Thursday, August 27, 2015

Migraine Kelly ... still skankin' an skankin' an skankin'

The de-energizer bunny. Caught a few minutes/excerpt, of Ted Cruz, being "interviewed," by Migraine (on Levin, yesterday). Attacking him, berating him. Over, and over, and over again. The Spanish Inquisition (without the Python comedic relief).

Indistinguishable, from Ramos' attack, on Trump. "I", "I", "me", "me" (and my deranged politics/world view). Really quite pathetic. Something like oh say ... three months back (?), I called her out. For the empty, lightweight fluff she is ("naked," "exposed"). Then, in/during her "interview" with Fiorina. Migraine's on the air, completely unaware.

And then this morn (3:30 a.m.), I see the lede (unread), over at Breit is: 'Kelly File Hosts Jorge Ramos'. Well, at least she knows to drive the media ambulance (credit where due!). Transparently (again), inserting HERSELF, into the/any story.

What does Migraine Kelly want? Ratings! When does she want them? Now! The whole network's now a joke. From hero, to zero. In two weeks (if ya blinked, ya missed it).

And, even Ben, gets his identity politics game on too (not just Marlow). With Breit's second story (also unread): "BLACK, GAY REPORTER EXECUTES STRAIGHT, WHITE JOURNALISTS — MEDIA BLAME THE GUN." I guess as some sort of salve/counter (as it were)? To yesterday's racialism speed contest, neon red banner/lede: 'RACE MURDER IN VIRGINIA' (while the bodies were still 98.6*).

And down page, Breit's Marlow, gets played by (I assume) BLM (or some variant/associated) with : '#FUKYOFLAG THREATENS VETERAN, PREGNANT WIFE, AND ‘F***ING PIECE OF SH*T UNBORN CREATURE’.

And then the master of lasciviousness (himself), plays US (you and me), with the pic (which I won't describe/tyvvm).

What a joke.
The totality of amateurism, in right media.
And it isn't funny. It's scary.

Further downpage, Breit (in between yet more wuvly stealth popup crappola), we get: MARCO RUBIO: ‘I DON’T BELIEVE THAT DONALD TRUMP WILL BE OUR NOMINEE (unread, of course). Good for you Marco. Good for you. I believe, you have sex, with the family golden retriever. I believe, you're a piece of filth. Pure scum. I believe .... hey Marco, no one cares what you believe. No one. Except you, and the rest of the GOPigs (and Glenda, of course).

More Breit (today's theme I guess), further downpage: 'FORMER PRO BOWL QB TRENT GREEN TELLS BREITBART SPORTS HOW HE PREPARED FOOTBALLS.' Great, now I don't have to buy this week's People magazine (OR listen to Limburger today. A twofer!). [Duz I really hafta mention ... unread?].

Tis all just biz, as usual. Lotta nonsense. Or ... simply chasing after feathers on a string [as usual (f*ck me)].


Takes place, right before our very eyes. This very minute. This very second. While King Pigsh*t, goes to New Orleans today, to dance upon the graves of 1,800 souls. And today's official White House, pre visit press release (KCBS/740, 4:30 a.m.)?

"A chance to celebrate." (You can't make this stuff up ... it just isn't possible)

Though I am quite confident, yes. That we haven't heard the last ... of Brady's balls.


7:00 a.m.

Traitor filth cowards .... it's staggering. Beyond anything ... we have ever seen ever ... EVER!      (Via Lucianne)

A ‘Staggering Betrayal’
Simmering in the Senate
Over Vote on Iran Deal
By SETH LIPSKY, From the New York Post | August 27, 2015

King Pigsh*t, and the traitor army (swingin' liplocked from his deek). Aren't afraid. Of (even) the possibility, of an embarasing vote, on the Iran Treason (completely/totally forgetting. Setting aside ... a guaranteed veto, of any no vote).

THEY WILL FILIBUSTER ... to even prevent a vote. A N Y vote at all. From ever taking place.

Oh yeah ... and the "treaty" (between Khalid Sheik Obama, and the Mullahs). Then goes through.

But hey ... how 'bout Karl Rove's dog? (You didn't hear?!)

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

(Through the tears) ... I'm going to miss this place.


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