Monday, August 10, 2015

Unless we stop King Pigsh*t NOW, Iran is getting their NUCLEAR BOMB

I did say a nuclear bomb didn't I? [Words have no meaning these days. Doublespeak? A pair of mini bluetooth speakers (ya dingaling)]. And well, it is an entire arsenal. With launch and delivery systems ... g l o b a l delivery systems [With apologies ... long post ... so many thoughts ... so little time (really long [you get what you pay for])].

As I said before, there is no point in listening/responding, to the vile odors, the huge stench cloud ... escaping out, the giant cockroach's gaping maw. Dookie smells. Yeah it does. Sh*t, filth, excrement .... it's 99% of what Buraq Hussein, is (the rest, the one percent? Is the bag). It isn't human. It isn't a man. So stop pretending it is. Stop acting like it is. Stop treating it like one. You f*cking cowards (who ignored the Birth Certificate)!

Stomp the f*cking thing. It's a bug. Stomp the F*cking thing now. Just stomp it already. Anyone gets in your way? Stomp them too (got boots?).

Don't settle for half measures ... half stomped. Or stomping only half the insects. Stomp them all. THEE most dangerous? Scott Walker (without question). Who has been groomed solely, the last few years, to stab us, in the back [that would be you, and me (for those taking notes)]. By stabbing Ted Cruz, in the back.


It isn't his prime directive, no. It is his only directive ... Kill Cruz. And in turn, kill America. Kill the world.
Stomp the filthmonkey, Walker. Then hawk up an oyster, turn to the side, demonstrably expectorate, and say NEXT!

Stomp filthmonkey Jeb (but ya duzzn't hafta call me Boosh). The rest? If they don't figure things out ... SOON. If they're unable to finally open their eyes, and see. That they're simply in the way, our way, your way, America's way, G*d's way. Stomp them too (at G*dspeed). NO matter the standard they bear (or pretend to/hide behind).

They should have figured things out, BEFORE they got in the way. I don't care how nice a guy/girl they are. Really (I don't). Or what their barber/car mechanic/pet groomer/deli server/barista say/think. I could give a flying leap (did someone say donuts?). They're in the way (no matter how big/welcoming their smile?). In the way, of saving this Nation. Just in the way. With nothing to say (though that doesn't stop them, from saying it). OK, so back to the dookie smell, that comes out King Pigsh*t's piehole [that I told you to ignore, more than once (... even six paragraphs ago)]

AP/Darlene Superville/Oak Bluff, Mass. (Sunday)

'Obama sees chance for improved relations between US, Iran'

With attendant ... Neener Neener/Go F*ck Ya'selves pic (that is everyone of ya ... who isn't already swingin' super glued/liplocked from me deek). King Pigsh*t smiling, waving, sitting in a golf cart, while zipping around the (beyond richie rich) golf course.

[Do you wanna know why Commandant Sitzpinkler, Chucklehead Odorama, the Amazin' Ozama, Goat F*cker Supreme ... plays so much golf ... huh, do ya? I'll tell ya ...

That is where, the New Final Solution is shared. Where the plans are made. The attack plans. On this Nation's citizenry. 'Pon the Country. 'Pon Israel. Upon the entire Western World. Upon everyone, who doesn't have carnal knowledge of sweet sweet goats. Where the plans are exchanged/compared/cheered/applauded (maybe we can do better than Hitler, maybe we can improve? Maybe ... this time, we can actually finish the job, once and for all. Yeah baby .... we're cookin' with [Zyklon B] gas now!).

The plans, the actual blueprints ... for laying the train tracks ... for constructing the showers ... for building the ovens. For the destruction of G*d's green earth. In s e c r e t. IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE. Yeah, it is.]

In AP propaganda [and I'll say it again/in repetition .... F*ck Fox, all the way up, with a red hot poker. Now/continuing, to run large quantities, of AP sh*te, upon their (Fox's) website (with mild edit only, and that edit ... merely/only to obfuscate original source). Fox, now infected. Completely. Totally] .... ok, so back to the AP:

"having begun conversations around this narrow issue"

You know, the countless American lives, that will be slaughtered. In the towns and cities where they live. By Iranian sleeper cells, crawling/slithering up from South America [well, some of 'em will be traveling in comfort/style, in boutique/designer submarines (you can really buy a lot, with ONE HUNDRED FIFTY BILLION DOLLARS cold hard cash money [yes, you can])].

Yeah, maybe ... millions of human lives (that would be American lives). An arsenal of nuclear bombs, and the very survival/existence of the State of Israel as well ..... is a "narrow issue". But Goat F*cker Supreme, ain't done (no).

He goes on (ready for this?) ... 'bout how it (the Provisional Treason) will save .... Syria! And that ("saving" Syria), and "improved relations" with Iran, are the larger issue/s (well, the only issue actually).

You can't make this sh*t up ... too bizare. It isn't even possible (go ahead ... go on, take the brown acid. And then get back to me ...). The Americans, upon American soil, who are going to be fed into the global Shii woodchipper? You must be joking (son). And Israel? Doesn't even exist (just like all those U.N. maps!). Never even enters, into the conversation (with Obie d*cksucker, CNN's Fareed Zakata Gonorrhea).

