Thursday, August 13, 2015

Permanent Kitty (feathers on a string 24/7)

As the world pitches into complete darkness. Unnoticed. With speed unfathomable. The populace, and the electorate. Along with the great gray sages, the boss bloviators, duh big bloggers (and their sister, aunt, goldfish too). The spittle 'splodin' sayers. And the (too big to fall on their faces) broadcasters. ALL ... chasing after feathers on a string (well, just one feather, actually). Now near every minute, of every day. It is ....

Permanent Kitty.

It is sick, It is deranged. It is evil. Sure, weedle baby does need a new pair of shoes, yeah. And this is their job, tis what they do. How they get up the scratch, to take weedle baby, to the zoo.

Doesn't make it right.

And, sure ... flowing (combed over) orange hair, a'flappin' in the breeze. Oond great googly moogly jowls a flappin' (in the same breeze), are quite a sight.

But now is not the time, for distraction or amusement. Neither is it the time for fun or folderol. Nor (now)  e n d l e s s  flights of fancy [though yes .... positively/absolutely. I know which major domo's to turn to. When I need to know, what condition. Brady's ball's (condition are in)?].

The world, set to explode into its biggest fireball .... EVER. And far too many are dancin' (with ants) in their pants .... oh look. Look at the funny man. With the funny hair, saying funny things!

Like an invader from Mars, some space alien (ooops, sorry, don't arrest me, please, I didn't mean it ..... visitor ... space visitor!). Trump, on  E V E R Y   channel/platform.

Tuesday evening ...
6:15 p.m., Hugh Hewitt (a.m. dial/870). With Tapper. A grateful celebration of all things Trump, the end of media/campaign boredom (happy happy joy joy).

6:45 p.m., CNN, Trump live/call in.

6:45 p.m. KCBS, Dr. Drew, "Trump" in chyron (vol off, I assume he was the topic/conversation).

7:07 p.m., Fox/Hannity .... with Trump, live, in the flesh. At the mall.

Wednesday morning ...
every blogger in Christendom. Still sniffing his wind. Still reading his leaves of tea (for the meaning of life).

You're killing me with this bullsh*t. While my Country is being garroted, with a dull blade, in real time. This is what everyone is bringing to the battle, this is it? (How do you say f*ck me, in Hebrew?).

All media, has morphed into the same (mealy-mouthed) monolith. Chained and locked, into the same (I Love) Lucy episode. Switch superglued/stuck on autoplay/endless loop. And as the conveyor belt picks up more speed? Lucy just shoves ever more (Trump) candy, into her mouth.


No scan this a.m. (you'll have to go elsewhere), just didn't have the heart. This portion, from yesterday's scan, was already in the can (wasn't time sensitive, so didn't go live). With a dollop ... snippet or two, pulled from some of this a..m.'s, radio airplay.

How f*cked are we?

Nork vice-premier executed

We're no longer a failed Nation State. No. We ARE  a full fledged banana republic. Though we don't have to wait ... for construction. Completion, of all the buildings/edifices/statues/libraries/and monuments. In dear leader's likeness. In King Pigsh*t's honor.

Dead Nork mucky muck had: "Expressed discomfort against young leader's forrestation policy." Can you say Chuck Schumer? "Close to seventy officials have been killed under Bongin Jongin's rule."

We're so f*cked, we can't even do third world banana republic. Young Kim's got us beat. We can't even compete, at all (in the things banana republics do). They're much better at it (though with just a wee skosh more time ... ?).

Ferguson anniversary.

"Appears to show a black teenager (cuz ya know ... color IS everything) brandishing a gun"

Ummm no. He wasn't brandishing. He wasn't playin' (wit his deek). He was trying to  m u r d e r  human beings. Merely FOR KICKS [or mebbe ... for a lil cash, from ValJar/Lynch (can you say Deandre Joshua? .... thought you could)]. Lester Holt, yesterday eve, same kwappola (too): "appears" (who ya gunna believe .... me, or your lying eyes?).

And all three Nets, last night, in 100% perfect sync (as usual). Lede, second, third stories. Exact. In order (imagine that). Lede? On knees Jimmuh worship. Auntie (Beeb), also had (embedded console): "Video shows Ferguson suspect armed" [in contrast to their own "appears" (I love it when they can't keep their propaganda straight)].

Umm no, you full fledged apologists (well supporters be more accurate), for the B.R.M.D.C. (baby raping mong*d death cult). He wasn't (just/only/merely) armed. He was attacking. He was running into/towards a crowd of police. Firing his weapon (maybe you didn't watch the video?).

AND FOR THE LAST F*CKING TIME, Michael Brown wasn't "unarmed."  He already had used his fists, like clubs. To beat a uniformed police officer, and was ready to begin his second assault [so just F.O.A.D. already (please/sugah). You filth. You f*cking filth].

'The sports car of submarines'

Scubster, human powered submarine. "The International Submarine Races, have been held every other year, since 1989" (who the froog knew?!).

