Friday, December 02, 2005

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It would appear that there are some superficial similarities in content (above), with my (further) below post. But, I've only quickly glanced at the above post, haven't read it. And don't want it to color my thoughts, (already) presented below (it's entirely possible it will/would make my below comments superfluos ..... ?).

It was reading the comments section of Hog's post this morning [of course in addition to the post itself (!)]. That got me writing this morning, producing this below post.

It's easy to get a leetle paranormal about the whole deal. One day one of my comments was held up in moderation (at a 70 spot), the same day that another site didn't have open trackbacks (not one of the 70, but a not small fixture on the right). With no explanation. Where they had them everyday as institution.

I do think it's possible that some maybe, have questioned an open range war (?). Whether a protracted dirt clod fight is good for anyone. And without bothering to look at a large scale satellite photo, and asking of themselves, their place upon it? Me, obviously have no vested interest in any particular outcome. Only in the word. I give the word priority, it is after all, all I have. And it is the only reason I visit other blogs. To take a peek at what the host has shared of their heart and mind. People, being people (cue Barbara Streisand mp3).

A couple of the 70 betrayed the word. No, not all of them (and yes I have wandered into generalities on occasion). And some of the honchos betrayed more than the word. I don't feel a need or compulsion to promote my point of view. I got off my chest yesterday a snapshot of what I see. What I feel. What I think.

At this point, I should probably try and make my way through the b-sphere, without the flannel crutch. I no longer care what happens to Pajamas Media. That's not to say I don't care for some or many of the 70. Yes, the appalling silence of many, could be misconstrued as condoning. When it is possible that internal conflicts/struggles are taking place? (At least one might hope).

I just don't think I can squeeze any more laughs from out of the steel drum that contains Pajamas Media rendered corpse. That isn't to say some guffaws won't ooze out, while it rides on the Tommy Lift flatbed truck on the way to the glue factory? I'm just not optimistic. I will however take the gift given to me, of getting to discover the right blogopshere's true heart.

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Addendum 9:58 p.m.

And don't say I never gave you anything.


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