Sunday, November 01, 2015

Islam comes for thee

That's you. And that's me, people. Europe doesn't even exist anymore. The borders are gone. It's now a lawless no go zone. All of it. Rape, rape and more rape. Everywhere now, rape [but since they're not Republicans, it isn't actually a war on women. No. Tis merely a cultural exchange (see: Lara Logan, cultural exchange student)].

Multiple CBS (radio) outlets (S.F., L.A.), running a (normal stankaganda) piece (a'shite). Early a.m. yesterday, Saturday. Bout "bullying." Specifically, towards goat f*ckers (being bullied in school).

You know (C.A.I.R., made up/fabricated) stats, that show like ... oh ... what a ginormous increase [in same (I don't know the actual proferred stat. Like it makes any freakin' diff! [and well ... according to our latest scientific global warming statistics. The planet will melt in exactly three weeks (but, if you gave out carrots and raisins last night, instead of candy, for Halloween? Well you can rest in hell, without any guilt, what so ever. For you leel libturd, you did your part for humanity. Yes)].

Forced sharia (yeah, that's right. There is no other kind). Via tarted up flung-doo .... islamophobia (ooogy boogy booh!).

F*ck off.

F*ck off ... and die (slowly, very. From bone cancer).


I guess, if you D O N' T invite the sweet, dear, lil goat froogers, to your X-mas gathering? You're a bully. Are insensitive.

And ....

If you do?

You are a bully. Are insensitive [well speakin' uh duh Devil .... (via DirectorBlue) Wounded American Warrior: 'Saying Merry Christmas, to a goatf*cker. Is worse than murder' ([unread] likely just some more of the usual, everyday C.A.I.R. flung-doo)].


We dont f*ck goats.  Just the way we are (sneef). And ... we don't keep young boys, as sex slaves (or sell them into, for a pack of Marlboro's). So, thusly stands to reason, we don't much care for eeeslomb. At all. Nope.

In a free country [remember when (I know, it WAS a long time ago)], you like whatever you dang please. And, dislike whatever displeases. In a free country.


You lose your job. Or your (bakery or photo) biz. Or, are persecuted. Threatened. Even prosecuted.


At GWP (via BadBlue): 'Immigrants sing of the Jihad/killing, in/at refugee center, in Germany. While volunteers at center, applaud.' (No bullies here! Can I have an All Who to the Ock Bar?).

T.O.I. (via BadBlue), Egyptian TV: 'Burning Jews is only solution' [bbbbut it's not bullying! Noooh. (Spoken like Felix the Cat): remember kids, only whitey/Jews/Christians are bullies)].

Today's dose of bullying/islamophobia/hate speech (more commonly known as truth, to you and me): Islam Comes for Thee  (translation from German).

Direct vid (spoken German) link:


Some extry (pork sausage) links for breakfast, (in no particular order, and) taken with a thousand grains of Valium .... (many via BadBlue, of course):

The H.S. student, who was "just doing math." In a classroom, in So. Carolina? Her GoFundMe page .... now at $42K! (F*ck me).

I.B.D.: Lerner erased/destroyed ... the data, on 422 IRS backup tapes! [Not one tape. Nope. Not two (backup/safety/security tapes). No. Not even two hundred. But Four Hundred separate individual tapes]. And freakin' (steamin' pile'o) King Pigsh*t is still in office! My G*d. Hey Paul Ryan, Hey Trey Gowdy, Hey Mitch McConnell .... sugg me deek/lick my *ss you f*cking scum!

(File under: you can't make this sh*t up)
AP-Raw: 'S. Korean seized by extremists found dead in Phillipines' ... ummm ... ingrown toenail ... (cause of death?). Or, maybe he was simply overcome. Having to wait. However many more weeks, for the latest Star Wars installment? He merely spontaneoulsy expired ("found dead"). And, well ... they were only extremists after all. Not islamists or terrorists (woon't hoyt a fly). Just/only extremists (you know, like when you have a bad hair day, and get a lil edgy).

AP-Raw: 'Officials search for cause of plane crash over Egypt's Sinai'

I don't know ... try looking up your bum? Maybe ask Nikoula Nikoula ...aye? Hint: WATCH THE ISIS VID! You filthy fux (Alt: Ask Susan Rice). And also, take a peek at the (inflight) stat tables showing ... the plane's immediate/instant loss of speed. As well, the rapid loss of altitude/one mile per minute (both consistent with catastrophic failure/destruction of the airframe). Or, simply look at the ground pic's/wreckage? No crater. No splintering. No ticker tape parade aftermath (bazillion lil bits of plane, shattered to infinity, upon single point impact). Instead, various whole/entire/intact sections of the fuselage, rest on the ground. Spread out over a distance of three miles. Current State propaganda meme: "we'll know the cause in a year.", Chicagoland/Video: 'Machine switches votes from Repub to Dem' (I know, like it makes any f*cking diff at all!). And well, it's only a "calibration error" (nothing to see, move along).

