Friday, August 28, 2015

Why are we here?

An ancient question. Lots of answers. Some, even question ... (the meaning of) the question (Douglas Adams).

Here, in the Right blogosphere. Many, are just taking up space. Many, are just taking up a collection [of ducats (for themselves)].

I staked out my single, solitary square millimeter, ten years ago. Merely as a pop-off valve. When the pressure exceeded the preset/preselected value? The valve opened. Steam (and pressure) ... escaped. A place to vent (deep elmo, really deep).

Last couple of years, I've had but one purpose in life. One mission. One only. ONE. To save the Country. Looks like I'll fail (though yes, others are still collecting .... ducats).

Days passed by. In a blur. Months, in a blink. Years ... in but a couple of moments. I never abandoned my station. Never gave up my oar. Never gave up ... on America [in spite of having largely martyred my health, finances, existence whole (never my intention [boo hoo elmo])].

And why? Cuz I love America ... sure, you bet. But merely to repay the debt. The one owed. To the millions come before me. Who actually did. Martyr themselves (in whole or part). So that this Nation could live.

I hear them call, everyday. From the grave.

I dare not fail them. And yet failure is near. Is at hand. And then, this will no longer be my land. You want to surrender ... to Iran? Fine. It's your head, to bury in the sand.

I'll not stay and watch. Their gravestones be plundered. To shore up the banks and levees ... of the River Denial.

Nor, to watch piddly kitchen fires (Breitbart), and their aftermath [didn't visit today (not a solitary peek). Tomorrow? Don't know ... we'll see (how I feel then). But I do feel more peacefull (yes), not visiting today (white, straight vic's lives matter [I'll pass]. And no, not compelled to plant my flag, 'pon the flag planters [who planted their's ... upon the vic's])].

Breit, by jumping  the story so quickly, became part of. In their hurry, to conclusively be ... firstest with the mostest (and trying to own the story).

Rather than, presenting (whatever) info. For people to read, digest, and form their OWN conclusions. Have their own opinion. About a grievous horror.

Breit shoved their own opinion, down our throats. When we're p e r f e c t l y capable (of forming our own). Sadly, Breit has pulled this nonsense before, yep (Pope/Translation). Yesterday's kitchen meltdown, was quite unpleasant to witness [Chef, meet kitchen (where rumour has it, it gets hot! [and moi, have done duty, in same (literally. Even hand in hand, on a couple of occasions with Albert Roux)])].

A widebody/mainstream site, resorting to childish name calling? Of those who have legitimate criticisms? Call it the Megyn'ing of Breit. Marle's lil tushy hurts (waaah ... waaah). And the verbiage chosen, was interesting. Rich even. Quite ... ironic ... actually.

And Marles, embarassingly trotting out some button down mucky muck, to backstop his/site's integrity (HINT: if mgmt is involved in editorial decisions? You DO have a problem). And you can't fall back, on (your own professed) "credibility," if you've previously displayed, a lack (see Pope). Using it, as a defense.

Me, I don't visit Lefty sites. Not just because of content/ideology (or the smell of derangement in the morning). But because of behavior [I don't freakin' care WHAT they think (or say)]. As well, I don't visit, because of their (non) journalistic practices (race, race, race ............... race, race ..... we need more race). Why does Breit care (what they say)?

And why is Breit surprised, when some aren't amused, when Breit employs same exact (behavior)? We expect MORE of the Right. We're NOT them. We don't want to be them. We don't want to be anything like them.

It's called having values.

And .... We Are Simply Tired. Tired of Racialism. Really, Really Tired.

It's a big world. But the Right internet, can sometimes be a rather diminutive ... lil echo chamber. And stupid me, I didn't know ... we weren't allowed? To criticize Dear Leading Website!


The Iran Treason (non) vote ... IF a vote, were to take place? Then people, would be able to clearly see. That NO ONE wants it. Not congress. Not the citizenry. NOT America. But ... that one person (well, a cockroach actually), does. One only. And, if a vote does take place? Followed by the (guaranteed) veto [with King Pigsh*t's magic Satanic pen(is [up our *ss])].

The he, and he alone, will own it (and ... the Iranians of course).

Saw King Pigsh*t (in New Orleans), on C-Span, yesterday. Five whole seconds (shield eyes/change channel/vomit). The foreign born, dog eater ... standing. In front of a giant American Flag. And I thought (to myself) ... shouldn't that be ... a giant Iranian flag?


Morning scan ....

Severe derangement, not society’s shortcomings, is the only explantion for their acts.

[Via Lucianne (with thanks)]

"(Vester) Flanagan offered political, racial, and even divine motivations for shooting two former colleagues to death live on local television on Wednesday. The reasons read more like rationalizations. Crazier than crazy projects reason upon unreason.

