Friday, August 21, 2015

Red is blue, up is down, hot is cold, islam is peace

How bizarre, the U.N. recognizes Iran, as an "Islamist State." In (wording of) Parchin, side Treason (deal). Rather than longtime/historical: "Republic." That isn't the bizarre part [the terminology flip flop (no)].

It is that Universe's Greatest Poverty Pimps [and baby rapers (with our f*cking money!!)], cannot bring themselves. To recognize Israel, as a/the Jewish State. F*ck, they can't even recognize its right to exist. Double-f*ck, you can't even find Israel, on any U.N. provided maps!

But Iran? Iran IS the Islamist State.

Mark Levin/14th Ammendment .... "this isn't even a close call." wAkE tHe F*Ck uP already (Sir). "Established by a State." Wasn't even a close call, either. At all ... in any way. Shape or form. No. It. Was. Not.

You folks aren't moving the ball forward. You're standing on the sidelines, arguing. 'Bout (a whole lotta) nuthin (the campaign/Bush). Laws no longer exist. Reason is gone. If you can't see, the Country is in the gravest danger NOW. This v e r y moment. And will fall, in the next few days? If you really can't see, how vulgar, obscene, criminal, and NON NEGOTIABLE surrender to Iran is? How lethal. How murderous. How deadly.

This isn't forrest/trees. It's self deception. On the air, unaware. They don't care about the law (I'll say it again ....). What it is ... is jihad. And it is being waged, from within the White House. Within the halls of congress. Against the United States of America. And against the World. It's called Treason. And it isn't politics.

Laws? THEY DON'T EXIST ANYMORE. The Constitution? Isn't worth the hemp it was written on. Interpreting laws, vis a vis the campaign? It means squat. Is a distraction. Is just yet again, more feathers on a string. And all the kitties are playin' (eye ran, you ran, we all ran, from Iran). Stop it. Please (pretty, with sugar).

This isn't some f*cking game. We've only got days. Mere days. The 2016 election DOES NOT exist. We have this moment. Just this one. To save the Country. And, based on the totality of events transpiring. It looks like we will fail. And all too sadly, this then ... will no longer be my home (my G*d). There are no do overs ... when it comes to Global Thermonuclear War.

Dark is light ...

(LAT's/Betz, Sunday, Aug 16, atomic, pg A21)

"All those street lights don't make us safer" ... "decades of research show there's no scientific reason to believe darker streets are more dangerous" ... "Illinois criminal justice officials concluded that strolling down a dark alley was no more dangerous than doing so in a well lighted one" (nope, sorry, I didn't make up the link/article/op-ed. Really, I did not).

Virtual IS real ...

NY Post (via Lucianne)

'Yelp for Government' is a win for America

"Carly Fiorina took the opportunity to rate the TSA (one star)"

That's some leadership there. How exquisitely Presidential. I guess Iran'll get one star too ... uh? (That'll show 'em ... fook yeah!).

More linkity link links ...

'North Korea prepares for war as missiles are moved'

"The movement of vehicles in North Korea carrying short range Scud and medium-range Rodong missiles has been detected by US and South Korean surveillance, according to the same agency."

(also Sky) 'Who Would Want To Attack A Shrine In Bangkok?'

"Thailand's PM suggests his 'Red Shirt' political opponents may be to blame, while others point the finger at Islamist extremists."


'NASA Denies Asteroid To Strike Earth Next Month'

"The space agency says no known object has any credible chance of hitting Earth over the next century."

In other news, NASA/NOAA/EPA  say the Earth is melting (damn Joo's!). And today's Indep UK (the Lede no less) ... 'Global warming is accelerating'.

'Compton officials have been illegally inflating their pay, district attorney says'

"Compton’s mayor and council members have been illegally boosting their salaries for years by paying themselves for commission meetings that sometimes lasted only about a minute, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said.

Mayor Aja Brown was paid an additional $4,000 a month on top of her authorized salary of $600 a month and the four council members received $3,400 more a month, the district attorney said."

Damn Joo's!

'Slovakia will only accept Chritian migrants'

"Slovakia has announced it will only accept Christian migrants when it takes in Syrian refugees under an EU relocation plan. Interior Ministry spokesman Ivan Metik said the Eastern European nation will accept 200 Christian migrants from camps in Turkey, Italy and Greece, as Muslim migrants would not integrate as easily into Slovakia's predominantly Christian population."

Damn Netanyahu!

Don't take the brown acid (how many times I warn ya ... huh?)

'Morrissey accuses Obama of "being white on the inside" for "not helping his own people" during Ferguson riots'

Unread (I have my limits). Unsnarked [kind of a do it yourself/paint your own/Rorshach deelio (as it were)].

News you/scratch ... Bill Cosby can really use ...