Scubster 2.0 (dubbed Nemo), now up on Kickstarter. Will add/provide electric motive force (to it's carbon fibre hull), at a speed of five knots, and include surface navigation aids (can you say Iran, $150 Billion? Thought you could).

Double standard?

No, just the new face of anti-semitism. Same as the old. And if you are a Jew. It really makes your skin crawl. It's a nasty bit of business, it is. I didn't get a vote in the matter, no (volunteering, for coal mine duty/the crusty old joke ... about 'chosen ones'). Like the time I was a roustabout, offshore AK, in the winter [occasional roughneck/drillfloor ... trippin' in/out da hole]. And was volunteered one shift, for duty, in the sewage treatment plant [exactly (!!!) like the Laurel and Hardy bit, where the whole line, takes a step backward, unbeknownst to our protagonists].


Kerry: 'Reapplying Iran sanctions will result in collapse of dollar'

"And may cease to be the world's reserve currency." You can't make this sh*t up (but they still do! They're f*cking artists, they really are. Feces artists). "Will have a profound impact on people's sense of American leadership and reliability."

I keep warnin' y'all (over and over again), NOT  to take the brown acid [Lurch, obvioulsy, doesn't read my blog (snarf/snarc that one to taste)]. Longskull's argument (as it were): "we vermin, we made a treasonous deal with the (real, actual) devil. And now ... you people. You humans, you Americans, you get to s*ck it" (Just That Simple).


Scotty Walker: "Unlike Trump, I won't attack other GOP'ers"
(Yeah, that's why you hired Dayspring. To do it for you. What a freakin' filth monkey). Unread (why bother ... dookie smells).

News 24 (via DirectorBlue)

'Taliban condemn execution of tribal elder by ISIS'

Damn terrorists!

Levin/Wed/closing segment/Colonel West

King Hussein ... "providing material support to our enemy" ... "funding terror." They've been conspiring, four years now. Four years, actively engaged in treason. With Iran. FOUR YEARS. And all we get, is a gay porn DVD (Trey Gowdy, swingin' liplocked from Barry's thingie).

EPA/Gena McCommie: "restores itself" .... "safe to drink" [obviously, she's talking about the KoolAid (and not the Colorado)]. Well then ..... let's see you guzzle some, you stanknasty steaming pile of pigsh*t. Go on. SHOW US!

More McCommie: "It pains me no end" ... (Babelfish translation) we can't prosecute the TEA party, for this (oh wait, you are. An all to obvious, intentional act, to subvert even more of our Freedom and Liberty).

Ban Ki-Moon

"We stand with the victims"

BabelFish: wait your turn in line. Some of us had to wait two whole hours. To board the baby raping (moong*d death cult) train. Bend over Kike's, you're next ..... Choo Choo!


Friday, August 14, 2015 (5:00 a.m.)

"A willful decision" (via Lucianne)

To sponsor, support, provide food, cash money, weapons .... to ISIS, in Syria. By King Pigsh*t (ooh, and that's a surprise ... NOT!).

"A conscious decision to aid al-Qaeda"

Bunch'a f*cking cowards. I'd call ya all out by name. But you know who you are. Keep your face out mine. For the duration.

Wanna show everyone, you actually got something ... actually packing? Can do the deed. Then f*cking do it already.

Take a vow.

The Iran Treason, the Iran Money Transfer, the Iran Nuclear Bomb gift.

Take a vow.

This is the hill you are going to die on.

Show me what you got? Go on. Man up b*tches. Let's see if you can. If you even know how.


6:30 a.m.

M.E.M.R.I. (via BadBlue)

Kuwait - Iran is the enemy. Israel is our friend. (You read that right!)

No, today is not April 1st. And, this isn't a joke (like all too many of the aformentioned Conswervo do nothings). Just one man, standing. In the line of fire. A MAN. Not a mouse. Nor a toast butterer. A self toast butterer. An endless ... self toast butterer [do I like money? Yeah, it's ok, has its uses. I just happen to like my Country more].

King Pigsh*t (and his pet anal vapor sniffer, Kerry): "Everyone in the world supports us vermin (Barry & Me),  giving the Genocidal Maniacs in Iran. An entire arsenal of nuclear bombs. And the global intercontinental missiles, to launch them. And, get this ... a hundred fifty billions dollars, in cash. Everyone in the Arab Middle East. Everyone in Israel [all except that Jooblogger elmo (and we'll fix his wagon yet. Or I'm not a deranged, megalomaniacal, foreign born psychopathic mooselimb traitor)].


8:15 a.m.


Cuba - "I feel at home here" .... (right out of) J.F. Fookin Kerry ('s own piehole).

Longskull, in Cuba, this very morning. I bet you do, f*ckface, I bet you do. And why shouldn't you? ... It's just like Iran. Fascism. Political prisoners. Major trans-national/global drug, and weapons dealing. Material support for terrorism.

If you want to stay, I bet we could take up a collection, for materials (Kelly Osbourne sez you should be able to get labor cheap). For your beach hut. I got some bottle/cans I can redeem ...


