Sunday, December 04, 2005

On December 13, Tookie Williams will die.

In nine days, the state of California, will stick a needle in his arm, and introduce various substances, chemicals, and drugs. To end his life.

Tookie Williams will still be crying like a small child. Blaming 'whitey.' The police and society. This is Tookie's legacy. Not that of a man, but of a whimpering and shivering little mouse. Who will not accept blame for destroying a quantity of human life. Who will not cry out into the wilderness, and say look upon me. See the error of my ways. Do not follow. For the day may come, that you too will be cast out. Never to return.

Instead, Mr. Williams plays the victim. He blames everyone but himself. As if he was, and somehow is, a model of a citizen for the children of Watts? To this very minute he teaches them disrespect for law enforcement. Those who risk their lives, to protect good kind and decent people from the likes of Tookie.

I once strongly believed in having no death penalty. Lib that I once was. Largely, mostly on mechanical grounds, the quirks of courts and trials. The distribution and completion of the verdict. And the process of appeals, delays, stays, and clemency. Robert Alton Harris walking out of the San Quentin gas chamber alive.

Well, it is the law. And ..... just like some other highly controversial and charged topics of our day. All will not agree. Not even close. They likely will not even agree to disagree.

Be a man Tookie. Show us what you got. Show the world. Show the children of central cities what happens to those who do not live among us as fellow human beings. Give unto them the gift of hope. That there is another way, another choice. For them to make. Not one of failure, and blame, and victimhood. But as productive citizens, particicpating in their own lives. Sharing in the joy and beauty. Free from fear, gangs and violence. From from killers. Free from Tookie.

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"To blame Tookie Williams for The Crips is barking up the wrong tree," (Danny) Glover said. "It would be like blaming all white people for slavery." Awfully generous of you there old sport. According to Chris Rock, joking about whitey is your favorite pastime [not that there's anything wrong with that :-) ]. And well Daniel, it has been suggested that Tookie's involvement with eight tre didn't end with his imprisonment. Just a rumour (wink, wink) ...... "They are on the street, and they are watching," (African-American film maker) Epps said. "They will make a decision on how they are going to respond." YOU HEAR THAT TOOKIE? Some are threatening violence. What an inspiration you are. Truly.

Lowry weighs in, and offers some details that I've avoided (relating to descriptions of the murders that Tookie was convicted of. You are warned).

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