'Around half of Taiwan's population lack a gene required for metabolising alcohol'

News you can really, really use ... (also Indep UK)

'Global Peace Index: Syria named world's most dangerous country'

In other news .... Joos' fault!


DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- Israel's air force carried out a drone strike in southern Syria on Friday, killing five civilians, while a soldier was killed and seven wounded in an air raid overnight, SYRIAN STATE TV reported.

The raid came hours after (Iran proxy) militants (but they're not terrorists!) in Syria, fired several rockets into northern Israel, on Thursday afternoon. Prompting Israeli R E T A L I A T O R Y fire (if those damn fookin Joo's, would just stop retaliating already. There would be peace, in the Middle East). It was the first time since the 1973 Mideast war that rockets from Syrian territory (nope ... wrong answer ... Iranian provided/directed rockets) have slammed into Israel.

State news agency SANA reported late Thursday that an Israeli helicopter launched several missiles on Quneitra in the evening. It said the missiles hit the Transportation Directorate and the Municipality Building (where they keep the babies).

Syrian TV said the air raids aim to 'boost the morale of terrorist organizations', claiming that Israel is backing militants in the area." [I guess blotter's cheap in Syria, as well (not just/only U.S. college campuses)].

'OBAMA PROMISES TO KEEP PRESSURE ON IRAN' (by that odoriferous sow Pace, of course)

EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) -- President Barack Obama is promising Democratic lawmakers that the U.S. will continue to keep economic pressure on Iran - and keep military options open - if his administration's nuclear deal with Tehran goes through.

Obama, in a letter addressed to New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, said that if Iran rushes to build a nuclear weapon, "all of the options available to the United States - including the military option (to attack Israel) - will remain available."

The president also says the U.S. will uphold sanctions targeting Iran's non-nuclear activities, such as (increasing) its support for Lebanon's Hezbollah group and (help Iran in) what Obama calls Iran's "destabilizing role in Yemen."

BREATHE DEEP THE GATHERING GLOOM .... watch lights fade from every room ....

Get a f*cking clue people ...


12:30 p.m.

Twiddlin' monkey puss on a stick ....

Caught a whole entire two minutes, just after the start, of the ten a.m. block [it was underwater basket weaving hour, over at Pray Gurr Ewe (as usual)]. Of GOPinc hack, al Rushidi. He, channeling Glenn Greenwald (via Rodney King/kumbaya/kumbaya/can't we all just get along).

Ya know, what did any of the 16x candidates (and one leader of men) do to me. Why do they deserve this (drunken) reprobation. Us ignoramus' should only be attacking libs/dems/Hildabeast (blah blah blah/yada yada).

2016 w o u l d be a walk in the park, t'were it not for the 16x dingleberries, polluting the stream (by their very candidacy). And some, not merely content, to disrupt the flow, of life giving water. Their shielded hand, hides a long slender knife. Keeping it in reserve, for that moment, when they can stick it, all the way.

In Ted Cruz's back.

You Sir, make the assumption, the 16x are all on the same page/have the same goals, can be trusted. They aren't. They can't. They're politicians [and you Sir, have just been mailing it in ... two whole years now (don't know why you even bother any more)].

Their very candidacy, an attack on the electorate. An attack on our freedom to choose, our own leader (I'd venture at least half of Sundance's musings/ConTreeHouse, on the GOPigs. Destruction of a fair/free election, are on the mark). Makes no matter, the clothes they (the GOPigs) wear. Nor of course ... the smiles on their face.

They are part and party, of the continuing destruction, of this Nation. Not only aren't people going to vote for any GOPig. They won't even be able to fight back the stink, of the reek, of GOPinc.. Just to enter the poll, in order to vote. In fact, they won't even try. R E A L L Y.

No one's buying anymore of the GOP doodie (though if we need to knock any buzzards/sh*twagon? We know where to shop). You beclown yourself, trying to sell it.

They, GOPinc., just as much as King Hussein. Are destroying this Nation. We already tried Kumbaya (yes, we did).

To allow, is to condone.

There is NO difference. None. Between Bush, and Obama. Obama is now destroying this Nation, the World. In his Iran Treason. And Bush, can't even be bothered. To remove even one single digit, from his posterior, to stop him. And YOU are condoning Bush? Criminy. In such, you are part of the problem. Sir.

Call us different breeds'a cat ... NO GOP D*CKS UP OUR *SS. We aint bendin' over, again. Not even a little. We already tried that ... McCain, Romney. Enjoy yours ... Meester Limbaugh. Do. Please.


