that lion. Huh? And hey, how bout what everyone is saying, about that lion? And hey, how bout what else everyone is saying, about those who are talking about, that lion ... f*ck me.


'Cruz slams Romney, Bush over Iran: GOP too scared to speak truth'

Ted, firing on all twelve cylinders now. Gloriously fearless. There is no other candidate. I will not even go to the poll. If his name is not on the ballot. Not even joking. At all. Period. I'm through with all the crap weasels. And all the corruption and lies. And treason.

 However, we've got fifteen months to go (my G*d).

I'm afraid, the Country really really might not make it. Every week, will be a new black victim, of crazed killer whitey (created out of whole cloth). Every week, the electronic molotov's will be furiously thrown. Every week the fires will be stoked. Every week, some cucksocking GOPiece'a filth, will slime Senator Ted Cruz.

Every week .... (add your own here)

Fifteen months people. Keep dreaming. Gauzily, about the election. Then you won't even notice. It, the Country, is already gone.


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