Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Anechoic Room is a finalist for best blog of 2005.

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Well it's true, I cannot tell a lie. And it's also no longer a secret that I'm currently leading in the voting. And here I was a tiny bit sniffly just finding out that I had been nominated. Sometimes a little shy, and lacking in a strong external expression of pride. But all the TTLB devotees, standing atop mountains around the world, shouting: blow me. Got me to thinking about me little ole self. And I sez Elmo (yes, that's what I said), Elmo, you need to tell the good people about your being chosen as a finalist. No shame in having a little glow. A litle sparkle. Why it's really O.K. twinkletoes.

I just want to say, that the $5,000 first prize award, will go towards improving the disposition of cranky bloggers nowhere. And, I'll definitely put in a good supply of moonshine, and fried cheese snacks. Maybe a flat/case of those one dollar DVD's, mastered from TV shows and movies no one alive today has ever heard of, let alone seen. I've got plenty of socks (Thanks for the e-mails). Maybe I'll take a day trip down Mexico way?

But mostly, I'll be filled with the warmth and love and joy that comes from so many of you having heart. That you know what it really means to someone like me. Who has only eight days to live, and is dying of a virus that came back on the last interstellar rock sampler (yes there is no cure, and no hope). But your votes mean the world to me (Strella's Naughty World, Avenue Revolucion, Tijuana, Mexico).

So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (even if Abba aren't getting back together again).

(And no, the Rumors that I changed my name to Ridor, from King Vidor are not true).

Some other prickly blogger, yammering away about those fookin' Weblog Awards too. I kinda stole the idea for this post from him. Tough swinging udders I say ..... right?

P.S. This post has absolutely nothing to do with Pajamas Media, blogjams, or the online world's leading Jayson Blair disciple, one Tony Pierce, or nude pictures of Charlize Theron, or midgets, or vintage toy trains, or miniature animatronic Christmas displays sold at WallieMart, or ........

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