Rick TEA Wilson


Saturday, August 22, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

CNN/cable/2:45 a.m. [and pleased as punch, to even get to mention the Lightbringer's name, on the air (over and over [and over again])]

"President Obama is sending 200x troops, to help fight the fires raging in the Northwest"

Where ther are 249x different fires, burning out of control (you do the math/snarf).


"Covering" Trump .... token/obligatory/miniscule coverage, no audio (of Trump/speech/'Bama). Segueing right into ... Colonel Bernard Sanders' speech [full bird Bozo (with audio ... of course!):

"We must end the institutional racism"

[What's that ... you're going to kill yourself ?!  Hey Bern, take all the rest of the toilet bugs with ya, while you're in the (deranged) hood. If you would please]

(Via Lucianne)

'Mr. Trump’s immigrant-bashing rhetoric breeds violence'

"By spewing hatred on the stump, Mr. Trump encourages it in the bleachers and on the streets, then sanctions it when it occurs."

"Mr. Trump is not the first politician to inspire and then explain away crimes of hatred; he’s just the most recent one. Recall the Southern politicians of the past century who were apologists for lynchings."

These are evil beasts. Redolent of sulfur. More of the endless "Kill Whitey" and "Kill Cops." Assault. On all that is decent. On all those who are (decent). An aluminum baseball bat, upside the head, of Americans. WaPo joyously laughing. While pissing ... on G*d (can you say Planned Parenthood?).

Pouring tankerloads of invective, on their faux fires. Which all to soon. Will claim the very life .... of yet another "that doesn't matter." You know ... oh look, white boy bleed a lot [bwhahaha ... that' s so funny. Do it again! (Zemir Begic? I didn't bring my hammer ... can I borrow your's WaPo?)].


We are human beings. We are Americans. You disgrace this Nation. You defile G*d. You and yours WILL perish in hell's fire. Throughout eternity. After being turned back, from the pearly gates (why poor thing ... you seem a little surprised? ... Here's a hankie). When it is your time (soon L*rd?).

I can only imgaine, what depths they WILL (guaranteed), sink to. Election eve, November 2016. 'Tween now and then? Zip up (and tape!) your hazmat suits people. The feces storm has begun. Throw it back in their faces. Let 'em eat it (offer free spoons).

"Breeding violence"? Lemme buy you filthy, scummy, odious cockroaches a pocket mirror (if I could? I've got 99c ... I can even cover the tax!). HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of (those lives that matter more), Have been slaughtered. By their own hand. In blood so cold. I wipe their blood upon you. Let it enter every pore of your vile worthless beings. It becomes you.

I didn't read every word. Parse every sentence. Maybe I should? See if there's the requisite/everpresent JoosFault [on second thought, I'll have to pass (on a second reading). I don't have my sub-micron respirator handy)]. That now infects every neuron of their being. Your Dear Sainted King Pigsh*t, isn't "breeding" violence against Jews, no.

He is manufacturing it. Jookiller Barry ... building great factories. And they are churning it out. Every minute, every second, of every day. Hate, is the very air that you breathe. And do not mistake my anger, for same. No (keep your infections. To yourself).

(Via Lucianne)

These are just some of the people. Crossing our COMPLETELY OPEN border.

'Fresh wave of violence in El Salvador leaves 125 dead in 72 hours'

[I call racist on ya elmo (me too!)]

(Via Lucianne)

'Circular trophy rack of human skulls found in Aztec temple in Mexico City'

Think Obama: Schumer, Tom Brady, Netanyahu, Menendez, etc., ad infinitum.

"Archaeologists have found the main trophy rack of sacrificed human skulls at Mexico City's Templo Mayor Aztec ruin site, scientists said Thursday.

Racks known as "tzompantli" were where the Aztecs displayed the severed heads of sacrifice victims on wooden poles pushed through the sides of the skull. The poles were suspended horizontally on vertical posts.

Eduardo Matos, an archaeologist at the National Institute of Anthropology and History, suggested the skull rack in Mexico City 'was a show of might' by the Aztecs. Friends and even enemies were invited into the city, precisely to be cowed by the grisly display of heads in various stages of decomposition."

(Via Lucianne)

How bizarre... not a long read, but definitely a rich/thick data field. Not to be skimmed... interesting to be sure (most certainly). Consider the excise only a start [though whether it enhances/advances anyone's knowledge/understanding is entirely another matter (or maybe ... it's just yet again more navel gazing)].

"Donald Trump leads just about every public-opinion survey of the Republican presidential field, with one notable exception: PredictIt, the online marketplace for investors looking to buy and sell shares in an expected outcome.

Among those prognosticators willing to put actual money behind their predictions, Mr. Trump trades at a lower price than former Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. As of Thursday night, it cost 24 cents to buy shares of the prospect that Mr. Trump will be the next GOP nominee and 41 cents to buy shares that it would be Mr. Bush."

