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Have a small comment/thought piece, in the (atomic) can, will keep (until I transcribe/edit). Called: Three word Monty (like/as in three card).

From yesterday afternoon scan ...

Josh Earnest Responds to
KY Clerk’s Jailing: ‘No Public
Official Is Above the Rule of Law’
(via Lucianne)

"On principle, the success of our democracy depends on the rule of law. And there is no public official that is above the rule of law."

Ms. L herself :

"Isn´t this just rich. For him to comment the importance of what is enshrined in our Constitution is laughable considering who he reports to. Whoever asked that question should have quickly followed up with the question: Does that also apply to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?"

[Cue the guy, with the parachute pants (who I once crossed paths with): can't touch this].

Jeb Bush: Donald Trump Is ´Trying
to Insult His Way into the Presidency´
ABC News, by Shushannah Walshe
(Via Lucianne) [Unread/title only]

You piece of filth, are an insult to all that is holy. FOAD .... [please (where are my manners)].

Ky. clerk jailed for refusing
to issue marriage licenses
USA Today, by Mike Wynn and Chris Kenning
(via Lucianne) [Unread/title only (no linkage/click through interstitial)]

Muhself, doan give no flyin' leap at a donut, 'bout what people do. At all. Sure, do not like the rewriting of the English language (marriage), no. Or the reshaping of society whole [in their image (as it were)].

And her stand, has my support. Her simple belief, in believing, in her own beliefs. As in .....  F*CK THE SUPREMES ALL THE WAY UP WITH A GLOWING RED HOT POKER! [ed: Monsieur (with Ted), did a fine (similar) job of it yesterday]

My comment/to the point?

Is there not one among us, who will stand in front of the Iran Treason. Who will not bend to pure f*cking evil. One?

Scan this a.m. ...

Anthony Weiner moves to Chicago, looking for work.

'US man loses job offer after sending naked selfies to boss'

Police say the unnamed man sent two nude photographs between 11-13 August to the human resources manager before phoning her.
The female manager for the unidentified St Charles company received the texts while at home and contacted police.

Police spoke to the man, who admitted to sending the texts, but said that the images were intended for someone else.

Police in the suburban neighbourhood of Chicago had said that a "conditional offer of employment" had been made to the man following a job interview earlier in the month.

"My understanding is they've rescinded the offer of employment," Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth told the Chicago Tribune.

Mega drone carries man into the air and other tech news

Flash player video, unwatched

BBC Click's Nick Kwek highlights the week's tech news including the British designed multi-rotor drone that can carry a person.

The screen cap is interesting.

This is the hideous drum that Obama beats

'Arby's fires manager, suspends clerk who allegedly refused to serve Florida police officer'

 (via Lucianne)

The chain known for its roast beef sandwiches became the center of a national firestorm after an incident Tuesday night, when Pembroke Pines Police Sgt. Jennifer Martin, 34,  pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered a meal. When she handed over her credit card to pay, Davenport allegedly refused to ring her order up. That prompted Mirabal to say "He doesn’t want to serve you because you are a police officer

'Maduro, Putin Agree to Take Steps to Raise Oil Prices'
(via Lucianne)

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro agreed on Thursday, in B E I J I N G,  to coordinate joint actions to encourage the rise of world oil prices, according to the Kremlin.

... states should coordinate efforts in order to encourage prices to rise,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters after the two leaders’ meeting.

Both presidents are in Beijing to attend the grand military parade organized by China on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

King Pigsh*t caption contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the linky :-)

'Anger As Oz PM Suggests IS Worse Than Nazis'

We don't want to make the cockroaches angry now do we (cuz ya know ... they'll like us less!). And it gets better .... Joosfault!

Gaffe-prone Tony Abbott upsets Jewish leaders by appearing to credit Nazis with a sense of shame for their genocide.

"The Nazis did terrible evil, but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it," Mr Abbott told Sydney Radio 2GB.

"These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing," he said of IS fighters.

"They act in the way medieval barbarians acted, only they broadcast it to the world with an effrontery which is hard to credit."

'Arafat Poisoning Inquiry Dismissed In France'

Prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to prove radioactive poisoning caused the former Palestinian leader's death.

Though we're still pretty sure .... it was the Jews.

In comments /sky

J Jones
Now, what about an inquiry into the thousands of innocent people who Arafat and his minions killed across the Middle East? Conspicuous by its absence is any reference to such in this report, or indeed any record or mention of the godfather of modern day terrorism.

Hi ho hi ho
it's off to work
We go (or not)


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- More than two months after calling a special session to address California's transportation funding backlog, Gov. Jerry Brown has begun circulating a list of administration proposals on how to pay for it, including a $65 annual fee for drivers and increases in the diesel and gas taxes.

(And increased taxes on polluters, wtf that means?).

