Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The 2016 Teddy Bear Picnic, has been cancelled

Attention please: No refunds will be given. All ticket holders, currently on site, please proceed past the closed, central, main entry gate. And enter the open, side, ancillary gate.

And Welcome Everyone ... to the 2016 Viper Pit!

One would have thought, the 2016 election be a cakewalk (yeah ... just like 2012!). A lock even. But treason. And cowardice. They now, are everywhere. It makes no matter, winning the White House. Restoring the Constitution, the Nation. GOPinc., doesn't care ('bout any such pedestrian fare). About any of that ... nonsense. Well actually, they don't care ... about anyone at all.

They only/just care about themselves.

That's it. Their hold on power (even though they do absolutely nothing with it). Nothing else. Tis their everything. Their all. Nation be damned (to hell, for all eternity). They've got bigger/better offices, bigger/better staffs, bigger/better budgets to fry (as it were). Bigger bigger bigger.

So, even though Le Donnie, with the light orange hair, isn't everyone's cup of TEA (let alone Conservative bologna). For GOPinc., it is now scorched earth, 24/7. Anyone who even looks at GOPinc., funny. Or snides the members of the Washington Cartel [Juh-juh-Jeb (but ya duzn't hafta call me Boosh), Carly, Kasich, (magic) Rubio (slippers), Walker (Texas Ranger .... killer/murderer of [Cruz killbot])]. Or of course, those that question their apologists and water carriers (specifically media).

Is a target.

No matter what the citizenry want. Or what they might choose. GOPinc., is gunna do it for you. Make your choices, do your thinking. For you. Rather indistinguishable, from the fascist filth currently in power, aye. And for Lady Liberty, just as dangerous. Just as lethal. Even in its depravity (it is indistinguishable).

Fix the Iran Treason NOW. Or just get the f*ck outta my face aready.

GOPinc., AND  Trump, telling us, there is nothing we can do. Nothing. To stop active, overt treason. To stop aid, comfort, and material support TO OUR ENEMY. No ... sorry. They just aren't willing to try. Telling us (If we elect them), they'll fix things a f t e r w a r d s (yeppers ... just like. Exactly like ... Obamacare).

Tell me, exactly. How are you going to repeal a brand spanking new, $150Billion, Global Iranian Terror Machine? Huh.

F*ck Off.

GOPinc., and Donald Trump. This is a clear and present danger. Which you just shrug off. WE, us citizens, are at peril. In danger. And just like the Dems.


Links [no fresh scan this morning (these peeks, from 'round midnight)]:


California Legislature, yesterday, raised the fee, for filing initiatives (for the State ballot). Raised the fee ... 1,000%. From $200, to $2,000 [ya know, cut down on the riff raff (i.e. citizenry)].

Baghdad Broadcasting Company (BBC)

'Iran to work with rivals for peace' ... "to promote peace and security"

["Security" ... for the global islamist jihad (and now, with a hundred fifty billion dollars!). Peace, for those who bow/submit to the Baby Raping Moong*d Death Cult (but of course, no rest, no peace [let alone justice], EVER. For Christian women, living in cages, as sex slaves)].


Pic, Trevor Noah ... "When does a joke go too far?" [Obviously, not far enough. Can't wait for his (how many fit) VDub ashtray jokes, or how many seats (German oven). Oh Trevor ... he so funny!


Trump tweet: George Will slams (Trump), while his (George's) wife, works for Scott Walker's campaign.

It's called the banality of evil. Though George, if we ever meet, there won't anything banal about it. No.

Truth Revolt

"Walker calls McConnell part of the problem" .... Walker, on Beck's Monday morn broadcast. "Beck was shocked ... said Walker just made news."

No, dildo. He just made faux news, on your schnooz (ZzzzZzzz). Walker, is McConnell's #1 chief dingleberry. A complete total fraud. 100%. How stupid have you become, Glenn? How disconnected from reality? Once upon a time, you actually used to do your job. It was a long time ago. So long ago.

Got around to watching the McInerney & Vallely vid, on TruNews (vid, from 9-2-14, via Hooben). Well half, anyway (forty one minutes, and it is audio only actually, so available as a podcast).

NATO, in Europe, now has ZERO tanks. Zee row. None. Nada. Down, from 5,000. Aircraft? Just/only 10% of past levels (yes, you read that right).

Europe, and the world, and the U.S., are now targets of opportunity. And no preparations are being made, for such. Obviously, the opposite. The T.I.C., is only fullfilling his obligations as ... T.I.C. (traitor in chief). Not his Sworn Constitutional Duty, to protect these United States.