(Via BadBlue)

"World Vision, the Christian charity, has blurred vision when it comes to the Jewish state. Its disgraceful propaganda against Israel is shameful in itself and marks a betrayal of the ideals it claims to uphold"

A solid piece of work, but it's an unpleasant read. Clear and concise none the less. The world, its very self, has become rather unpleasant ... truth just is [I'll get that puppy or kitty yet (and yeah, you can say a lil prayer, if you're so inclined)]

(Via BadBlue)

Gestaltically, nothing new here. No. This, more (video) evidence [like the IDF drone vid, apriori strike, on EMPTY school compound. (If that) didn't do it for ya? (though Hamas managed to produce a bloodied children's video, after. WHICH CNN RAN. Over, and over again. EVEN AFTER PROVEN STAGED!!! (I'll squat over Blitzer's grave)].

(Via BadBlue)

'Iran Unveils New Longer-Range Solid Fuel Missile'

With pic of Rouhani, standing next to his pet monkey. While proudly (pocket doorknob) standing in front of ... the new JooKillah missile.

"We (the Goat F*cking Nation of Iran), will buy weapons from anywhere we deem necessary. We won't wait for anybody's permission or approval and won't look at any resolution. And we will sell weapons to anywhere we deem necessary," he said in comments broadcast live on state television Saturday [as in .... today (for anyone taking notes)].

(Via BadBlue)

'My doormat business is really taking off' [A real biz, selling real doormats (do the linky)].

(Via BadBlue) "Breaking" .... clashes/riots West Bank

"The protesters threw stones at IDF personnel and Border Security officers who responded with riot control measures. Several of the rioters were injured as a result"

(Via BadBlue)

U.S. Government gives Muslim Brotherhood, farm subsidies!

"The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, has been given over $10,000 in farm subsidies since 1998. The payments are just another example of taxpayer money being spent to benefit Islamist groups.

Fox News reports that NAIT is being funded by 34 different government programs and receives subsidies for its two 'agricultural' lands that are not being used for agricultural purposes. The report quotes an expert as assessing that NAIT’s activity in this regard is 'probably legal', as shocking as it seems.

NAIT was first identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front by the FBI in the 1980s."


And L*rd, watch over the Soldiers, on a train. Who watched over us. Watch over their families. For they all now, are targets. If you would please.

Thank You.

Thank You So Very Much


10:45 a.m.

I've got a bad feeling about this .... (real bad)

King Pigsh*t, and the deranged IslamoCommieJunta, and all the libturd filth. Swinging liplocked, from his goat redolent wang (that would be CNN, CBS, LAT's, NYT's, WaPo, NBC, ABC, NPR).

Are pretty good at what they do. Destroy the Constitution. Destroy America, its citizens. And the world whole. They're naturals. It's in their blattidae DNA.

Of late, we've heard ... oh pretty much zee-row, out Queen Pigsh*t's piehole. Moochelle, hasn't even been seen abouts (let alone heard). The only thing ... a tiny lil tidbit (from just the last day or two). That Queen Pigsh*t, is tied at the waste. To Valjar. At first, didn't ring any bells (let alone alarm bells).

Then, it started to make sense.

Moochelle, is MORE in the loop, than the Magic sparkle Pony (hizself).  And then ... it dawned on me [sure, I did in fact make mention. Not even a few months back (yes I did). But now? Now it seems more plausible. Much].

What you yammerin' bout elmo?

Obama's Third Term.

Not Butthead Bidensky (make manly man sound/F-bomb) Big Chieftress Warren [make Native American hoop (sound)]. Albear Goresky (whoopee cushion/flatulence/wind escaping). Jookillah Kerry (Jews, in ovens ... SCREAMING).


Don't take your eyes off the evil prize. The Iran Treason.


But after the Treason's complete (love to be wrong ... oh would I), that'll be your treat [I won't be here (not proud. Just would be unable. To live, in a failed nation state (where the dictator actually hunts Jews). It's bizarre, beyond any measure. And yet, it is reality. Mine].

We can hope I'm wrong, on both counts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thx for the invite! Maybe countless years of lurking finally paid off WITHOUT tiring my left hand even...

I'll be here daily{mostly} for my fix of truth, sarcasm, and possibility of intelligent life on the tubules Dunt-Duh-Dah-Daa!

Old Ez (not the one currently roasting, the "other" one)

6:46 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

We're not here everyday. Shoot, sometimes not even every week (or even month, for that matter). Ya get what ya pay for (not a snarc). We do what we do. And ... well .. that's what we do.

If I monetized the site (PayPal button), then I'd be obligated (to produce).

I go with the wind. Having no deadline, no constraints, works beddah for me.

My only interest?

Saving the Country.

All else? Could care less.

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