Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pajamas Media .... the toyd floating in the punchbowl.

Well, the time has finally arrived for the vet's assistant to come and take the remains of Pajamas Media away. And ship her off for rendering. Gosh, that was fun (and educational). I'm gonna miss her hairy hide, to ride upon and galavant about the net. Why ..... I miss her already. But, before she's made into glue ..... perhaps a little tearful glance back on the life that was that ole nag of ours ..... Pajamalama-dingdong.

1) There were many bloggers who grumbled about the business model. Some, yes, with a self interest. But more, in the normal spirit of blogging (subject interest, and truth). As far back as seven months ago. And for their efforts? Something far removed from simple consternation. Condemnation. And the planting of seeds of ostracization. It should have been clearer then, but strangely it was not. Still, a few bloggers with integrity stuck to their internet pistolas.

2) Kenton Kelly/Dennis the Peasant. What more is there to say? Beyond fuggin belief. And what a foukeen disgrace, all those who attacked the messenger/s? Shameful.

3) Those that remained silent, or even joined in yet other attacks, on other bloggers (Althouse, Den Beste). Don't quit your day jobs. Really.

4) Did anyone, f*ck just one person believe that no one would notice? That no one would care? Or was everyone just supposed to look away and ignore? Frankly I don't get it ...... I can understand it. And I can even see how it took place. Myself, I'm not inclined to rationalize it, or paint over it. But, that's just me. You? I can't speak for you.

5) At this point, I don't know that the 9-5 atomic biz that is Pajamas Media, will or won't fail, or when?
I can say without any qualification however, it is a failure in the blogosphere at present. It's integrity will never be restored in this moment. Time will pass, but the image will not change or fade among those who were privy to recent and past events. There are now two completely different right blogospheres. Tango Whiskey Oscar.

6) I don't keep a list, but I now look quite often, more than I care to. Checking whether a blog is one of the seventy or not? Before I read, or even think of commenting, let alone trackingback. Yes, I have some of them on my blogroll, and have even added. But I can't help but feel that yours truly is persona non grata on many/most of them (duh).

7) Politics is one thing, heck even loyalty another. But judgement is something which clearly defines most bloggers in this neck of the woods. And poor judgement was shown. In a most embarrassing continuum. Ceaselees it was. I cannot in good conscience believe in the words, or the thoughts of those who displayed such.

8) Where are we now? The turd is still floating in the punch bowl. People are saying it was such great punch before. But unbelievably, some are saying it's great punch now. What the fook is up with that ...... are some of ya buhlined? Deef? There's a fookin' turd in the freakin' punchbowl fer cryin' out loud!

9) As long as it stays, there will always be two b-spheres. The punch drinkers. And the non.

10) It is never too late to save yourselves. And stand up for that which is right. Never.


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