Sunday, September 06, 2015

The World is in for a Universe of hurt

It's pretty much over, for Europe ('cept for the shouting). Just look at Rotterdam. If perhaps, you were wondering why? Norway, Holland, and Sweeden, on their borders. Do not have giant, happy, smiling welcoming committees. To catch, receive, and welcome ... the flood. The now relentless human tidal wave. The Hijrah (Buraq Hussein in the Membrane's Hijrah).

'Harry Reid confirms Senate Democrats
will filibuster Iran nuclear deal'

Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan

"Democrats will try to mount a filibuster to block the Iran nuclear deal from even having to reach President Obama’s desk for a veto, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid signaled Saturday in a statement."

Reply 1 - Posted by: glcinpdx, 9/5/2015 9:00:06 PM     (No. 10445546)
Yet Jews continue their majority Lockstep support for the Democrat Party...

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I told you it was starting.
Joo's fault.
In another week, after the (non) vote.
You won't even recognize the country. Because it will no longer exist.

'First trainloads of Syrian asylum-seekers reach Germany'   (via Lucianne)

"... with a fresh rush of migrants at Europe’s borders, the broader refugee crisis only looked to be worsening."

"... with passage to Europe soon to grow more difficult, the number of newcomers has only expanded"

"New asylum-seekers were arriving in Hungary as quickly as they were draining out Saturday, highlighting the absence of a unified European plan for their accommodation. Germany and Sweden have thrown open their doors to people fleeing Syria’s war. Other nations have barred themselves shut."

"...thousands were pulling up on trains in Germany, where they were receiving sustenance, shelter and welcome in a nation that has declared no limit to the numbers it will aid. As many as 7,000 were expected (on) Saturday (alone)."

'Government appears to edge closer to vote on Syria air strikes'  (via Lucianne)

"The British government appears to be edging closer to backing air strikes against Islamic State in Syria"

"You've got to deal with the problem at source, which is this evil Assad regime and the ISIL (Islamic State) terrorists, and you need a comprehensive plan"

Riiiight ... a comprehensive plan. Let us know how that works out. You betcha.

'Riot police clash with refugees in Lesbos'
"Some 17,000 people are trapped on Greek island in stinking conditions"  (via Lucianne)

"Greek riot police armed with shields and batons charged hundreds of angry refugees on the island of Lesbos on Saturday night, some of whom have been trapped on the island for two weeks. One man, a Syrian refugee, was hit on the head in a baton charge and fell to the ground unconscious."

"There are an estimated 17,000 refugees and migrants trapped on the island, which they reached in boats and dinghies organised by smugglers operating from the nearby Turkish coast. They are sleeping on the street or in tents pitched around the port. There is an acrid smell of urine and excrement."

(via Lucianne) [with excerpts edited for clarity]

"Supreme Leader Khamenei ... his impounded ($150B) cash ... this (soon to be released by Obama) treasure, and the (Syrian) war are closely linked.

Because the wealth is headed for the battlefields of TODAY, from Syria to Yemen, and the battlefields of tomorrow. From Cuba to Venezuela, and the homeland (Iran), and the weapons for those battles.  Khamenei has (already) placed an order for more than Nine Billion Dollars’ worth—notably for use against our Navy and the celebrated anti-aircraft missiles (to defend Iran's vast/innumerable nuclear weapon's enrichment facilities, labs, and factories) –with Putin.

Meanwhile, the big story, and our political energies, remain transfixed by the political maneuvering in Washington, wherein “war” is both physically and temporally remote.  That’s  when we’re most vulnerable.  Our enemies know it.  And so the Russians, Iranians (and the Chinese, and ISIS) grab while the grabbing’s easy.

How do you know it's over? When the police need our protection. That would be your first clue.  (via Lucianne)

Those damn fookin Jews!

'MAP: Which Muslim Countries are Sealing their Borders to Prevent an Onslaught of Syrian Refugees?'

"Perhaps the Obama administration could explain why American cities and towns are being forced to accept Syrian refugees (and, according to ISIS, terrorists hidden among them) when the wealthiest Arab countries are sealing their borders."

And well, it isn't actually Hijrah, no. It's happiness and love (and flowers and sh*t). Yeah ... we're doing it for the children!

And ssshh, don't tell anyone (even if I keep doing it), but it's the Jew's fault [paragraph 10... (ssshh)].

And don't worry lil bobcat, cuz we're saved!

'Bono Changes Lyrics To Mark Syrian Boy's Death'

Damn f*cking TEA Party!

'Girl, 7, Was Shot Dead By Dad For Revenge'

"Mary Shipstone had just finished her first violin lesson when she was shot in front of her mother at their doorstep."

"An estranged father tracked down his seven-year-old daughter and shot her in the head on the doorstep of her new home, an inquest has heard.

Yasser Alromisse had spent months trying to find where his ex-wife and child were living.... "

And just wait. Wait until the U.N. gets involved. Yeah.... we'll be cooking with gas then.

"While Germany has seen a spate of ugly xenophobic rallies and attacks against foreigners, it has also seen an outpouring of support, donations and volunteer efforts by people who believe Germany, given its dark history and current wealth, has a special obligation to help refugees."

"At Frankfurt railway station overnight, food, water and clothes were piled high for the newcomers, while hundreds of people thronged the platforms."

And just to show I ain' no fuddy duddy. I, me, muhself ... will give a shout out ... to the Hijrah

'International Bacon Day: the very best bacon recipes'

[Avoid the pics if you haven't already had breakfast!]

Oh G*d

'After attacks, Tanzanian children with albinism receive prosthetics'

(unread. Couldn't bring myself to ...)

'Ahead of Iran deal debate, GOP makes last stand'

Where's Sitting Bull? We need Sitting Bull. Have you looked in the Green Room?

(unread/title snarf only)

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

KCBS/740 (unable to find same/confirm/net. Transcribed from air/broadcast)

98 year old WWII Veteran dies. Served in the Pacific, as a tailgunner. Flew (at least one) mission, over Japan. He was not interred. Though he was (Japanese)American.

G*dspeed Soldier ... G*dspeed

I heard a distant thunder ...

KNX/1070  Friday/3p.m.

(Bizarrely) naked, raw, unfiltered coverage/feed, of Davis/Kentucky. No spin, spit, spittle, derangement [but, it was for two minutes only (didn't listen after that)]. Extraordinary even (for CBS!). With comments from supporters at jail/courthouse/etc.

And I heard a distant thunder. I could feel the earth a tremble beneath my feet.


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