Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mental illness is never pretty.

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why im so glad im not a Right Wing Blogger in 2005-2006 or a member of Pajamas Media

by tony pierce, 112

you can debate whether BushCo knew that Osama was determined to strike inside the US a month before 9/11 .....

so it got me thinking, if BushCo has at least $100 million to spend on name-changing media spinning company in Iraq... do they have $3.5 million to spend on a name-changing media spinning company in America.

if RoveCo had no problem funding conservative journalists in the mainstream press to reward/encourage them to continue to write pro-Bush columns, it seems to me that $3.5 million to secure 70 big-time bloggers via multi-year contracts would not only be in line with the history of this administration, but a bargain at twice the price.

i am saying that in light of the latest example of Propaganda from Above - Pajamas Media is starting to look fishier and fishier.

yes i believe that if this administration has $100 million to spend on propaganda overseas, that it has a few million to spend corralling willing and loyal bloggers here in america.

the only question is, when will we find out who those bloggers on the take are, and what will happen to their reputations once they're outted.


Addendum; Tuesday, December 6, 9:12 a.m.

Anechoic Room has all the latest updates on this late breaking major news story. Quarantines are possible says the CDC in Atlanta, to contain this enormous outbreak of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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Blogger RobW said...


Argue against the points made by Mr. Pierce. You'll find you gain more respect amongst those you are trying to convince. Merely calling someone you disagree with as mentally ill is not argument, its name calling. I am certain you can do better.

7:38 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

I can call you every name in the book Rob. Respect? Play all the childish games you want. Go ahead. Pretend (for all the good it will do you) that you even have some gray matter.

No one suggests that the left is paid for their ideas. It's preposterous. And since all you want to do is dance around the head of a pin of a non existent argument (mistaking that for a contribution to the discourse). Go ahead and pat yourself on the back another time (how many time is that now?).

We disagree. Or is that too complex for you? Where the f*ck you id*ots came up with the idea that we needed to be paid?

You're out of your f*cking minds. Bush won. Real people. With real beliefs. Casting real votes. Get a f*cking clue clown.

I don't call into question your personal integrity in your own beliefs. How stupid can you folks be?

Really. Do I need to break out the crayons and draw a map?

Respect? Got any more jokes.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Billy the Kid said...

one thing about the Left...
They can smile and tap-dance even when backed into a corner they cant get out of...
Gotta love getting caught with no way out!!!

11:06 AM  
Blogger AnechoicRoom said...

To me, it's not so much left or right per se. As much as the weight, value, and quality of any given argument [though it is certainly easy to generalize ..... shoot, I do it all the time :-) ]

I admit, I was rather surprised when Sir Tony hoisted the right is so corrupt, even the right bloggers are corrupt flag. And proudly he did unfurl that banner.

He makes a filthy accusation, but offers no proof. No validation, no points in support. Z E R O evidence. Then has the temerity to procalim affront when some toss names and insults in his/their direction.

If he wants to be taken as a serious political blogger. He may want to employ a better grasp of what that may entail?

Thanks for the Visit, Elmo.

11:28 AM  

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