Sunday, January 01, 2006

Elmo's New Years Resolutions, 2006 Edition.

I will not go on Oprah, and then jump up and down on the couch.

I will not go to Gaza and show solidarity with the Palestinians [blowing up someone's beer joint is just plain low (even if it's the U.N.'s)].
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The bomb damaged "Beach Club" in Gaza City Sunday, Jan 1, 2006. Five armed Palestinians seized the United Nations' beer hall in Gaza early Sunday, later throwing two explosive devices.

I will continue to belittle Liberals, and yes sometimes even call them names, as is my wont. In keeping with a resolution years ago, to not make unrealistic New Years Resolutions.
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An activist from environmental group WWF, dressed up as a fish, blows a shell during a protest in front of the European Council building in Brussels December 20, 2005.

I will try to improve the appearance of my wildly exciting and deliriously dynamic website in 2006, by adding a very old photo in which I'm not recognizable. I've still got three hundred and sixty four more days to go (so no b*tching).

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After receiving my invitation to the one year anniversary Pajamas Media celebration party, I'll fawn indifference, then go. Arriving in a sporty helo, and with a fashionably dressed security detail. Loudly complain about the vodka selection at the bar, and then leave in a huff.

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Hope that Tony Pierce keeps coming back. And continues to forget that he banned me from his celebrated ginormous world famous website, a month ago (even deleting a comment of mine). Cuz you just can't put a price on something like that.

I will continue to use the F word when talking about MSM engaging in propaganda for murderers. As in F*ck the Associated Press.
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Um Nidal, mother of three Palestinian martyrs delivering a speech at a celebration at the18th foundation anniversary of Palestinian militant group, Hamas, on Friday Dec.30, 2005, in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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Remember to call my broker the first minute he reopens for business, and tell him to sell my shares in N.F.L. Saudi Arabia Inc. (I still can't believe they haven't figured out where the skin comes from, for the ball).

Hope that Iran's Mad Mo has some sense knocked into him. Soon. Very. But won't lose any sleep the night that offensive nuclear operations are undertaken against the country formerly known as Iran.

Start putting coins in a piggy bank to help elect Kerry President in 2008.
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Because the campaign to see who will be the biggest, the largest flightless bird. Has already begun. Besides, I need the eggs.

Do something fun. Do another thing that is fun. Repeat.


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