Tuesday, November 15, 2005

EuroDisney to change name to Camp Ramadan

The Israpundit post simply a starting point. The referenced Rabbi, talking about television. I've seen it's effect/affect on a metro riot (the Los Angleles wingding). In the L.A. event though, I believe it was only temporal.

Once the national guard finally rolled in L.A., locked and loaded. People could see a change on their televisions. Where they previously saw hands in pocket policing. It was seeing the lack of response, which encouraged, in the opening hours and days.

France I don' t see as an isolated, one time event. I see the growth of a much greater bastard culture. A new, militant, lawless, Islamic hybrid. Bizarre and violent. The European continent as a sick, twisted, inverted Islamic Disneyland. Already breastfed by years of America bashing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Terrorists elevated to the status of celebrity. Gangsta rappers. Imagery and words closely allied with that of a banger and his crew. Urban heroes

Inside Fallujah with the Mujahedin insurgents
Scroll half way down to:
With the insurgents of Fallujah
Nov. 2004: See images of anti-coalition fighters inside Fallujah by photojournalist Corentin Fleury
Very strangely, the console with the seven photos seems to be no longer active? Simply blank white space (at least on my computer).

Corentin Fleury .... (with) the "mujaheeddin" in their fight for Fallujah; meeting them .... says the 21-year-old photographer, "suddenly those fanatics had a human face" .... to free the country from the 'invaders'." .... the Frenchman goes on to talk about .... those who were ready to sacrifice their lives .... Via http://lemondewatch.blogspot.com/2005_11_13_lemondewatch_archive.html#113200753533451769

So, the analysis of the French riots continue, unabated. Me, makes no difference the cause. The cause is the past. It is the future we need be concerned with.


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