Everyone else, has just rolled over, given in, given up. Letting the Country die. Accepting the Iran Treason. Merely just a lil dust 'pon shoulder. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see. And even stating such (Trump, Fiorina) ... "nothing we can do." Though they are merely speaking for themselves .... there is nothing they will do. Unable to see the logic. That you have to protect this Nation, BEFORE Iran is given the $150Billion.


Not after.


Don't call yourselves leaders.


12 noon

Forgive me.



Unread. I won't even try. And you will forgive me, for providing/hosting link.

Thank You.


11:30 p.m.

AP (via Lucianne)

'Jeb: NSA needs broader powers to combat evildoers'

Umm no (wrong answer). We need a big Combat (brand) roach motel. To house you scumsucking filth. ASAP! Maybe there is something, in those leaves of tea, to be read. Don't know? Something I'm missing. From the awful offal, out that vermin's stanknasty piehole. Or maybe, I'm just over thinking it. And, he's just yet another .... freakin' deranged lunatic (sometimes the simple, is).

CBS (via Lucianne)

'Jeb: Birthright Citizenship a Constitutional right'

Hey Freak ... we already have a fascist dictator. Yeah we do. And mebbe that's just me, but we really (really), do not need another (tyvm).

FOAD. Just ... F*ck Off and Die .... PLEASE (where are my manners).

(Malodorous) Food for thought ...

We (as in me) can never much be bothered, with however many (infinite) conspiracy theories (though, if you like fiction?). The most recent FBI "arrest." On terror charges. Of some cat, who was gunna mount some giant contraption, inside a truck. A death ray (no less). And then go huntin' whomever.

The powers that be, the evil powers that be. Can produce these guys, like clockwork (I've even said it before). At will. Thye have countless numbers, in reserve. And (here's the best part), they can turn the switch. Activate these Screwy Louie's .... on demand. And, get them to do pretty much, anything their evil heart desires.

Including providing them, with functional equipment.



Wednesday, Aug 19, 9:15 a.m.

Further thoughts ....

The beyond deranged IslamoCommieJunta, have already instituted their own independent ghost governments. Not one. But many. Secret shadow societies. Appropriating/using the full force and resource, of the United States. Acting for their own, beyond insane, partisan political gain ... IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi. Engaged in Treason. Against these United States. Directly coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Khameini's Iran. It's really is a pretty long list.


And corruption doesn't even begin to describe, what they have accomplished. In perverting the Senate, Congress, and the Supreme Court. And, they have already destroyed the independence of most all regional courts as well. More so ... completely destroyed any vestige, of a free press to boot [entertainment, now passes as news. And the tampon (in heavy makeup), who replaced Leno (and moved the show, to NYC)?  Whatever the fook his name is, (said, in a "joke") Monday night: Trump is a racist and misogynist].

The IslamoCommieJunta directly coordinating, attacks on the Constitution, the citizenry, the Country. From within the White House ... NBPP, OWS, PP, MoveOn, BLM .... ad infinitum.

Pert common knowledge, I ain' no Trump (rocket) booster. No. But, he has brought a boisterous crowd, who really are tired. Of not just the TRAITORS. But of all the rest of the vermin, in D.C., too. And they just want someone who ...

Doesn't reek
Of the stink
Of GOPinc.

Are tired ... tired of seeing the GOP
Swing liplocked
From King Hussein's Deek

Not an endorsement. Just reality. You all remember the real world don't you? (I know, it was so long ago now wasn't it ...)

The Hill (via Lucianne)

McConnell: "President Obama has 'a great likelihood of success' in an upcoming congressional faceoff on the deal, the Kentucky Republican said on Monday, according to reports."

What's that Mitch ... I can't hear you ... maybe you could take King Pigsh*t's d*ck, out your mouth?

On second thought ... Senator, go on ... keep it there. And choke on it. If ya would.



12 noon

King Pigsh*t: "Laws? I doan need no steenkin' laws ... Jewboy" (have I told y'all ... to go f*ck ya'selves?)

Kredo/WFB (Fox hosted)


"... letters sent by the Obama administration to the Chinese, German, French, and British governments assuring them that companies doing business with Iran will not come under penalty.

... promising the foreign governments that if Iran violates the parameters of a recently inked nuclear accord, European companies will not be penalized"

The Hill (via Lucianne)

'Obama to mark Katrina anniversary'

"Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, King Pigsh*t will go to New Orleans. And dance upon the graves of the departed. Giving thanks to them, for helping him reach his coronation.

He'll deliver a speech as well (Surprise!), via his anus (no surprise). How he, Chucklehead Odorama, rebuilt the entire city, all by himself, with his bare hands. While Boosh went golfing!"


'Opposum kill 17 babies in Venezuela ward'

No comment. No snark. I don't dare.

Hours, minutes, seconds. It's all we have left. And then, this Country is no more. You, however, can believe what you want. what ever that may be. Even do nothing, if ya please. Just don't come cryin' to me. I won't see your tears. For I won't be here.