9:00 a.m.

Calais mayor says she will 'open border' to migrants trying to get to UK

"The Mayor of Calais has said she will renewed her threat to open French borders and allow thousands of migrants to get to Britain.

Natacha Bouchart attacked David Cameron’s 'mocking and contemptuous' attitude towards the crisis which has seen more migrants die between June and July than in the last six months of 2014.

'David Cameron is mocking us, he holds our territory in contempt and he is imposing his own laws on Calais'."

Lawlessness. Global lawlessness. The bill's coming due. Far too many, have no idea .... the price. Even more ... don't care. My G*d, look what they've done to our world ...


Saturday, August 15, 2015 (4:30 a.m.)

Breit (2x)

'Scott Walker pledges to repeal Obama's amnesty on day one'

Why would we believe even ONE single thing. Even one word ... out your freakin' piehole? You GOPpansy, you GOPig. We don't do promises anymore, sawry (and one from a full fledged member of the Washington Cartel? ... blow it up someone else's skirt). We just got out of the 2014 burn ward. Go f*ck yourself, creep.

'Credible information: ISIS  used mustard gas on Kurds'

Yeah, credible. Just like Assad, 2013. "Credible"? That's your first clue people (trying to keep track, of the doublespeak, will drive us all crazy). REALITY: Obama is slaughtering Kurds, in Syria, as we speak. Bring more of that sh*t round my face .... and I'll show you credible!!

Words, from the IslamoCommieJunta, aren't always/only just for show/misdirection. Sometimes, they are a precursor, for movement/action (in the) atomic (even mil).  A prelude, to yet more active treason. Could be a tell? Don't know.

These are extremely dangerous people. They are destroying the world, completely unchecked. Do not underestimate their sheer, utter depravity. Please. Do not.


It is always the same. It never changes. E V E R. It is the same, since that knee dropping steaming pile, was first whelped. Build, expand the global caliphate (shii/sunni .... no matter). Destroy Israel.

Indep UK (3x)

'Pistorius to be freed from jail next week'
(What a hideous world).

Toy Story 4, Woody and Bo-Peep have a thing .... yeah great, ever more salaciousness in media (just like Marlow!)

Airbus haven't sold even 1x, A380 in 2015 ... (I'll go with Bush's fault, for 800 please Alex).

KNX/1070, Friday, 12n (STOP THE PRESSES!)

Intro, to lede ..."Pweezidunce releases his music playlist." And, was third story proper, in CBS (radio) network broadcast [after Cuba 1, and Colorado River 2 (real, actual, domestic EnviroTerrorism. Believe that)]. We're just not worthy ...  of such "eclectic" musings. And bwain dwippings. From on high, from our dear, Dear Leader (also up on


5:30 a.m.

USA Today (no direct link, embed vid console, floating content. And yes, I did watch the one minute vid)

I'm in the wrong biz (yeah I am) ...

'Man makes $10K a month sending potatoes in the mail
His girlfriend called it "the stupidest idea" she'd ever heard of, but this young Texas entrepreneur is now making good money mailing people potatoes enscribed with special messages.'

People send him ten dollars, he writes a very short message (provided by purchaser), with pen (shown), on a small potatoe. And then mails it (to address/ee provided by purchaser). In plain manilla envelope/mailer (an oh so lucky recipient). Usually something like ... congrats/wedding/etc.

What does it mean?

Why is it (the non hyper link) included here, now?

I don't know what to tell you (I can't do all your thinking for you). No hints.


7:45 a.m.

King Pigsh*t's weekly radio address?

Dear Leader: "Improving relations with police"

[like I said .... you just can't make this sh*t up. It Is Not Possible ... in this, or ANY other dimension (or wormhole, in the space time continuum)].

Well, I guess you could start ... by ending the ceaseless, State Sponsored Propagandist Incitement to Murder Them? (Or mebbe that's just me ...). Discontinue ... painting a big, dayglo red bullseye, on the back of everyone single of their uniforms.

EVERY SINGLE F*CKING DAY. Every minute thereof.

Then again ... me, I know how Y O U  Madamoiselle Barrie, can improve "relations." You bet [yes I duz (uh huh)]. Take that foh-fi, ya keep under your pillow. And suck on it (real hard). Why then, I might even get to do my Martha impression. Get my Vandella on, in the street. Why I bet, there would be a whole lot of dancin' ... everywhere

Calling out around the world,
Are you ready for a brand new beat?
Summer's here and the time is right
For dancing in the street.
They're dancing in Chicago,
Down in New Orleans,
In New York City.
All we need is music, sweet music.
There'll be music everywhere.
There'll be swinging and swaying and records playing,
Dancing in the street.
Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there.
So come on, every guy, grab a girl.
Everywhere around the world
They'll be dancing.
They're dancing in the street.
It's an invitation across the nation,
A chance for folks to meet.
There'll be laughing, singing, and music swinging,
Dancing in the street

(alt song ref: Oh happy day)


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