Monday, January 02, 2006

Anechoic Room live blogjams the Tournament of Roses Parade.

O.K. .... everybody got their post breakfast, holiday snacks ready? (Christmas cookies, or chocolate Hannukah gelt will be fine). Now, in case anyone is unawares, we here at the Anechoic Room, have a pretty hard and fast rule about the TV being on in the light of day. So we'll do the best that we can, under the circumstance surrounding the rule.

Currently here in SoCal it's raining like a mofo, and the wind is getting jiggy with it (Elmo has never, ever used that word before, in his life. So, the one time exception rule does apply). Peak bursts even exceeding fifty mph.

So, I can't lie, I have no fookin idea if they did something really drastic, like ummm cancel the parade? Yeah, the organizers have their own rules and protocols to follow. Like a couple of years ago, when I went to the parade with my bro. And I saw some members of a small band (by Rose Parade standards), wearing heels! I sez to meself: 'Elmo, that woman is wearing heels.' I telepathed to/through the ether: doesn't she know the parade route is a couple of miles long? She's nuts, or ..... the director of her troupe is a sadist. Anyway, that's all I 'm going to say on the subject.

Our grandstand seats that year weren't too bad. Yeah, paid seats are for weenies .... but, you can arrive at a reasonable hour, find parking even. Have coffee, and be in your seat before the parade starts. Without a loss of blood, or experiencing an aneurism.

Anyway, right about now (if the parade is still on?), the participants have got to be saying things to themselves right now like: 'f*ck me,' 'this really sucks' (big time), 'I can't believe how much money I spent to get here and participate in this wingding.' Of course our universal thought collector has even more (thanks Rove/NSA!). Stuff like: 'I'm an idiot,' 'whose idea was this?' (anyway).

Lest you think our Live Blogjam Rose Parade Coverage (tm), is somehow inferior to the masters of the blogoverse (PJM) parade coverage? We also now bring you past coverage, from the stands, wherein we reference bringing a cushion, perhaps a waterproof one even. A nice thick rectangle of neoprene is what yours truly brung (I like that word. In fact .... I'm going to say it again, brung).

We hope that you have enjoyed our live blogjam parade coverage. We will now return your blogosphere to you. But first, in deference to some of our liberal friends, across the aisle. Who may have been just a little bit put out, by our often pointy partisan remarks, we offer up a picture from a past parade, just for them ....

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Happy New Year! Wheeeeeeeeeeee ..... 2006. Holy mackerel. Son of a gun. Wowie. Zowie.

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