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F*ck Pajamas Media.

I've said too many times, I really don't care about Pajamas Media/PJM/OSM/Open Source Media (or whatever they are calling themselves this week, or even whatever their logo is today?). Not only haven't I written about them since Tuesday (!), I hadn't even scanned for them. I don't see any more humor there. I had already walked away. Now ..... I'm pissed. Yesterday, Pajamas Media killed their first blog. It weren't pretty. No small blog either, no tiny little insect or rat. A sizable bull. And knocked it over to the ground with only a feather. As easy as a walk in the park on a sunny spring day. Effortless.

Many bloggers of recent past, made the speculative argument how the commerce of PJM might change/influence content. Serious respectable bloggers of unimpeachable integrity. It wasn't an argument that interested me. I'm not much into emotionless abstract thinking. Well true to form, right on cue, their words spring to life. A living example of clear reasoned thought.

I took Rightwing Nuthouse off my blogroll yesterday. Man I liked those cats, a whole bunch. But reading them give an empty, lame defense of Pajamas Media. Because they are now a recipient of their advertising dollars, was more than I could bear. The change in writing quality was instantaneous and complete.

I just signed a contract with Pajamas Media to have ads appear on this site ..... I may be the last blogger in Christendom to do a post on Pajamas Media. I haven’t seen too much positive on the company. In fact, I’ve seen some pretty viscous stuff as well as some hilarious takes on their well publicized foibles. But there is very little out there in the way of support – something that I shall try and remedy here.
..... what has me scratching my head about the rabid opposition of some well known bloggers to this enterprise. How can you criticize a business that no one has any idea of what it’s about?

So, I've taken countless pot shots at the Pajamas crew the last few weeks and month. It got the smile in me smiling. Funny is funny. And these guys were. And, I even defended them from the b-sphere's giant chancre, Tony Pierce. Shoot, even from the Easter peace bunny himself, Richard Silverstein [who today is sliming the Miami air marshall, and singing Barghouti's praises as well (call it a twofer)]. I even ignored all the self promotion and The Seventy, linking to one another like drunken monkeys who found the keys to the bar. I had come to accept that they weren't going away today, and maybe not tomorrow. And that they would likely just be in the way, for a while. Like a large mass of fresh road kill.

It's not my intent to start some cross town scrimmage. To continue beating the invisible remains of a dead horse, that had already been carted off to the glue factory. Simply to express my sincere dismay that all is not well in the blogosphere.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Hog on Ice linked with: "Pajamas Media Accused of Murder."

Riehl World View linked with: "Pajamas Media: This Makes No Sense."

Althouse linked with: "Me, I don't go to the Pajamas Media website anymore."

Inside Online Advertising linked with: "Will Pajamas Media Destroy BlogAds?"

Addendum; Sunday, December 11, 8:57 a.m.

Has one single blogger in the PJM fold expressed an opinion about Dennis the Peasant? One. Just, and only one?

Cliche alert ..... the silence is truly, astoundingly ....... deafening.

OK (wtf) .... let's go ahead an kick 'em when they're down aye? Hog's got the folded hammered blade out, and he's swinging it mightily. PJM blood is on the floor (watch where you step). "Your Ad Here, For Thirty Pieces of Silver" (Highly recommended).

Which contains this embedded link from Dan: Pajamas Media And Newstex Agreement

Well, the above from Dan, is more to the theoretical/business/journo model (which of course is no small part of the whole story, which has played out the last seven months). But, this later post from Dan (below), about an email that he received from Rick. Just makes me sad. I like being a part of the right blogosphere. I find it satisfying to participate. I like that people stand up for that which is right, and that which they believe in. Getting lost in semantics however, or ignoring serious lapses in integrity (Dennis the Peasant/Pajamas Media) is something I myself hope to never engage in. And readers of this blog are kindly instructed to slap it's proprietor silly, should such ever come to their attention (Thank You Very Much).

Oh For Heavens Sake

Rick Moran:
I'm responding privately because I want this to stop now.
Your post was insulting and questioned my integrity. My contract with PJM stipulates that they will not interfere in the content I put on my site. If that ever changes, I hope I've made it clear that I would discontinue my association with them.

Myself, I have called the quality of Mr. Moran's writing into question. And more than strongly suggested it has suffered, and seriously, because of his new association with Pajamas Media. I believe he is just one of many unfortunates, who will be run over in this internet debacle. Gather up the kids, move to the side of the road. Maybe pick a side? Hopefully after studying where one might want to stand? Anyone who needs directions to the rabbit hole? Here is a most excellent place to start. Certainly not the beginning, unfortunately not the end. Call it the middle, the center if you will.

The “Certain Thing”

Addendum; 1:29 p.m.

Well, one can certainly admire the superficially detached nature of Never Yet Melted's: "PJM Feuding Continues." It has the feel of starting out on the high road, in a car being driven by Solomon himself.

Anechoic Room believes that Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House has sold his soul to the forces of darkness. So recognizable is the instantaneous taint of corruption, in AR’s eyes at least, that AR is striking RWNH from his blogroll, and is telling readers that he henceforward looks upon that blog as dead. AR is consequently (with somewhat hypertrophied rhetoric) accusing PJM of “killing a blog.” Ms. Althouse, with a graceful air of detachment, did manage to link this one.

But ..... f*ck him if he's going to put words in my mouth. I respect Rick, and have not, and would not accuse him of lacking in integrity. It's his muse that has flown south for the winter. Perhaps irretrievably? Which I clearly believe is a manifestation of his new master. It was an almost drunken laziness on display in his first post about Pajamas Media. In fact, in my eyes, it was pathetic. I seriously questioned going through with this initial post, however many hours ago.


If Never Yet Melted cannot understand what I have written, and/or wants to mischaracterize it? Then it might be time for him/her to hang up their blogging holster as well?

As far as:

are merely going to convince the rest of us that they are prone to premature judgements, and –in extreme cases– that they are complete whackjobs.

Another new emigre to Private Idaho, United States of Denial.

Monday, December 12, 2005. Show of hands ... what shall we talk about today?


Blogger Dan said...

2:02 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

Thanks for the heads up.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Jacob said...

I can't tell if "viscous stuff" is a typo or a hilarious pun on Althouse's semen-and-pus thingy.

9:04 PM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I haven't gone over to RWN yet this a.m. (I will), but I most certainly (obviously) was disappointed in Rick's initial post. And then his later defense of it.

PJM and it's supporters, are now starting to seem like one of those three hundred car autobahn pileups, in the fog.

More cars enter the highway blind. And unbelievably, more continue to pile into the already existing wreckage.

7:46 AM  
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Mentioned at Inside Online Advertising

Will Pajamas Media Destroy BlogAds?

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