Fried Gonorrhea asks, during interview (between d*ckslurps/coming up for air). If he ... King Pigsh*t, would use force, to prevent Iran, from getting a nuclear bomb ... if the deal fails?

[Largest strawman EVER assembled (forget the northern Nevada desert, in September, yep). They already have enough, highly enriched uranium, for TEN bombs (and the centrifuges keep spinning, are spinning ... now. And they keep adding more, and more centrifuges [and ever more secret underground facilities, to house them]. Newer, more advanced ... faster, more efficient centrifuges [ALL in violation of sanctions]).

They have already developed nuclear triggers (nuclear weapons are just so unIslamic. We would never even think of developing, let alone building them [use them? We don't have any!]). And they now have THREE entire boatloads of Nork ICBM's/global delivery systems (that UDSFL [utterly deranged supreme f*cking leader] just let slip through ... knowingly/intentionally ... sanctions? What fookin' sanctions ... we doan need no stinkin' sanctions)].

"I'm not going to anticipate failure" (in answer to Fried Gonorrhea)

And there you have it. The affirmative response .... NO.

(Unless we stop King Pigsh*t now) IRAN IS GETTING THEIR BOMB

Two months. That is all the time they need. Just, and only. To finish assembling, and complete. Their doomsday machine [though they may already have a working device, yes. The two months, may only just be for fitment/deployment (getting it on the pad)?]. We don't have time ... for anything else. We don't have any time. Any at all. Neither for televised "debates," nor even (election) campaigns. No we do not. Let alone these endless giant circle jerks/circular firing squads (Trump/Megyn/Carly/Erickson/Jeb/Rubio/Fox/ad infintum). The Country, and the World whole, are being destroyed. This minute, this second. Right before our very eyes.

And we certainly don't have ANY time, for ANY of you, chasing one more freakin' feather on a string? Trump, the debate ... who said what (ever), about what (ever) ... is coming out which (ever) orifice? Yeah, cuz THAT is so dang Presidential (now isn't it). It's like Steve Martin/Jerk, discovering what his special purpose is for [Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump (can I at least do it til I'm blind?)].

[I'm going to get angry. If I see such, anymore. And you won't like me, when I'm angry (ok, you'll like me even less). Call me a different breed of cat .... one who takes the loss, of The Greatest Gift Ever Known, personal].

"Dual Loyalty"

It's like our clueless protagonist, in the 'Truman Show' (it's cinematic reference day). When finally, he senses, somethin's not quite right. And he exclaims, in questioning desperation (to the Missus): "who are you talking to?!"

Who is Utterly Deranged Supreme F*cking Leader talking to? When he says: "dual loyalty"? He isn't talking to us. To you. To me. Nor even to America. Three hundred plus million people. Three hundred million human beings. Three hundred million Americans.

He is only talking to, his Tweetidiot Army. No one else. They're the only ones. The only ones who can't smell the sulfur. Can't smell the pure, unbridled, unhinged Joohate.

Dual loyalty my freekin' hairy arse. How stupid .... how f*cking stupid do you have to be? Really. King Pigsh*t's ONLY loyalty, is to the mooselimb caliphate!!!


No one or nothing else. His Tweetidiot Army? His loyalty to them, only extends as far as his pecker. Long as they continue to swing from it. He'll let them continue to s*ck it.

Look at lil Chuck Schumer, aye. Took his lips, off Barry's d*ck, for one minute ... a whole sixty seconds. Now, he won't be able to even get a job, testing the new showers, that Barry's building [OK, he (Barry) did build something (I cannot tell a lie). And a pert good fair chunk, of the caliphate too, for that matter. Yes].


(Back so soon?)

Losing in 2016

Where I go on, about the upcoming election [the one I just told you to ignore. The one (well specifically ... its attendant campaign) we don't have time for].

Would seem like a lock, to win (in 2016). Now wouldn't it. But the process is now so completely corrupted. Spiritually. Criminally. It resembles nothing any of us have ever seen. What with the media, the IslamoCommieJunta (yeah, they are the same thing), the GOPieces of filth. T'would be a miracle indeed, if Ted gets the nod. And in turn wins.

In a linear, sensible world, would seem utterly preposterous ... that he wouldn't (win). But we, we all ... now ... know better (and if you don't? Then just get the f*ck off my site). The forces aligned against Senator Cruz, against us, against (retrieving from the sewer) the Constitution. Against Country. Against G*d. Are great. Are staggering.

The totality of fraud, collusion, criminality, and treason. Overwhelming. No, I'm not saying don't hope, don't pray, or don't try. No (I'm not). Just seems like everyone is waiting. Waiting. For more "debates" (you know ... "it's early in the process"). Waiting for the straw polls. Then waiting ... for the primaries. Waiting ... for an election.


2012 was.
Make NO mistake.

Me, no conspiracy theorist (and I don't even waste the spit upon 'em). Does not mean, they aren't actually conspiring. As we speak (or rather, as we chase feathers on strings). Haven't ... already conspired.

