Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Glad I'm not a Right Wing Blogger in 2006, or a member of Pajamas Media. By Tuney Pearce.

Hi, my name is Tuney Pearce.

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And I bag more betties that an old Flinstones cartoon. In fact, I'm such a legend (in my own mind). That the Smithsonian Institution came by to pick up my old mattress. They said something about opening a new wing in that august institution. Devoted to legends (and myths).

Anyway. I'm also a top notch poohbah in the left blogosphere. I mean my world wide web deek is so large, the internet can't even contain my wang. It's a big wang. I mean ginormous. Thazz riet. Me, Tuney Pearce.
Beeg deek. On the eenterrnet thingy ma-bobber.

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Anyway, I just wanted to tell all you folks about them eeevuhl right wing bloggers. Thazz riet. They said I have no morals, screw pulls, integrity, brains, skittles (mad or otherwise). Sheeet, they said I didn't even know to operate a motorized toy vehicle while inebriated. That's just not true. I can radio control a toy car as good as anyone. Ask officer Bob from WeHo. He'll tell ya (on second thought).

Anyway, there's this Elmo cat over at Anechoic Room. And he's been like all in my face and stuff (that b*tch). And coming round my beeeg deek website. And saying like political stuff. And not saying good things about my old mattress. And that juzz ain' right. No Sir. No maam. No hermaphrodites.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the rumours of some of us folks here at Tuney Pearce being paid to support John Kerry for President, are bald faced lies. No one paid us (I know, yep, hard to believe, but true). We voted for him because we thought he could win (bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha).

So don't let anyone tell you that I, Tuney Pearce can be bought. No Sir, maam, or hermaphrodite. Though if you gottz some already cooked base? Then maybe we can talk sparky. Anyway, mad proops to my crew, knucklehead, marbles, and greensleeves.

Sincerely, head doodoo slinger extraordinaire, Tuney.

Any similarity to a loud mouth dingaling, oh so hipper than thou left wing bloggadocious fooh, named Tony Pierce. Is purely coincidental. And entirely a pigment of your three dollar lysergic imagination. We now return contol of your blogosphere ..... to you. This has been a test of the satiricon broadcasting network. We repeat, this was only a test. Should this have been an actual emergency, you would have been intructed where to tune in on your internet for emergency satire instructions. We repeat

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Anyway .... Tuney sez, can you excuse me for a minute (?) ..... I have to go to the bathroom.

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This here is the leader of my country, Tuney's Hipper than Thowville. He's French. Can you tell?

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This is a picture of me while I'm at work, doing big time blog stuff. Guess what I'm doing with my left hand?

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I'm also famous in other galaxies. Here a space traveler asked me to take him to our leader. Thazz cuz he already knew what a hotshot I am. Is that cool or what?

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I like to blog about big time important political sh*t (and stuff). Cuz I am a geney us. This is just some of the really important stuff that I, Tuney Pearce like to blog about.

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By the way ... there's always a party in my pants. Bet you didn't know that?

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This is a really heavy dootie band I hang around with. They give me free ballons cuzz they know how cool I am.

how to know when you're on to something big by tuney pearce

"my name is tuney pearce. i have several ways to be contacted ..... you can send me your panties, nudes, cash to ..... i am as open a book as can be. im not in hiding like a jagoff like negative anonymous commentors. and its not because i dont talk shit, ..... infact i talk more shit than probably anyone. i said i was glad ronald reagan was dead when he died, pretty much nothing that a negative commentor could say could equal the ire that those statements could create

(hmmm, I wonder what that Elmo cat said that caused him to get banned from beegdeekville? Tuney sounds like such a manly man: "its true that i have a pretty healthy following. and its also true that im an xbi agent who has a lot of friends. and its true that i have readers of all walks of life including fans who work in the armed forces, the heavilly armed forces, and some who like me work in the shadows between good and evil.")

Addendum; Tuesday, December 6, 5:58 a.m.

Some forms of mental illness are in fact contagious (those susceptible are advised to wear their aluminum foil hats at all times).

"Tony Pierce has come up with a pretty interesting theory about Pajamas Media which points to the possibility that it was/is bankrolled by the Department of Defense as a part of a new psychological operations initiative aimed at alternative medias, such as video games, blogging, and so forth."

"Given the current bypass system that seems to be in place, and the number of ways that the media has been twisted lately, it certainly makes one wonder. Of course it would be easily proven wrong if those at PM just disclosed their source of income."

Coffee spew alert!

Tony Pierce is putting together the best piece of investigative journalism of '05

He is questioning whether Pajamas Media is actually just a paid shill for the US Government. It may have no base in truth, however ..... the MSM would be remiss to not look into it further. Imagine if it was true? We would have entered a new age of deception and lies

(or maybe devolution?)

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I haven't as yet seen the latest studies which would hint at the efficacy of adding pointy thingies to your aluminum hat. Or plugging your ears. Libwool readers are advised to experiment and see what actually works best for them?

Here's what looks like a nice reasoned thread over at Vodka Pundit. I missed it (you'll never hear me claim to be sharp). And I haven't read every comment as yet. And it looks like Tuney is even there.

I'm half way through this Winds of Change: Tony Pierce Has Got Me Defending Pajamas Media - Go Figure by Armed Liberal. And it's a good read so far, Though I don't know I'd argue the same points or in the same fashion?

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