Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kristallnacht isn't a Disney song

'PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill Mocks Israeli PM Netanyahu After Democrats Support Obama Iran Nuke Deal'

Via Sludge [with the death porn cover (and still, a blind nation cannot connect the dots [to Rebel Commander Hussein (and the Millions, and Millions, and Millions ... of refugees. Streaming across the globe. And the hundreds, and hundreds, and Hundreds of Thousands ... Slaughtered. A L L  in just the last couple of years alone [it's called global war. And it is here NOW. Is anyone even awake? Hellooo (well, I guess if they can ignore the slaughter, of a hundred thousand babies a year, here in the U.S.? They can support Obama, suborning the global Islamist caliphate/genocide machine (easy peasy)])])].

Gwen Ifill, a star news anchor [ed: we'll give Kristinn, the benefit (of the doubt), on that one/snarf] on the taxpayer funded Public Broadcasting System’s Washington Week and PBS Newshour, took to Twitter on Wednesday to mock Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ifill retweeted an Obama administration propaganda tweet from the administration’s @TheIranDeal Twitter account that itself mocked Netanyahu with a graphic based on a famous ‘nuclear bomb’ illustration Netanyahu used in an address to the United Nations.

And then our sweet, dear Gwenneth, (after retweeting the fascist state propangada) ever so GLEEFULLY spouts [with her black boot (heels) a clickin', her right arm raised, palm forward, arm outstretched upward]:

"Take that, Bibi." (kinda casually actually)

[no diff really, than Chucklehead Odorama, sending Churchill's bust a'packin. And in thus, essentially, the dog eater is saying (by default), a bust of Adolf Hitler, be more his style. Take that Bibi? How f*cking deranged do you have to be? How anti-semitic. See, it's all in the open now. No one's hiding it, anymore (spitting on Jews). Like a November night, in Berlin, in 1938. Gleefully, publicly embracing genocide, by the (now new) Fourth Reich. Gwen, cheering, celebrating ... hi ho, hi ho ... it's off to work she goes].

It ain't no trick
To get rich quick
If you dig dig dig
With a shovel or a pick
Graves for hook nosed bagel eaters

Where we get summa dat hundred fifty billion dollars (yes we are)
C'ya Shime

Hi ho, Hi ho
It's off to work we go
Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho

And this is a newscaster ... a journalist? And she gets paid ... on the Gov dime?! More readily aparent? Her pen(is) envy. She, ever so happy, for Dear Leader, the swingin'gay blade. Just wishes she had one too. Just like King Pighsh*t's. And just like the six foot tall cockroach, she thoroughly loves the smell ... of dead Jews in the morning. What an evil cow (I bet she blames the wine) ...

(borried from

Here's How It's Going Down/Plan B

Americans (and America), can smell the stench (even from 3,000 miles away). Of the (knee dropping) putrid King Pigsh*t, in the White House (and the odor, of the GOPigs, who infest/infect the Beltway, as well). And they know, the smell isn't going away. And ... there's nothing they can do.

Donald Trump, took the lid off (all the way off) the stink. And it isn't going back on. So, what does that mean?

It means E V E R Y O N E knows. Without question. The IslamoCommieJunta, are not going to occupy the White House, again. Under ANY circumstance. There will be NO third term, for Khalid Sheik Obama.

No one, not a one. Will believe a fraudulent election result, which proclaims thus. So, Moochelle is off the table, gone. Now, a non starter [no one said they were incompetent, in/at destroying America. Even if, they are utterly and completely deranged (funny how that works [even James Holmes, managed nearly a hundred casualties. Without barely lifting a finger/breaking a sweat])].

The Nation, can see the (graffiti) writing on the wall.

That sez: FOAD you traitor scum ... all you cockroaches (and rot in Hell, for all eternity). And, the IslamoCommieJunta, can themselves, also see ... the clock on the wall. That tells them, it's time to go to Plan B.

Plan B

Obama will resign, from office. Just after the November, 2016 election. Biden will be sworn in, as president. And will promptly pardon King Pigsh*t, for TREASON [and likely J.F. Kerry, as well (a hundred fifty billion dollars really spends)]. Hildabeast? Who knows/not sure. But others are confident, of what she knows (about Buraq Hussein). And thus, providing her a measure of safety (as well)?

Eyes on the evil prize.

Though Trump, has OFFICIALLY rendered Rebel Commander Hussein, a duck with a bum leg. He still, will continue to destroy. Everything. Everyday. FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A HALF!

And those 100 wide body Boeing jet airliners? That we're just going to give Iran (every year, for the next ten!). I don't think it possible, to come up with.


One that is already tested/proven. For a nuclear bomb. Than a sky, completely filled with Iranian commercial passenger jet airliners. Traveling to major western metropolitian areas.


9:30 a.m.

Mel Gibson will not be charged over photographer 'fracas'

Nothing to see at the link. Nothing at all. This except, however, (from the) last paragraph in (linked) article :

"The Braveheart director, who fell out of favour in Hollywood after a series of public outbursts."

Is priceless. Yes, it deserves something more. More than a tiny modest snarc (but I'm not up to it. And well ... tis just another ... feather on a string now, isn't it).

WFB (via Lucianne). Gwen Ifill, not merely content to be thought an antisemite. But to actually prove it! [Or as they usta say (back in the day) ... with authority].

“No it was not a shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though it has become apparent that, in certain circles, it was taken as one.”

Ifill's naked, unadorned hatred, is just staggering. Once Hussein planted the seed. Watered, and fertilized it (as only King Pigsh*t can). It grew. And now, it won't stop ... growing. This is the world. The world today. So much hate. So much hate.

We could use some help here L*rd, we really really could. Yes.  (via Lucianne)

And when I say we, I mean they. The other two thirds, of the battered and bruised American soldiers, who aren't yet dead [yes, Exam has popups, won't happen again. Word [is there some point, in erecting roadblocks to content? Making readers jump over hurdles, and travel through endless (lab rat) mazes? Like a cruel (human form of a) dog agility contest/course. You don't want me to read? You don't want me to visit? Fine. I won't. Easy peasy. Nuttin' tuit honey].  (header/banner @)

Judge rules in favor of Brady in 'Deflategate' case
Four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady nullified by federal judge in 'Deflategate' case. (FoxNews)

But they can't stop the Iran deal? How frickin' insane is that. It's the money transfer (not the deal, the treason, or the nukes). Who has control, of the funds? Lock them down. Lock them down now (below vid, is eleven seconds in length).



Repeat .....

[Yeah, I know you wanna get rid of me. But I haven't given up. And as we speak, King Pigsh*t, hasn't as yet ... fully refueled. The (gas powered) global shii caliphate (human) wood chipper (and if it happens, then you'll get your wishes). Though, we have only days (until this site goes dark, and its host goes Negev)]


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