Sunday, August 09, 2015

Tweeting the Reaper

The wheels are coming off this wagon people. Sorry to say ... all too. It's really happening. It really (really) is. The crux of the matter ... is pert fairly simple. People don't know, don't understand, the (beyond) extreme level of malevolency present, in the (vaaast empty void) of the minds, of the bestial libturd nation. And their dear, sainted, UTTERLY DERANGED Supreme F*cking Leader.

Part and parcel of this blindness, are the masks they employ. Their nonchalance hiding ... PURE F*CKING EVIL. It is in their DNA. No matter the type of mask employed ... the smiling face (or the soothing tone). No matter their own denial [sociopaths/psychopaths do that (surprise!)]. Sometimes though, the mask comes/slips off. And the pure seething hatred, is before your very eyes.

DO pay attention, to the actual weather, please. At any of these (preplanned/prepackaged/stocked/ready to go) flash points ... think Hot August Night:

'Bernie Sanders forced off Seattle Stage by Black Lives Matter'

"As Sanders was speaking, two women surrounded his podium and said they would shut the event down if they were not allowed to speak. When an attempt was made to ask the women to 'be reasonable', they began shouting. Soon, avowed socialist Sanders was forced to leave the stage"

(In same Breit article/excising Seattle Times)

"Some in the mostly white audience booed and hissed as they urged protesters to let the senator talk. A few yelled for police to make arrests. One activist on stage replied the Seattle crowd was proving they were 'white supremacist liberals'.

After denouncing the crowd, the activists demanded 4 ½ minutes of silence in memory of Michael Brown, the black man shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri a year ago."

You ran.
We all ... us Reich Ministers ran.
From Iran.


To re-ignite the race riot meme: OMG! ... Whitey ... run away!! (Fascist) "Leadership" ...  via endless media manipulation, lies, and overt/unclothed/naked propaganda ...

Tweeting the Reaper ... as it were.

Killing people. Cold Blooded Murder. Slaughter ... for mere distraction. From the Provisional Treason (you remember that dontcha?). And the Black Lives Matter/brown shirt brigade, merely the dribble ... down Soros' pant leg. And tis ALL intertwined with FreePalestine.

"The one year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown."

Is there one MSM platform, that ISN'T promoting King Pigsh*t and ValJar's latest awful offal? One? (Bueller ...).

And, as predicted, yesterday's stabbing spree, in Long Beach. ALL local outlets completely avoided mention, of race. So, didn't take much, to enter (name) Derrick Lee Hunt, in Bing image search. And true to form, 'bout the only reporting we're now getting is "saint/wouldn't hurt a fly/sense of humor/just saw him today/outgoing/good father/good uncle/completely out of character/they didn't have to kill him" (ad infinitum).

I don't know what IS in character, for someone who just got out of prison, TWO WEEKS AGO [though violence/rage might'nt be out ... of character, no (but then, maybe that's just me)]. Why was he released? Who released him (Obama? Jerry Brown?). That might be the story here  ... aye. Cuz as we all know, all the wrong people, are currently incarcerated. And how do I know this? King Pigsh*t told me so!

The current "reporting," on events in Arlington Texas, at a car (driven through window of) dealership, should confirm the premise, of this h'yar blog post. "Unarmed black man" ... killed by white cops. You know ... with "racial overtones" (original title, of this post, was: Cock'n Lock B*tches).

"On the one year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown." Nobody killed Michael Brown, let alone a white cop. Truth be told, t'was merely DBC. Nothing more. (Big) Lil Mikey said ... foogit ... don't care no mo (though I'm pretty sure, that is also ... whitey's fault).

If it weren't just so f*cking evil, might be a fun game to play. Find the truth. In any given singular MSM product on display (at the moment). If you can?!

(Also Breit/vid capsule)

'Melissa Harris-Perry: The fact that we can't talk about menstruation worries me'

I didn't have the heart, to read the story/do the vid. Cuz ya know, that worries me too ... really really worries me (somebody please hold me). Mebbe, I should go over to the Blaze, and see how Glenn's holding up? [I'm confident he at least sent her a box of chocolates and a card (bet you think I'm joking)].

BBC x2

Aussie's considering ban on ... Vegemite!

(Yeast based product) "bought in bulk to make moonshine, sometimes brewed in bath tubs." [I got a feeling, this'll be a growing trend .... in Venezuela :-)  ].

And of course ...

"U.S. unemployment at 7 year low" [and the moon is made of cheese (or mebbe ... they just been hittin' [a fresh batch of] the Vegemite sauce)]. Kinda reminds me the ole joke ... how ya make me deek a foot long? Fold it in half.

Was going through past posts (say four years ago), looking for the one, where I slimed that Conswervo Icon, Eric Erickson [oond I took Megyn to the woodshed, just/only a coupla months back too (ain't you spayshul!)]. And couldn't find it! [ed: found it, (among posts for Sept '11). No context, but I believe it was seeing him on the tube (CNN?), in the afternoon. Espousing a 180 degree polar position, than one he had already staked out, online, earlier in the day. And it obvious, was a real failure of character. Driven by something other than content/ideology. He was essentially, speaking out both sides his mouth/same time].

More intersting, is where "I'm at" .... regards the different search engines. Completely non-existent, invisible ... on some. Zeep, zero, nada. At one time, this site (and just two words entered in search engine box, "anechoic room"), was either the first, second, or third link ... listed. Page One on Yahoo, Bing, and Google [who had actually, at one time, completely delisted me from their fascist regime, for a couple of years (I think I'm on like page four or five now)]. No matter, wasn't that important (I recall it something like: the creepiest creep of them all). Like I said, who friggin' cares.

But, I did stumble 'pon some past posts. My what a busy industrious bee I was! Pics and vids and floblog (posts) galore. But this, this h'yar vid. Well, it stuck in me craw (if ya get muh drift).

Hello Major Tom, are you receiving?

We're never coming home people. For they have destroyed the Greatest Gift Ever Known. How I wish I was wrong. Grab your babies. Hold them near. Hold them dear. This sh*t's going down. I'm sorry. We've run out of options. And now sadly, grievously ... we're running out of time.

Direct link:

Oh, almost forgot Iran (off my game/just like everybody else .... everywhere it's Trump for breakfast, Trump for lunch ..... And next of course ... will come the distraction riots).

Caroline Glick's recent accounting/why's and wherefore's of the Provisional Treason. Included what's largely overlooked (well .... most everywhere). That is, the $150B, will rebuild, re-establish, reinvigorate, rejuvinate ... Iran's South American Terror Machine. Like never before. You know ... South America, that place, that Obama just flushed, all the way down the toilet (WTF is the Monroe Doctrine? ... Wasn't he a white guy? Besides, we got Obamacare now, we don't need no stinkin' honky Doctors, named freakin' Monroe).

And (via Lucianne)  we've got the WashExam/Westwood:

'Clinton adviser on Israel had commercial ties to Middle East'

 (Pants stuffer, Sandy Berger) "was still assisting Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, despite the fact that his consulting firm was engaged in commercial activities in countries where she worked"

It all, in its entirety a fraud. A scam. Base corruption. That somehow .... isn't viewed as the vile, earth convulsive treason it is. Certainly, the greatest act of treason, EVER committed against this Nation.

Rise up.
Rise up now.
Or forever, we shall be left but to hold the pieces.
Of this shattered Nation.

Don't make me repeat myself.
It isn't a deal. It isn't even a treaty.
It is, what it is.
An act of treason.
That is all it is.
It requires no vote, what so f*cking ever.
Do something for this Nation.
Do what you can.
But you do it.
And you do it NOW


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