Thursday, December 29, 2005

Went for a walk in the rain yesterday.

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The market is only a few blocks away, and it was just barely sprinkling. Halfway there it picked up a bit, and I questioned whether or not I would get wet. Once finished shopping and heading back, the rain was gone. Something so simple, yet so priceless, walking in the rain.

Yesterday's LP Playlist:

1) Let's all sing with the Chipmunks ('61 Liberty, Heliotrope foil cover).

2) Cocteau's. Blue Bell Knoll (regular domestic Capitol).
Least pretentious/most accessible Cocteau Twins album (ignoring Heaven or Las Vegas). Maybe not overtly commercial (?), but not as emotive/artsy/opaque as all of their previous offerings. Kind of Cocteau's lite. Still, Liz on her second worst day performing, is more charming than 98% of what one can buy at current retail today (even if it's 50% of normal Cocteau delivery).

3) Thomas Dolby. Blinded by Science (12" domestic EP).
Instinctive understanding of a drum machine's strengths and weakness'.

4) The Hope Blister .... smile's ok (Brit heavy 4ad).
The passage of time did not deter Ivo in bringing voice to This Mortal Coil, one last time. Even if ten years after the fact. Louise is the only individual and voice to return from the previous large loose collective (different participants on .... violin, viola, cello, bass, drum etc.). Time's passage is what gives this the most interest to me. Not as visceral, as wondrous as that which came before. But simply as an answer to all those who asked, begged and pleaded of Ivo, for something, anything that whispered This Mortal Coil just one more time.

5) Shinehead. Reggae Christmas Medley (12" white label promo single).

6) Keely Smith. I Wish You Love (turquoise back Capitol. No cover/jacket, album only).


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