Sunday, February 12, 2006

Who watches the watchers ...... Search Engine Watch?

Rather (quite) amusing escapade this day, over at Search Engine Watch (since deleted from my blogroll, Thank You Very Much). Having been directed there to a particular thread, by Google's online deity, Matt Cutts. Who chooses to limit responses in threads at his site selectively. Instead of all or none. And after posting criticisms of Monsieur Cutts/Google, having my posts deleted, for simply responding in very mild kind to flaming (Elmo/aluminum foil hats/price of aluminum going up).

People, the width and breadth of Google's power to own, control, limit, and censor information can now not even be conceived. That power however, grows ever larger. Clearly seen in editorial censorship over at Google owned property Blogger, despite Google's protestations to the contrary.

And sickly, not limited to only direct control, but indirect influence at sites like Search Engine Watch. Where the particpants are more interested in preserving whatever status quo they have/maintain in the online or SEO worlds that they inhabit. Than discussion of the obvious. Engaging in eerily empty, blind automatic defenses of Google, and Mr. Cutts. One of the scariest events I've been witness to lo these years on the web.

Sad, and not funny. Unlike the John Lennon story, about new outside financial overseers, to watch over/audit the old ones, of his then not small fortune. Only to discover the new watchers, one day out having lunch with the old. At the very least, Microsoft and Yahoo didn't have the faux balls to claim they were somehow benefactors to mankind, regards their biz in general, or parade around tortured self introspection about doing biz with China. They were simply doing business, good, bad, indifferent. Their choice. Google has as much integrity as a roll of soggy Charmin. And their bootlickers, even less.


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