Hi ho hi ho
It's off to work
We go

At the Reich Ministry


UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The United Nations is launching a global campaign with a media blitz and an array of stars from Beyonce to Usain Bolt to spread news to everyone in the world about its new goals to fight inequality and combat climate change.

A girl can dream


Deja vuvu (va vu) /mini snarf to taste


FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz blamed President Barack Obama on Thursday for a climate of violence against police, contending the president and his administration have long vilified law enforcement.

"They put their lives on the line for our safety," Obama said. "Targeting police officers is completely unacceptable, an affront to civilized society."

We're Saved!


(via BadBlue)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said Thursday that the popular "Minecraft" video game is a good example of how to prepare young people for the new economy.

Convincing people that this is a generational choice - where we have entered a new era of human history and you need to be led by people who understand it - is important," Rubio said

Rubio said children playing "Minecraft" don't even realize they are learning elements of computer skills they may use later in life.

"If you play `Minecraft,' you're basically writing code when you're converting a hammer into a pickax," Rubio said. "Kids might not realize they're coding, but that's going to be almost a basic proficiency just because of the way they grew up.

Made (really) wrong turn (via BadBlue) [alt: this is the drum that Obama beats]

[With click through interstitial (it was that, or right scoop's popup)]

But not everyone listens, to the drum so hideous (via BadBlue)

The five American Yeshiva students from Brooklyn were driving through Hebron Thursday when they lost their way and entered a Palestinian district of the West Bank town. A mob surrounded the car, bombarded it with rocks and set it on fire with a firebomb. Three were hurt, none seriously. A Palestinian bystander rescued the five youths, hid them in his home, alerted the army and kept them safe until the soldiers arrived to collect them (I think this is the guy, Hooben was looking for, last week?).

Most xln't read, Sundance ... on his game, recommended (via BadBlue)

Was obvious to me, couple weeks back (won't bother linking/patting self/back), Hewitt was in the (anti) Trump bag [oh, and there's even an Erick shoutout :-)  ].


9:45 a.m. (as promised)

Three Word Monty

Butthead Bidensky: "existential threat" (Iran, to Israel). In his (superficially) quite strange, lil apologia, yesterdee (via Levin). For aiding, abetting, and providing material support. To our enemy (you know ... F * C K I N G ... T R E A S O N!). Seemingly getting out ahead, of the "argument" [which is actually, simply ... just ... reality (y'all remember that dontcha?)].

Existential, one of those non-descript words. Smooth. Flowing. Readily rolls off the tongue. Mellifluous. No rough edges. No sharp corners. And not a one, of Joe's target demographic (the libturd nation). Can even spell it.

So, one could laugh. One could deride. One could mock (Butthead Bidensky). And his entreaty, to support HIS active TREASON. And give it a legal footing. An imprimatur of reason even (without SCrOTUS). One could dismiss, his argument out of hand (as deranged). The one he makes, ON BEHALF OF ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE IT (that would be the world whole).  The one against, arming Iran, with an entire nuclear arsenal. And, one hundred fifty billion dollars cash (and even 100 Boeing 787's  a year, for the next ten).

But Joe, IS making the case, for the deal.

Via misdirection (three word Monty).

It is the tone, the tone employed. Joe, being Joe. All folksy (and stuff), as all get out. Joe's your pal. Your friend. Joe Mellow. (Snoopy) Joe Cool.

And in context, Joe's intent becomes clear [though superficially, he MORE than made the argument, against (the deal)]. His intent ... merely to confuse. Confound. His ignoramus army, of brain dead listeners/followers [the ones swingin' liplocked, from Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader's deek (see: Colonel Gwen Ifill)].

And in that context, "existential" means virtual. Made up. Fake, not real. The word devoid of any meaning, pertaining to the actual. A blank (word) canvas, for people to fill in (without consulting a dictionary).

And in such, "existential threat" (to Israel). Becomes: Jews = liars. Cheats. Can't be trusted (who ya gunna believe ... me, your ole buddy Joe? Or those stinky smelly greedy Joo's!). It's quite a rather Beelzebubic display. A Goebbelsian masterpiece. Pure f*cking evil .... breathing, walking, talking once again. Upon this earth.


While Chucklehead Odorama, stuffs his pie/waffle hole, with ultra gourmet/$150lb beef (all the time). And Moochelle, stuffs her's ... with lobster [all the time (on your dime)]. His mantra, to you, and to me? Is ....

Eat sh*t and die (mofo's).

'WHY MORE PEOPLE ARE EATING INSECTS'  [now, with a freakin' nasty floating interstitial (so, will be my last visit there ... period [have to go to a hard copy list now])].

Gillian Spence plunges her hand into a shallow tray of 10,000 writhing mealworms. She comes up with a handful of the inch-long, beige-colored grubs, which squirm over and between her fingers.

Most are destined to become bait for fish or food for reptilian pets. But not all of them.

