Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bin Laden got a better funeral than this

How pathetic. How disgusting. How sad. Obama's butt buddy ... Osama, got a better final send off. Than Lady Liberty.

This is it?

The big push, the big effort ... to stop the Provisional Treason ... call your Congressman (I guess that's kinda like double secret probation ... aye). Why the fook would G*d help us, if this is all we're doing, to save ourselves?

It's over. It really is.

Now, just (the most absurd) basso profundo failure theater. This is truly some mighty evil sh*t. And here's the best part ....


Too many, don't even have a clue. Not a one. We simply do not have the leaders. We don't have the soldiers. We don't have the heart, soul, or spirit. To save the Greatest Gift Ever Known. We don't even have the spit (other than Khameini's, in our faces).

What we do have?

Is great grand delusion. A ship of fools (fooling only themselves). Oh, and we've got books ... lots and lots of f*cking books. Ooond we got debates too ... lots and lots of debates, yeppers (in two tiers even/OMG!). We got us some prime riverfront property, in Egypt, on the river denial.

We have tons of puffery, big healthy heapings of ego. Some juvenile obfuscation and misdirection. Which flows directly from some disappointing, and quite rather disturbing willful obtusion.

In other words ... we've got sh*t. One big ginormous bucket ... of sh*t.

They're burning the midnight oil in Tehran now baby. Oh yeah ... skeer'd lil bunnies. So scared, of the big chief negotiator, the Amazing Ozama (and having to  comply with the treaty oh so tough). That they're decontaminating Parchin, right out in the open. In the light of day. For everyone (with eyes unplucked by Planned Parenthood), to see.

Chucklehead Odorama: "Can't hide it (weapons grade/highly enriched uranium) in a closet." Why the fook would they bother? There's no need, what so ever!!!

Khameini's now king of the world. And in honor of his ascendancy, to the throne. We're sending along $150B, for his coronation. AND ... an arsenal of nuclear bombs (just for sh*ts and giggles). It isn't funny. And I'm not laughing anymore. No one is filled with a terrible resolve. Just a resolution, to sell more books.

Bin Laden got a better funeral than this.

And it's only a matter of time, before the row upon row, of white stone. In fields, upon bluffs, above beaches. In the West of France. Are torn asunder. This desecration, it is only just beginning.

In minutes.

Not days, or weeks, or hours. In minutes. The Gates of Hell will swing wide open. And guess what. It'll take more than a phone (call), or a pen(ned book). To close them. At minimum, it will take courage. But there simply isn't enough, to go around, anymore.

What we do have. Is the end. Of a 239 year miracle. That was a glory to see. To know. To touch. And now, an emptiness beyond measure. It was something L*rd. It really really was.

I pray, I did enough to help save her. I pray, I'm not haunted the rest of my days. By the ghost of Lady Liberty. For not doing enough. And I tremble. I tremble mightily in fear. For a future darker than this world has ever known.

You ... you pray. You pray like nobody's business. Like never before. And you pray, you pray I'm wrong.


11:00 a.m.

Via Zip (via DirectorBlue), commenter TrampledUpon (do the linky)

And Colonel West (also via Director), gots the goods. On scumsucking filthmonkey J.F. Kerry. Whuddya know, Kerry's daughter, is married, to the son of a MAJOR DOMO  in the Iranian Genocide Machine. And papa freak, was best man, at their wedding! It's beyond evil people. It's beyond anything I've ever seen.


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