11:00 p.m.

Greenwald, was always quite impressive, for his ability to get to the nub of the matter. Quickly, and confidently. I always wondered, how he did it. Eventually (and with help), I figured it out (only took eight years).

In later years, didn't visit much at all (though yes, on occasion). The whole Truman Show aspect, of reading the site. I found bizarre/comical. And not always worth the effort (mini snarf). To sort through however many parapgraphs, of what great, new, absolutely fabulous Amazon product (order now, via my secure portal/use my code word/save a trillion dollars/get a dozen free donuts). He was using, while typing that very same post, that very minute [and simply can no longer do without .... (how he got by before?)].

So, is tempting, to give him a mulligan, on this nonsensical detritus. Bad hair day ... what have you (ed: terminal brain fade?). But you know what, I don't have to waste the breath, fisking it. It Fisk's itself. No, not professional (ok, I laughed too)  courtesy. Just ... well ... it really is such a (beyond) stupid post. I have to believe, someone stole/hacked his account (bwahahahahahahaha ....).


"So okay, answer me this: If our republic is in such crisis because of Obama and his fellow travelers, why are conservatives currently launching vicious personal attacks against…  other conservatives???

If this country is in crisis because of leftism, act like it. Bring down the left. We look like we could win right now, but we haven’t won yet. Save the circular firing squad for the after party!"


Yemen 'on the brink of famine'

Boosh's fault?

Millions, and millions. And millions of refugees (I did say MILLIONS didn't I?). Now streaming out of all points Middle East. All points Africa. The scale, simply unprecedented. Unmatched. And the refugees aren't swamping Europe, so much ... as submerging it. In rapid order (don't blink). People don't know, don't understand the scope. King Pigsh*t, simply has turned the world, upside down. Completely. Totally. In the mere blink of an eye (thought I told you not to?).

Bad things are coming our way people. Real bad things. Evil things. Dark, macabre, grizzly things. I hope you've made plans. Hope you are ready. Hope, somehow, you and your family's remain safe.

Welcome to the Terror Dome.

Don't let anyone tell you different (no names, why waste the breath, really). The wings ARE coming off this airframe. And we are going to crash. My G*d.

Ya need to brace for impact. Yeah, you do. Hold your babies, hold them near, hold them dear.



11:59 p.m.

It gets worse ... so much worse

Dr. Michael Ledeen, on John Batchelor show: Khameini sick, may soon die. Power struggle already underway.


Nothing much shaking ...

KNX/1070 10 a.m./lede

Jimmuh, a hero. Brave. Brave. Brave. Braver than brave (I think they're angling for a second Nobel).

2nd: Global warming 2015, warmest year on record (how old is the planet again?). And ... everyone on the ground, is going to melt [without the special shoes, Obama/UN say we must have (the money for right this second)]. BBC/same: July hottest month evvah!

3rd: Caitlyn, she (amazing how quick, everyone submitted to the sharia) may face charges, for a l l e g e d l y killing another driver (who I guess ... is allegedly dead?). Yeah, allegedly [musta been that fake Nikoula video, of Caitlyn's speeding truck, towing a trailered boat. And plowing, unslowed ... into stopped traffic [have they arrested that guy yet (the video maker)].

Breit [still with the filthy scummy odious stealth popups (just like Sludge!)]

Florida town votes to rename 'Old Dixie Highway' (to) 'Barack Obama Highway' [yeah, I could go with say .... Hussein in da Membrane (full of) Boulevard].

Florida City Council mucky muck: "Rise above any dismissive THOUGHTS, about president Obama"

Are we all indoctrinated?
Sieg Heil!
WE will tell you what to think.

Thought, specifically yours. Is now outlawed. If you people/scratch ... Conswervo Elites can't see the forrest for the trees? As in ... how far down, the drain, we have traveled? These aren't little things people. Insignificant ... in isolation. It is a totality of totalitarianism. It is everywhere.

Fire Andrea Mitchell/citing MEMRI (via BadBlue)]

'ISIS harvesting organs of Yazidi sex slaves'

Zip (via BadBlue)

16x ISIS get AIDS after raping 2x Moroccans (won't touch that with a ten foot pole).

Debka (via BadBlue)

Iran proxies, in Golan, fire 4x rockets into Israel. Intel suggests, may be start of planned Iranian offensive.

AP 3x

Fears ... 11 Typhoid cases in Syria are tip of iceberg. That iceberg, it gets bigger everyday. Everyday, more of King Pigsh*t's crimes against humanity, are exposed.

'On nuclear deal, not all Israelis are with Netanyahu' (you just can't trust those clever, scheming Kikes ... nooh)

New Samsung TV's record/transmit your conversations without your consent (shhh ... don't tell anyone).


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