"A lot of orders now are going to restaurants," she says.

Spence's Compton company, Rainbow Mealworms, supplies the mealworms and their larger, feistier cousins, called superworms, to a number of edible-insect businesses across the country. One, called Hotlix, puts them inside lollipops.

Mealworms and superworms aren't actually worms at all — they're the larval forms of two species of darkling beetles. They're also two of the roughly 1,900 insect species that are good for people to eat, according to the United Nations.

LAT's (no linkage/tyvm)

More, (brownies and lemonade) from our Utterly Deranged Supreme Leader ...

'L.A. sees deadliest August in 8 years, LAPD scrambles'

LAT's (no linkage/tyvm)

Iran nuclear deal is an opportunity the U.S. should seize wholeheartedly

Leon E. Panetta
Arms control agreements are by their very nature controversial. They often fall short of achieving everything that was hoped for. Potential gaps in enforcement can make the threat worse, and even if the parties abide by the terms of the agreement, evasion is always suspected.

Yeah, seize ... wholeheartedly. Drift my get?

Do the linky (for you, not me)

Photo console, pic one: Obama/bow of the Titanic/King (Pigsh*t) of the World!

Pic #6? Words fail [Run away! Want to see something REALLY  scary? Even Hitler used to kiss babies, __________ (this space blank/add your own)].

The Baatan death march ...

The Trail of a Thousand Tears ...

People, the world is coming apart. And it's coming apart .... N O W (yeah, torn apart. By King Pigsh*t, be more accurate).

'Migrant crisis: Hungary migrants start walk to border'

Many pics, worth more than a thousand words ...

" ... migrants stuck at a Budapest railway station for days have set off on foot, saying they intend to walk to Austria.
Hungarian authorities are trying to contain thousands of people desperate to reach western Europe."

"A large number - some estimate over a thousand - of migrants who had been waiting days at Budapest's Keleti station have left and plan to walk to Vienna, in the absence of trains, a journey of 240km (150 miles)" (ed: there will be blood/GHUA).

"Hundreds of people have broken out of a refugee camp at Roszke near the Serbian border and are being pursued by police; thousands more still inside are threatening to break out too."

"Meanwhile European Union states are struggling to agree a common strategy ..."

I got a strategy for ya ... you bet. Uh huh ... Can you read my mind? Guess what I'm thinking? No hints [I like what little freedom, I have left (ooops ... come back kitty, here kitty ... back in the bag)]. And elmo, what makes you think, thinking, isn't against King Pigsh*t's excecutive excretia? Huh? Hellooo ....

The thought police, do IN FACT, now exist.



2:00 p.m.

Nothing to see .... move along

'Palestinians Reject Netanyahu Offer To Restart Peace Negotiations'

(via BadBlue)

Palestinian officials have rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer to restart peace negotiations, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

(From T.O.I./in Tower article)

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat called Netanyahu “king of the settlers”

Another senior PA official, Jamal Mohaisen, said that Netanyahu was unwelcome in Ramallah.

(back to Tower)

Netanyahu, in a meeting Tuesday with peace advocates, said that he was “prepared to go to Ramallah or anywhere else right now to meet and hold direct negotiations without preconditions.

'Obama Ready To Consider Extreme Weather Compensation For Developing Nations?'

(via BadBlue)

Rich nations at UN climate talks are said to be edging towards a compromise on the thorny issue of loss and damage. Poorer countries want compensation for extreme weather events that they link to large scale carbon emissions.

... a clarified proposal from the US … was said to concede that the Warsaw Mechanism should be extended and made permanent. They would also “respond to the concerns of developing countries”.—Matt McGrath, BBC News, 4 September 2015

I told ya (why not even yesterday). Though his duck leg's lame. Job #1, for King Pigsh*t, for the next YEAR AND A HALF.

Is Destroy America.

And he has help, from his new BFF's ... yep [yeah, the headline/story ... two days old (I'm not Condor, I don't read everything [Iran threatening Israel? That's new? Started ten years ago (see Anechoic Room/W.W. III started yesterday .... October, 2005)])]

[via Allen West (via BadBlue)]

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said today that the International Atomic Energy Agency — which inked confidential deals with Tehran that Congress has not been able to see. (And) would not be able to see all the facilities it wants to. “Iran does not plan to issue permission for the IAEA to inspect every site."

Sinai bomb blasts injure 4 US troops, 2 MFO peace keepers
DEBKAfile September 4, 2015, 10:39 PM (IDT)  [via BadBlue]

Four American and two international peacekeepers from Fiji were wounded in two bomb blasts in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Thursday night ...

The two international troops hit an improvised explosive device (ed: can you say IRAN!!!!) with their vehicle, and then the four Americans were hit with a second explosion on another vehicle while attempting to respond and provide help ...

(it's what Islamists do. It's what they take pride in. The heinous nature, of their debasement of humanity) ...


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