One of the healthiest developments in America’s collective mental health involves society’s increasing rejection of the stated, often hifalutin, causes for murderous acts in favor of an acceptance of the explanation articulated by a drooling, shiny-eyed nutter’s stare."   

(Via Directorblue)

In body of linked post (yeah, a tweet)

Stephen Miller @redsteeze
Simple question, does NY Daily News put those (ed: vile/snuff) images on the cover if Flanagan was Muslim?

No. That's the fucking point.
9:00 PM - 26 Aug 2015

And Jammie, finishes with King Pigshit's excrementa-eulogy to the vics:

"What we know is that the number of people who die from gun-related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism."


"Former US President George Bush has returned to New Orleans 10 years on since Hurricane Katrina, a crisis his administration was criticised for at the time over its slow response" (it never gets old/they never get tired of it).

Is the drought killing California's giant sequoias?

Unread. Sure, curious .... [to find the (usual) hidden shiv/Joo's fault/(rich)whitey's fault]

'As Democrats meet, the absent Joe Biden is all anyone is talking about' (wow, what fun it is ... to be a Dem!). The only Times link, I read this morn.

"Vice President Joe Biden's deliberations over making a late entry in the race have been the talk in the hallways outside the meeting rooms where the party stalwarts are conducting more mundane business" (... killing Joos)

"There are folks N E W L Y frustrated with Clinton's handling of a summer of controversy over her use of a private email server as secretary of State"

"Ahead of the meeting, Biden, whose son Beau died in this spring, spoke with Democratic party chairs on a conference call about Iran" (hey Joe, when the f*ck are we going to get our kickback money already?)

"Almost the full field of candidates is slated to speak to the group Friday, including Clinton, Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee. Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is not on the schedule." [No Jim Webb? Color me surprised [Token bwaha  (with no Erickson snarf!)].

"DNC vice chair and former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said Thursday that he saw a real opportunity for Clinton to make a needed breakthrough. 'She is one step away from a incredibly close connection with the American people'." (Off a really tall building? In front of a moving train?)

'Are we afraid to watch white people dying?'

Why would I even consider, looking/reading? I can smell it from here.

'NASA: Sea level rise accelerating' (I could be wrong? Not sure ... deen't the Lightbringer promise ... the oceans would recede?)

Obama visits black people (ok ... I made that link title up ... no really)

See pic number four (in console of five). Though number one, is really creepy (who needs the Halloween mask?).

Spike Lee on honorary Oscar: 'This came out of nowhere, but that's how blessings often come'

Spike Lee was surprised to learn that he was being honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — a group he hadn't been afraid to criticize in the past for its lack of diversity.

"This came out of nowhere, but that's how blessings often come," Lee said when reached by phone Thursday after the academy announced it would present him an honorary Governors Award. "I'm very happy and humbled."

What's to snarf?

Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea has gone to live with birth mom

[Ok, sing it with me (Boy George) Karma Chameleon]

'Donald Trump won't apologize for confrontations with Univision's Jorge Ramos and Fox's Megyn Kelly'

Here's a hankie ... or maybe ... you need a rag. Or, maybe a cork? [I just checked, the author is male (I'm safe). Whew ... that was close].

3D Cameras To Stop IS 'Wiping The Slate Clean'

Thousands of cameras are being installed in Iraq and Syria, allowing ancient artefacts at risk of IS destruction to be preserved.

Scientists from Oxford and Harvard Universities will "flood" the Middle East with 5,000 cameras in the coming months, which will take one million images by the end of 2016.

Should vulnerable buildings and artefacts be destroyed, the detailed images could be used as a blueprint for recreating them with 3D printers.

Who the froog needs the atomic world. Who needs reality. We got virtual baby. And well .... those terrorists aren't real anyway! And NO, the cameras won't stop/preserve sh*t. You F*cking Liars!

Allonautilus scrobiculatus: World's 'rarest' sea creature spotted for the first time in 30 years

One of the “rarest creatures in the world” has been spotted for only the third time ever off the coast of Papua New Guinea by a US biologist.

Peter Ward, a professor of biology at the University of Washington in the US, first saw Allonautilus scrobiculatus in 1984.

The creatures, which are thought to have survived two ice ages and pre-date dinosaurs, have only been seen by two people in the world

[Damn fookin global warming!!!]

Monkey has finger blown off after being offered firecrackers disguised as food by cruel tourists

An upsetting video showing a monkey having its finger blown off after being offered firecrackers disguised as food has emerged.

The hungry monkey was eating and begging for more food, reportedly in Malaysia, when it was attacked by a group of men.

No flag planted. Sorry. You'll have to plant your own.

'Man with earache goes to hospital and discovers 26 cockroaches living in his ear'

(Could be worse .... he could be stuck living in the middle of the GOP primary season !)


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