Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Special Photo Report: Military plane crashes in Iran capital. Tue. 6 Dec 2005. Iran Focus

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There are at least two ways to look at this photo. To me, both have the same derivative outcome. War is no longer a question. The two different views are answers to: what was the crash's actual cause? Spiralling exponentially from there, the spin takes on unwieldy proportions, from infinite perspectives. So, feel free to gyroscope away. But I see no reached view/conclusion with a positive outcome.

I no longer visit some/many righty sites. Personal reasons yes, but that ain't the big deal. The reality is, myself, I can't blog if I'm too close to anyone else's marinara. I can't cook that way. So, I no longer visit Malkin, Drudge and a host of others for mainly that reason. So, I have no idea how far behind the curve I am on this story, and I don't care.

I said on Thursday, October 27, 2005, World War III Began Yesterday, October 26, 2005. But the World Did Little Note. This plane crash a secondary, tertiary .... confirmation. I should be more alarmed. Really. But what can one do? Events transpire, worlds collide. Thus is so.

How this conflagration will erupt exactly, and on which specific day? No point in that at all (wink). Yesterday evening, when I first caught drift of the story. I asked silently to no one, how this would effect Christmas? Can you fuggin belee dat?

The world at the millimeter precipice of the one true armageddon. And I'm worried about the holidays. Life is good that way. No brag. I hope never to do so here. Not that I want to, or have reason to. But more of a shared experience with my fellow Americans. My fellow sign post readers out here on the invisible highway. That leads nowhere. Yet goes everywhere.

And, for the twelve millionth time, I'll state I'm not a religious man (never have been, likely never will be). But we will pray G*d see us through.

Iran Focus: London, Dec. 05 – The chief of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog warned on Monday that Iran could develop nuclear weapons within “a few months” of starting uranium enrichment in its massive underground nuclear facility in Natanz, central Iran.

Well, Baradei tripping over the threshold of reality isn't a bad thing. But it communicates a few things to me. Neither of which I'll share.

This one gives me a little bout of the giggles. U.S.: IAF strike on Iran won't help.
A report compiled by the U.S. Military Academy says an Israeli air strike on Iran's nuclear facility is unlikely to hamper Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Israel lacks the military capability to neutralize Iran’s nuclear facilities, a report on strategies to deal with Iran’s nuclear program published Monday by the U.S. army revealed.
via http://www.iris.org.il/blog/

Addendum; 5:31 p.m.

The Ynet link produced a rich payload of four embedded, linked stories. I'll put up the first (haven't read the others yet). Though Israel has said in the recent past, that a nuclear Iran will not come to pass. Seeing Arik himself, say it in this aprox 1:30 wmv video. Makes the future just that much more clear. Amazing. I will add no further comment.

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