I just want to prepare you good, kind decent folk. My Fellow Americans. For the very real possibility. That we are going to get raped, in the *ss. Again (reality, you all remember that don't you?). The possibility, that we're merely tilting at windmills. On the air, unaware. Deluded, by that little spark of hope (that salvation approaches). And that we're going to make it ... home.

Sure, it is possible, yes (or I, and You, wouldn't be in this same exact, virtual space ... at the same time. Now would we). But no one of right mind, would believe ANY of this sh*t. Any of it at all. Even two years ago? The chance/possibility that we're now being righteously played. Is all too real.

No one would have thought any of this destruction possible. No one would have thought, they would succeed at it. But they have. Yes, they really have. And look at all the help, they've had, in doing so (there aren't enough ropes).

Anything CAN happen, in the next fifteen months. Yes. But someone alive, someone awake, someone breathing. Wouldn't be optimistic. THAT WOULD BE DELUSIONAL. I don't have to be a great gray sage, to know/say/predict things are only going to get worse. It is self evident. And why it's sheer idiocy, to wait, and think it will.

Look at how feverish, the Trump feeding frenzy be (continuing unabated AS WE SPEAK). Everyone (and their brother), going for the jugular. And I'm not talking virtually! Yeah, politics is a dirty biz. Quite so. Rather filthy even [summa them Conswervo's do stink ... bad (and yeah ... rather disheartening that be)].

But we're not playing politics. We'll leave that, to the filth ... that like to roll in it [think denim rag, intaglio inked ... with images of dead Presidents ... they all know who they are. And some of you, are starting to notice the smell too (goodonya)]. In fact, we ain't playin' at all.

This is war. Great, horrific, murderous, deadly ... war. War. For everything that ever was. Or ever will be. And it HAS ALREADY STARTED.

Around the world. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS are already dead (that would be dee, ee, aye, dee. Dead). Killed. In just the last few years alone. Slaughtered. Vaporized. Sent to Gehenna. HUNDREDS EVERYDAY NOW ... Fed into Moe, Ham, and Ed's ginormous/planet sized woodchipper [Jon Stewart didn't tell you? And you didn't read about it in your Twitter/Facebook feed? Wow ... hmmm ... mebbe you need to clear your cache ..... from your __________ [insert body part/organ of your choice here (Helloooooo Carly!)].

They will stop at nothing.
Nothing will stop them.
Except defeat, in battle, in war.
Annihilation. Obliteration.

Don't wate the time, or breath. In discussions ... with individuals who say/think otherwise (well, if you're a masochist, who am I to piddle on your parade). That's reality people. 2015. The world knocked completely off its axis, by the AXIS! (Funny how two of those countries ... are the same, now. Not).

It's what the GOPieces of filth, are doing now, to Ted Cruz. With words. Even deeds.

Anyone tells you to hush up? To tone it down. Tells you to compromise your principles, ignore your intellect, step/walk around ... facts on the ground (you know ... for "someone who can win"). In order to win. Say like ... for that full fledged member, of the Washington Cartel, Scott Walker?

Practice in the mirror (no, seriously). As politely, sweetly, gentlemanly. As suave, charming, and smilingly as you can. Calmly, relaxed, quietly, in warm soothing tones. Practice, just like you're talking to a little old lady.

And say: Go f*ck yourself ... I hope someone runs over your puppy.

Then, walk away. Leave. Disengage. Vamanos. No turning back, no second looks. Roll with GOPigs, you will get slopped. Stay away from them. Far away. Leave them, to their own criminally corrupt devices. We've got a world to save. We don't have time (kind of a theme round here).

Do not be consumed by hate. Nor let it consume you (we don't have the time). We need able bodied individuals. Functional. Anger? Well, at least try to moderate it (got beer). Go for a walk. Take a break, driver 8. But certainly, do not sublimate it. It is yours. It is mine. And we are righteously entitled to it (and we ain't greedy. We'll share. Whenever they want it? We most certainly will give it to them. Uh huh).

I don't know, how this will all play out. What our exact chances are. Sometimes, I can see the future. Often even. But this here? This war ... this war IS real. Real people are dying [they're not even a statistic, to our exalted messiah ... The One ... Goat F*cker Supreme. They don't even exist, on any event horizon. At all. You know ... it/them/all of it ... is "fake". Exactly like the hundred thousand dead babies, hanging in the storefront window, at (Planned Parenthood). Every year. Year after year.  He knows that's fake, because it's all just ... tissue (pair of mini bluetooth speakers)].

We have time to gather our fitments. Grab up our pikes .... and strap on our shields. And march to the gates. That's it. Whence we smash them gates ... into dust. We are building a new Kingdom. That's what we have time for.

Time will reveal, where we finally arrive? Heaven, or Hell. Fear not hell. For we won't get to Heaven. If we don't give them Hell. We have time for nothing else. Nothing. It isn't in G*d's hands. No. It's in ours. This is it ... Armageddon's here.




Repeat ...


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