Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My G*d!

'Woman drowns after father stops rescuers'

Dubai - 20 year old left to die, because father thought "strange men" (lifeguards) touching her, would bring dishonor.


Father arrested, for attacking lifeguards. Who were unable to fight off the large/burly man.

For some, tis possible, a response would include something like ... yeah, let's give them (any of em) a nuclear bomb. And it makes perfect sense. Absolutely ... perfect sense. But I'll not. I dare not. Climb up on her corpse, to plant my political flag. I can only just recoil in horror. And exclaim ...

MY G*D!!!!!!!!!

CNN/Jason Caroll/Ferguson Missouri

"mostly peaceful protests" .... hmmm .... that sounds vaguely familiar ... where/when have I heard that before (Bueller ....)

Mostly peaceful protests/hold hands/sing Kumbaya/kill whitey.

Carly: I will support Trump (if he's the nominee).

How many (empty political) roads must a (toady) wo-man walk down, before you can call her a man? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is a flappin' in the politcal breeze.

That's some real pwezzidential leadership there Carly. Yeppers. Congrats goyl, you've arrived. You're now a lame arse, empty suited politician. Who the f*ck says there is no equality?

Actually did watch a bit, of Megyn's drippingly snotty retort, to Trump (caught it on CNN). Kind of a mine's bigger'n yours deelio. Alt: Post dust up, dust up. Beyond unproffessional, really quite embarassing. Had to turn the smell down/homey will never do Faux No Mo.

Hildabeast [can I say that ... where's Eric? Anyone seen Eric ... (I think he's at the hospital, getting a doctor, to remove Dr. Carson's boot, from his freakin' fat *ss). You're safe elmo, for the moment anyway ...] said:

"Entertainment." "Thought it would be fun." Why she went to Trump's wedding. You know ... she was in the neighborhood ... just driving by ... had nothing better to do (with the hundred grand Trump gave her). Nope.

Fun with Newsweek

ALL unread (tyvm)

WaPo, Huffpo reporters ... charged in Ferguson ... interfering with a police officer [there's a million ways to snark this one, but I won't go there (fill in your own blanks)].

'Poice arrest dozens, body slam man in Ferguson'

They only slammed one?  Man, their hyperbole is really slipping.

'Tyron Harris charged with assault for Ferguson anniversary gunfight with police'

"Ferguson Anniversary Gunfight"?
Now an annual event/celebration ...
Come on down, bring the kids.
We're roasting pigs!

'Yemen's humanitarian situation worsening by the week' ... (damn Joo's!)

'No country for young men' .... pic sez a thousand words (you can get them anywhere, no need to host/link). Battles/scuffles/riots in Calais, at EuroTunnel entrance. Kind of a state of the (world's dis) union deelio (the fewch'a so bright, I need kevlar and a lexan shield).

Yeah, you can get a refund (half hearted post). No point, in driving/pounding the Iran nail. Over and over again. The deal's going down. Any likely, while he's on the Island, in the next few days, no more than a week or two. Rushing ahead. Hussein's standard M.O..

Never deviates. It's always the same. Get it done (ahead of some stated future/[not too] distant deadline). Then it simply can't be ... undone. He doesn't care. About the law. About being charged with treason. Really (Boehner/McConnell will just bake him yet another cake. With extra frosting and sprinkles this time). He's going to give them the $150 Billion [and I'm going to be sitting in Hebrew classes, in Israel (could be worse ... there could be no Israel [they're working on that now elmo])].


8:45 a.m.

IT ISN'T FICTION! (And it isn't April 1st)

[You can't make this sh*t up, simply is NOT possible (but then ... I'm repeating myself [now aren't I]). Like I said, who needs a time machine .... we're here ... we're really here in Berlin, 1938. It's so freakin' unreal.]

"The IslamoCommieJunta has intervened in a lawsuit over Palestinian attacks that have killed Americans.

In a court filing, the IslamoCommieJunta says a hefty bond requirement could financially destabilize the Palestinian government.

The filing comes in a case in New York City, where a jury this year awarded $218.5 million to survivors and victims' relatives. That amount is automatically tripled.

In the legal filing, Deputy Secretary of Fascist State Antony Blinken says the IslamoCommieJunta supports the rights of terrorism victims to be compensated in court. But he says the U.S. also has "significant concerns" about any bond amount imposed in the case that could affect the operations of the Palestinian Authority.

Blinken says the collapse of the Palestinian Authority would undermine 'several years of King Hussein trying to schtup Bibi up de arse, using a glowing red hot poker'."



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