CNN: '6,600 feral inmates to be released this weekend' ... "biggest feral inmate release on record," "biggest in U.S. history." Feel free to correct the spelling (if that's your teeng). From feral, to federal.

BBC: U.N. says climate plans "not enough" (we still gotta kill all them white folk, yep).

AP-Raw: 'U.N. says 4 staffers dismissed for child porn" .... "dismissed" .... you know, they get to go home early. Don't have to wait, for the bell. Four (staffers) only? Riiiiiiight. Boys in light blue, are pedophiles and baby rapers supreme. It's what they do. Under the cover of authority. And ON OUR F*CKING DIME! "War on women"? I got your f*cking war you filthy *ssmonkeys.

Atlantic Wire (via Lucianne): Suspect, in arson, of multiple black churches, in St. Lo.? Ssssshhhhh .... don't tell anyone, come closer, let me whisper in your ear [he's not white. Noooh. He ain't (I'm guessing he's not mooselimb either [bwaha to taste])].

BBC: 'Somali hotel attacked by gunmen' ..... but they're not islamists (or terrorists). Nope. And, it's never grandma (in the crosswalk), killed by a carman. Or, someone killed by a knifeman. It is always and only ... gunman. Always [or now the latest. Islam doesn't kill. No. Bacon does! (BBC: 'Are any foods safe to eat anymore?')].

Bow unto the goat fookin' mush sigh uh. Then get on your knees. And sugg the  muzzy thingy. Islam comes for thee. And  right quick (my, what a bully you are elmo).

Too many, far to many. Don't know, what's going on. How bad things are. How bad things really are. Are too busy (paying bills), to afford to take the time. (And they don't even have to be libturds) too many don't care, at all.

And tis why, the Country will fall. Makes no matter, how many know. How many truly understand. No.

This wound is fatal. Cannot be stitched. The Patriots will forge their survival. Among the ruins. Among the wreckage. Among the pieces of this shattered land. She's not coming back together again. Whatever may yet be.

It is over [why maybe in another five years, Limburger'll finally tell you it's time to panic?].

Islam comes for thee (it's what they do).

Got lead?

Got X-bow?

Got blade?

Got oleocapsicum?

It's gunna get hairy out there people.

Real f*cking hairy.

Islam comes for thee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been mostly offline when not hunting. Lost 2,thats TWO FREAKING hardrives! Am in dire straits (1st album was killer,BTW.kinda hit and miss after.) until I can Amazon a new one in.

Personally,theres only one solid state above tube. If it wasn t for Naim Audio, I'd have 4 tube amps right now. Naim amps and pre, Linn spins the grooves. A Flat Earther WAAY before the term was coined. I save the tube stuff for the Sovtek and Fender.

Ahh heck. Had gom s to spew about Christians and Jews vs each other and vs the moo-suu-lems and Communists and politics-today. But just hit the wall. Its 4 hrs later out here. Gonna hit the sack. Will to find a few min s somewhere in the next few days for a good spew.

(that is ofcourse if the bear doesn't get me instead of the other way around. He has turned out bigger and much smarter than I was expecting!)



8:42 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I don't sweat the tube/solid thing anymore (as if it contained the meaning of life?). I had such a hard time, over many years, finding a reason to like tube. Took a long time. To even hear a diff, that was meaningful enough, for me to drop the dough. And even then, wasn't night and day. And when I finally did (thirty years ago), it ran purdy hot, and gobbled tubes (Connie MV75).

Single ended/300B .... nuther world entire [though not every 300B amp is a contender (gotta kiss a few frogs!)]. I pretty much lost all interest in audiophilia, after getting my current system sorted. Spent no more time online, in audio forums. Spent it ... spinning platters (and hunting for fresh wax).

Lost an IBM T41/SXGA, back when (a whole entire week, after purchasing used, for seven bills). To static discharge. Felt sick (lost an equally pricey moving coil cart once, same way). Haven't powered up the (current) T60, in at least three years (no lie).

Since getting my first Android phone, three years ago/Christmas [followed by a Windows/Nokia (for one whole entire week/what kwap [though the Nokia 1020 is a Very Sweet cam indeed])]. All my internet/computing, now done on this HP 9071 blu/kybrd. And (used/three bills), Sony 6.4" cell.


P.S. Mebbe try an SSD [solid state drive (no pun intended)]. No experience [other than onboard/Sony (woulda swapped one in the T60, if I was still using it)].

7:54 AM  

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