Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm in good company.

German BMW Banned From Google.

Not that I'm some sort of fan of the automobile (I'm sure they're lovely). And I can only guess why I've been delisted? I do think it safe to say I will never know why. Unlike BMW. And the seeds are planted for Google's demise, by Google. They may have created the company, even helped usher in it's place in the virtual realm. But you can't forever hide your dark soul from the world. Google is evil.

From what it looks like, the German websites of car maker BMW have been kicked out of the Google index. at this time has a PageRank of 0. A search for BMW Germany, which only days ago yielded as a top result, now doesn’t show any sign of at all.

Serious, no .... I can do goofy also. I don't have to be serious all the foogin time. No Sir.
... a massive Pillow Fight is being planned for 6pm on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) at San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza (at Market and Embarcadero).

Via BoingBoing.


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