Wednesday, August 05, 2015

'Tween here and Alpha Centauri

WTF is wrong with you people ... ? Cecil and his bro, up on Matthilda Drewge's site, for days (on end). As if Cecil, was the center/L*rd and Master ... of the whole freakin' Universe [criminy (do your freakin' job, you fookin' lazy *ssmonkey)].

The Dentist's life, over. He now, the hunted. His home address, plastered. On every last single digital signpost. 'Tween here and Alpha Centauri. A lion. One. Lion. And the whole entire world shudders ... to a stop.

And Chuck Schumer? The scum, the cockroach, the vermin? It seeks to destroy


Everyone ... every last soul.

Where are the 1,000's of people, lined up around the block. On the street where lil Chuckie hovels ... huh? Clamoring for its yellah bug guts? In front of its vermin nest? Why isn't it's likeness, its address, its crimes .... plastered on every digital signpost 'tween here and Alpha Centauri? WTF is wrong with you people?

The steaming pile of Kapo excrement, shouldn't be able to go buy itself a stick of gum. It should be hounded, to the gates of hell. And kept there at bay, throughout eternity.

Its image, its likeness, posted on the street, where its stench is found. Where it hides at night. Posted for its neighbors to see. For its offspring to see. And its grandchildren. Its kitty, puppy, parakeet should know, what evil most foul ... lurks in their very presence.

They all should know. Should see. Should feel the wrath (that their patron) vermin engenders. Everyone of them. See, what the world sees. Know, why the sentient world trembles in fear. At what their dear scum gramps, is about to unleash, upon us all, everyone. Let it pack its bags, and move, to South America. And join its fellow brethren Nazi architects.

Let it all out
Do not back down

What the fook are you still doing here?
What the fook are you waiting for?
Get busy ... now mofo's!!!



Addendum, yesterday's post, re: one eyed/armed head chopper off'r. Forgot to say: damn guns! And ... chopping off the heads, of the family dogs? Ummm .... "They were looking at me funny!" (?). Yeah, if I were Fido, and you just chopped off the Missus' head .... I'd look at you funny too.

As diff ...

Planned Parenthood
State Dept/Shii caliphate


Just for starters!

More diff ...

King Pigsh*t, now running sorties in Syria? Ain't about Assad, or supporting 'the rebels' (who ever the f*ck they are?!). Or even which day of the week it is [heads, we bomb ISIS, tails ... we bomb Assad (but today is Wednesday King Hussein. On Wednesday, we slaughter Kurds!).

I told you (YES I did). Chucklehead Odorama's pulling out ALL the stops now. Throwing E V E R Y T H I N G  he can. At Israel [yesterday ... Mondoweiss!!! (Helloooooo Joel, welcome to the real world ... bozo)]. And now, Hussein, his very self ... is in control of Syrian airspace. Get my drift? Duzz I need to paint ya a picture? Huh ... do I?

Peeps, in case you haven't figured it out yet? We don't just/only need to flush GOP Inc., down the toilet (all the way). No. We need new media L E A D E R S H I P as well. Desperately. The ones we got, just ain't gettin it. Lacking in vision, eyesight, mindsight. Even the required, standard American work ethic. They're not doing their jobs. No they're not. Failing us. Failing this Nation.

Even more diff...

'Obama plan gives hope for Paris deal'

Some envirowhacko get together, in Paris, in December. To jam a


Down our throats (another/again). You been warned (yes, you have).

More, more diff ... (via Lucianne)

'Thousands of California convicts regain voting rights'

Well shoot, why not, King Pigsh*t's giving felons free gender re-assignment, and college educations too! This insanity ... it never ends.

People, our Country is dying. YOU need to get busy. We can't wait, on the L*rd. NO WE CANNOT. We don't have time. We don't have months. We don't have weeks. It's mere days, before King Pigsh*t funds the global terrorist Shii caliphate, with a hundred fifty billion dollars. And an entire nuclear arsenal. We have to take matters, into our own hands. We need raise them. And bring down the thunder. And we need do it.


Get busy tryin' mofo's. Or this Nation, and we all, will most certainly be a'dyin'.

Whatever you got? Whatever that may be. But you bring it. And you bring it N O W!


9:30 a.m.

Breaking ...

Choudray, now in jail. Incitement of terror. That just leaves Obama ... mudderhubbards!!!


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